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Buy One Pizza, Get One Free of Equal or Lesser Value (Select Stores) @ Crust Pizza Online (Loyalty Membership Required)


Buy 1 Pizza, Get the 2nd Pizza for FREE.

You can also directly use this code: (210510offer89), thanks to nakhe.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Available only at SELECTED Crust stores when LOGGED IN as a Crust Loyalty member.
  • An additional delivery fee applies to delivery orders.
  • 15% surcharge applies on Public Holidays.
  • Free pizza is of equal or lesser value.
  • Limited to one free pizza per order.
  • Excludes Low Carb, Gluten Free and half / half.
  • Additional Surcharges apply for Gluten Free, Seafood pizzas, Morrocan Lamb, Truffle Beef Rossini, Peking Duck and Pulled Port and Slaw Pizzas.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Limited Time Offer. Offer expires 12/05/2021.

Note: Crust online account required. Log into your Crust account and then click on the "Go to Deal" link for the offer to be applied.

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  • -4

    Will still probably work out more expensive than other pizza shops…

    • +19

      Dominos is not a pizza shop.

    • +13

      Of course its more expensive, it's far better quality.

      Dominos, for example, is cheaper - because its poor quality.

      Cheap =/= bargain.

      • If you compare amount of toppings on dominos vs crust pizza, crust is more value for money compared to dominos

        • +3

          The quantity of toppings is not a measure of quality. I'd happily pay more for a margarita pizza from a great restaurant.

      • +2

        it's far better quality.

        That is subjective.

        I've had Crust a few times and don't rate it at all…

  • +29

    So buy one pizza and get one free. Through Crust Loyalty you have to buy one pizza a year to get free pizza on birthday, so theirs's my spend done and than free pizza on Bday

    • +1

      Have a +1

    • Cheers. Just wondering, can you get 2x 9" kids pizza and juices for $9.50 + free pizza on b'day?

      That would be insane value

      • Yes that would be, haven't tried, hardly go their.

        • Got a store largely convenient but never been. Too expensive normally but getting basically Domino's value range prices on Crust pizza is very tempting

      • No you can't "To activate the Birthday Reward, the Member must purchase one (1) large pizza on their account, prior to being eligible to receive the Birthday Reward"
        It does say large pizza but surely means extra large as well?

  • Thanks good deal ,have noticed the crust near my place makes base ,fillings,toppings etc in kitchen and it does taste better than the huts and domz - though they are too expensive IMO

  • +3

    Excludes Low Carb, Gluten Free and half / half but they can’t charge a surcharge for it?!?

    • +2

      Exactly, already paying a surcharge in the first place.

    • +1

      yeah odd
      - Excludes Low Carb, Gluten Free and half / half.
      - Additional Surcharges apply for Gluten Free

      no pizzas for myself then luckily i guess

  • Works at my local in SA, it's pretty good value. I think vase pizzas are $14 for 13".

    • +5

      Careful, a vase pizza could hurt your teeth.

    • Ignore that. I just realised you were referring to the “vase” level pizzas.

      • Typo, lol. Base*

  • +1

    Thank you, dinner sorted

  • Thank you!!

  • +1

    they used to do permanent free delivery. now $7

    • Few stores do it unfortunately

    • +1

      Mine went from Free to $5 Delivery via the APP, but I’ve since realised when I called my local store that if I order via phone direct with them they still give me free delivery, call your local and see if they will do it as well.

    • Not permanent then lol

  • +5

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do I avail the offer? I don’t see a code, clicked on the link and nothing shows on the Crust web page….

    Don’t know which stores are participating thus….

    • +4

      Not a dumb question whatsoever. It's hard to know with selected stores and limited information @OP provided on when the offer appears. I guess we'll try check out and see if it shows as a discount.

      Would be helpful for anyone to mention the stores that it has worked on! :)

    • +1

      Try signing in, it only comes up when you do that for me. No code needed. It doesn’t specify stores.

      • Thanks for commenting, will try see for myself

  • Expensive but good pizza

  • Not much available around Perth City

    • +1

      subi and Innaloo. just orderd 2 at innaloo

  • +10

    Ashburton 3 Large Classic Pizzas $29.95
    Available only at selected stores*. Minimum $25 spend for delivery. Additional delivery fee applies to delivery orders. Offers exclusive to Large Classic Pizza range and excludes Low Carb, Gluten Free and half / half. Additional Surcharges apply for Extra Large and Signature Pizzas. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other. Expires 10/06/21

    *Selected Stores Include: NSW: Albury, Bankstown, Blacktown, Bonnyrigg, Charlestown, Concord, Croydon, Dapto, Dulwich Hill, East Gosford, Engadine, Epping, Goulburn, Hamilton, Jesmond, Kingsgrove, Liverpool, Maitland, Merrylands, Parramatta, Penrith, Port Macquarie, Sans Souci, Shellharbour, St Marys, Terrigal, Thirroul, Warners Bay, Willoughby. NT: Casuarina, Parap. QLD: Annerley, Aspley, Idalia, Kirwan, Mt Gravatt, Nerang, New Farm, Rochedale, Southport, Taringa. SA: Brighton, Norwood, Unley, West Lakes. TAS: Kingston. VIC: Ashburton, Balaclava, Ballarat, Belmont, Bendigo, Box Hill, Brunswick, Carnegie, Cheltenham, Essendon, Fitzroy, Geelong, Kensington, Lyndhurst, Mildura, Mitcham, Mordialloc, Patterson Lakes, Port Melbourne, Reservoir, Werribee, Williamstown. WA: Alexander Heights, Baldivis, Beldon, Canning Vale, Cannington, Claremont, Como, Ellenbrook, Fremantle, Innaloo, Kelmscott, Midland, Morley, North Beach (Carine), Subiaco, Success, Victoria Park.

