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Elgato Stream Deck (15 Keys) $206.88 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest price ever but seems to be good for AU shipped stock.15 Keys is probably a good amount if your looking at controlling your HUE room lights as well as your key lights via the stream deck.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Can this control lifx bulbs?

    • Yeah they can, there's a LiFX module that works fine for me

      • Ooh ok thanks ill look into this, a bit of an investment as im not streaming but i love macro keys

        • I don't stream either but you can use them for so many things and you can have profiles for everything. I've found mine well worth the money

  • $199.20 from Amazon US

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    You can generally find them on eBay/Gumtree for around $150

    • When I search gumtree there are 3 minis, one for $120 and the other 2 above sale price. No normals, no XL's. All the ones on Facebook marketplace are above sale price. Can you point me to one on eBay for $150?

      • They do appear. I got one for $140 last week. I was going to use it for work, Teams mute, camera toggle, other shortcuts, etc. But at the moment it's displaying HWiNFO64 system metrics on my mining/gaming pc!

        • Was that a new unit?

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    These things are brilliant. I have a mini which i use as a button box for sim racing. Its a good size to quickly be able to find a key at a glance without having to take your eyes off the track for too long. Sometimes i wish i had a few more buttons though in some games.

  • I use one for Star Citizen and the other for a heap of apps at work and stuff. They're seriously good fun.

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    why are these so expensive in the first place. yeah you can customize some keys but thats it. so seems like they would only be worth like $120 honestly

  • I have one of these for work. Use it as a macro box for the apps i use (even zoom)

    • What functions does it do for you?

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        I use it for all the macros.
        Eg inserting text into documents i can just select a button on the screen (i have the larger one)
        Email quick keys.
        I can work through emails forwarding, archiving etc.. by punching buttons

        I use it for zoom to do the sharing bring up the chat window etc…

        So I find it useful for automating processes, quick keys, inserting block text and automatically send an email
        I can queue a bunch of keystrokes/commands and have one button to do them all.

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    Why do I need one? What can this do better than a keyboard?

    • Not a great question as its essentially a keyboard with individual programmable faces.

      What can it do?
      See my post above.

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    I have two of these and an XL at work - love them to bits!! With the Bitfocus Companion Software it makes my life so much easier in my theatre :-)