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Clear Wipe Lens Cleaner 20p X 6 Clearwipe for $14.80 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Lowest price on the 3 camels, I use them for my glasses all the time and keep a couple in my wallet.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Nice thanks!

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    These are great, usually about $4.50 each at Chemist warehouse, good deal.

    • Chemist warehouse ones are 50 per pack

      • They have both, 20 pack is $4.49, 50 pack is $8.49

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    Thanks, good price. I just paid $8-10 at the chemist for a 40pk 10 minutes ago lol.

    • No worries :) Although I'd like to buy them at a local store I can't justify the MASSIVE price discrepency

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    Welcome to the site and thank you!

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    Please don't use these on glasses if your lenses have little scratches. I have seen many pairs of glasses have their coatings destroyed by "mystery" causes, and the fact that the owner uses "Clearwipes" seems to be a consistent factor in such cases.

    It is even written in a warning on the side of the Clearwipes box.


    • Maybe this is what has happened to my glasses. I really need to get a new pair, the coating on one of my lenses is horrible, so annoying to look through. They are about 5 years old now though as well, so definitley due for a new pair.

    • indeed this is what happened to me, was lucky enough to get a replacement.

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      That's why i recommend rinsing your glasses with a small amount of detergent, then use the wipes. I haven't had any issues with my coating that way. What scratches glasses usually is cleaning them with dirt/dust already on them not the wipes themselves.

  • Can these be used on laptop screen

    Trying to find something

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    Are you guys using these for sunglasses too or only prescription glasses

    • I use them for both my sunnies and my prescription eye glasses and they work great, also use them for my laptop but it does have a screen protector on it

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      i'd advise against using it on any spectacles

      • Bahaha!

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    Can it be used to wipe monitors/tv screen? I have tried a few different specific cleaners but cant get the smudges out of them.

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      After you've used your cleaner you can wipe your screen with a microfiber cloth, dipped in distilled water and wrung out. That tends to get my TV spotless

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      I'm pretty sure you can. I use the Priceline lens wipes (which I prefer over the Clearwipe brand) on my phone screen and glasses which works great, and it's essentially the same thing (isopropyl alcohol). You could just get the alcohol spray itself like the Diggers branded cleaner for bigger things like tv's and monitors.

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    would advise not to use on sunglasses or glasses with coatings on them i.e mirror coats or multi-coats. it just wrecks the coatings with time. If you've got cheapies on, i.e no coating on them (plain tinted or stare at yourself in the mirror and see plenty of reflections come off), these would be ok.
    have seen this time and time again destroy lenses. our patients who visit our practice and use these wipes, jus wreck em. patients who use our sprays and wipes, nothing happens to their glasses.
    Source (optomterist with 20 years experience). We only sell glasses with coatings and mirror finishes.

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      Could you recommend an alternative? Just generic spray clear and a microfibre cloth ?

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    These are pretty bad in general.

    Muji glasses cleaning cloth is much better.

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    You keep these in your wallet? What for?!

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      next to the condom packet, so he can see whats going on in the heat of the moment

  • My mom just uses a cloth, which could be her t-shirt.

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    Also this, which even at full price is a tiny bit less per each: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B00IKGH2TI/ref=ppx_yo_d...

  • Looks to be oos now. Can't add to cart.

  • Sold out, ozbargained

  • $4.69 last chemist warehouse deal for 50pack.
    Exclusive size pack though.

  • All goneded

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    backed to stock

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