    • +2

      RIP ACT

      • It seems to be working for the Weston store in ACT even though the list says otherwise. I had to register first in order to use the code
        The code was accepted and cart shows two XL pizzas for $23. I will complete the order later today and see if it actually goes through.

    • Seems to work for Pyrmont even though it's not on this list

  • +6

    I am on the Crust mailing list and twice a week they send me emails that either have no content (hey it's mothers day! Buy some pizza) or just repeat one or two of the deals that are available. You'd think when a new deal like this comes along they could have mentioned it but no.

    Also when I log in I can't find any mention of 2 for 1 at the first 4 restaurants I checked. It would be nice to have some sort of clue what and where I'm supposed to be seeing this deal as I can't find any evidence it exists.

    • +1

      Something changed in the set up at Crust in the last year or two. Deals are generally nowhere near the value they used to be.

  • +1

    Worked for the Brighton store in SA

  • I had to log in add the two pizzas then log out then click on the link. Worked for me: East Gosford store.

  • Just had my pizzas, didn't have to make an account or anything.

    PS, the Mediterranean lamb was very good

    • Do I have to be logged in ?

  • Thanks OP, does anyone have offer code can it be used in conjunction?

  • I have tried nany pizza shops after quitting dominos/ pizza hut for over 5 years and crust is better than mist pizza resturants.

  • +10


    • +1

      this code works cheers

    • Thanks, will add that to listing ;)

  • +1

    I love my meat but their vegetarian pizza is the best vego pizza in general of any chain.

    • +2

      Easy there, you'll go blind

  • Not sure if anyone else is having the same issues with browsers, it didn't work on Firefox, Chrome, Brave, or their app on Android.
    Ended up using Edge and no issues.

    Thanks OP. Pre-ordered for dinner tomorrow!

    • To get it working in brave I had to click on the brave icon and turn shields off.
      Works with Chrome & Firefox.

  • Just ordered online and the deal works. Dinner sorted for tomorrow!

  • Any pizza recommendations from crust ? Thanks

    • Margherita 1889
      King oyster mushroom

  • Last time I bought from their app, I was double charged on my credit card.

  • Used to love the wagyu and prawn pizza they had but they took it off the menu. Now none of the pizzas appeal to me at all. The "create your own" option is absurdly expensive given that it's $17 before adding any toppings lol. Even modifying a pizza is absurdly expensive as you pay for any additional toppings but get no discount for removing toppings.

  • Thanks, ordered from the Terrigal store.

  • Thx OP.

    First time order from Crust.. Fingers crossed it's decent pizza. Gotta be better then Dominos of late (turned off Pizza Hut yrs ago & now Dominos)

  • $25 min order is a pain (it seems to apply to the order before the $5 delivery fee is added).

    So, it seems you need to pay $30 plus.

    • Ever heard of pickup?

  • ?? Husband and I ordered one each.

    Mine was $11 with no mods.

    His was $17 with addition of extra cheese.

    Since his was up to $17 anyway and you get the cheaper one free, I decided I may as well add a few.

    Added mine to value of $17, upon checkout it was $23????

    Am I missing something?

    • Did you check if they automatically added a $5 delivery fee?

      • this was for pickup!

        • The additional topping charges you have to pay for each pizza.

  • +1

    did they get rid of their rectangular shaped pizzas?!

    • +1

      And the chilli crab pizza 😟 But great deal, thanks OP!

  • +1

    Does the pizza vary in taste with each shop? After having 10 pizzas from my local Crust, tried neighbouring suburb. The new shop had crispy crust, and better taste.

    • +1

      Appears as if you answered your own question

  • is this promo available for pre-order at a later date than 12/5?

    • Can't see a way to make this happen.
      Thinking about buying & freezing a couple for next week.

  • +2

    Went to Crust for the first time in years (Melbourne CBD store) – Truffle Beef Rossini & Pork Sausage with Hot Honey – and they were some of the worst pizzas we've ever had.

    Zero flavour, made incorrectly (twice!), missing ingredients, dry, overcooked. I've had Domino's pizzas a million times better. Save your money, folks.

    I'm not going to even avail the birthday offer – it was that bad. We didn't even finish the pizzas.

    • And all their pizzas are weird combinations. I mean even their prawn pizza comes with sweet chilli sauce base, wtf!?!?

      • +1

        It's bizarre. No joke – the ingredients are shockingly low quality. The "Wagyu beef" tasted like deli beef slices; we literally had to open 3 salt packets and sprinkle it on top.

        I couldn't even taste the "Hot Honey" sauce, and the pork fennel sausage was similarly bland. I don't understand how they can charge such exorbitant prices and get away with it. It was last night, but I'm still mad about it lol

        • +1

          Send a complaint to head office - they might be able to do something about it

      • It's delicious!

  • +1

    Fairly disappointing for a $23 pizza. The bbq chicken was so sweet that it seemed like sugar had been added to it. The lamb one was slightly better, but cannot call that tasty.

  • +2

    Have bought one today for pickup next Friday - thanks OP 👍🏿

  • +1

    Disappointing. Tastes like cardboard with a bit of salt and sugar. Horrid. If I was in a plane with no sense of taste I’d still be able to be horrified by it

  • +1

    Even though the offer was meant to expire yesterday (12.05), just tried it and it still works 👍

  • Got the deal last night.

    Gotta say I was disappointed. I used to love their Peri Chicken when they first came onto the scene.

    Had it last night and it was pretty bad.

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