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40% off Closing down Sale ($5 P&H; Free over $100) @ Hey Tiger Chocolate


Hey Tiger chocolate are closing down.

They make premium chocolate (hence the premium price) in really nice flavours. Bars normally retail for $13.95. They are now $8.10 each.

There seem to be 5-10 flavours left.

Shipping is free if you spend over $100. Otherwise it's $5.

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Hey Tiger
Hey Tiger

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    Not surprising that they are ceasing operations when a 95g bar was priced at $13.95. Even at $8.10, I'll pass. And yes, I get that it's premium chocolate (whatever that means).

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      It's a social enterprise, so perhaps worth reading about that before you crap on it too hard:



        Yeah, heartbreaking but then unfortunately not surprising that you're being downvoted for this.

        The cocoa industry is notorious for keeping children in slavery. Slavery in 2021, of young kids no less. Even if people are too callous to look past their tastebuds and pay for cheap chocolate paid for by the blood and sweat of children they could at least increase awareness about this issue rather than mock and belittle it.

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        They donated 400k from the profits of 700k chocolate bars according to your link… So that explains 60c a bar ;)

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      Yeah agree, even though it is a social enterprise as another commenter pointed out, it’s actually ridiculous pricing. Lindt which is fairly premium is $3-4 per 100g. Mass made, big Corp yeah, but this is 5x the price. Haigh’s is probably comparable and I think the Dessert blocks are about $14/200g?

      This reminds me of the super fancy muesli you see in small supermarkets and boutique shops, something like $15 for 400g bag of oats, nuts, honey, oil and cinnamon. The ingredients aren’t much different to say Carman’s but it’s over 3x the price.

      Don’t get me started on almond butter and other nut butters. Just blended nuts!


        I have no idea how the muesli makers get away with bagging up some oats and then a couple of nuts and selling it for $15. Having come from NZ where Pure Delish gives you at least 50% nuts in their muselis, it makes me sick.

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    $8.10 for a 95g bar. Pricey - a bit more than Haigh's!

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    Their 'And Chill' is really delicious!


    No Tofu Chan Chocolate no deal.

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    Shipping is free if you spend over $100.

    So basically free shipping if you buy more than 2 bars of chocolate then…


    There's a limit to what people will pay….even for chocolate.

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      These are about Koko Black prices and they seem to be doing OK

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    Their Game Changer was the nicest chocolate I have ever eaten.


    Damn. I've been meaning to try some of their flavours for the last couple of years (especially Hello Officer) but kept putting it off. You snooze, you lose!