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3 Input 1 Output HDMI Switcher 4k/60Hz $33.99 (Was $39.99) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ PORTTA Amazon AU



HDMI Stylish switches with remote control
Support high definition resolution [email protected] and full 3D
Support 600MHz/6.0Gbps per channel bandwidth (18Gbps all channels)
Support 12bit per channel (36bit all channels) deep color
Support HDCP 2.2
Support Consumer Electronics Control
Automatic switching (smart function), IR controlled switching or manual switching
Support uncompressed audio such as LPCM

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  • I need something switches 2x HDMI ports.

    So imagine I have 2 PCs both with 2 monitors. I want a switch that accepts 4 inputs (2 each) and 2 HDMI outputs.

    Does this exist?

    • Yes, you're looking for a '4x2 HDMI Matrix'. You can pick them up from AliExpress for around $60 to $100. I've got one for a home theatre setup, outputting to a TV and projector. It generally works well, but I sometimes get issues with the device-ID signal causing problems with resolution or colour format. That probably wouldn't be a problem for a PC setup, so you should be fine.

  • It's called a KVM, they tend to be pricey but are very convenient.

    • Also KVM compatibility isn't guaranteed. Coworker got a 2x4k KVM but it didn't work with whatever model of the Macbook. Got it from Officeworks so that's an easy return.

  • Why does it need a battery if it is connected to power?

  • I was looking into a KVM switch as I'm using my existing two screens for my work laptop at home which is using a ThinkPad dock.
    I want my gaming PC to be setup to these screens without having to constantly change the DisplayPort between work laptop and PC. Can anyone recommend a fix for this? Is KVM switch the way to go and any help finding a decently priced one?

    I have one screen that supports 144Hz as well which I had a feeling might get muddied with a KVM.

    • It's not a hardware solution but I just remote into my work pc (locally) from my home pc because I got so sick of cable swapping.

      • That's a pretty good idea actually except I can't add any software without admin rights on the work PC unfortunately.

        • Yeah that can be annoying. Fortunately our IT were happy enough to enable it for me once I explained why. It also means I can leave the laptop at work for scheduled updates and access it.

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      Have you got other inputs you can use on the screens ?

      I use one machine via DisplayPort and one via HDMI 2.0 into my 4K screen - so to switch between them, I just change the input on the screen's menu.

      • I do and have tried to with one of the screens but for some reason it just chooses not to display anything or has a little hissy fit. I might give it another go and see how that goes. Cheers.

  • I have this to switch between PS5 and Google TV Chromecast thing so I can 4K HDR since my TV only has one "Enhanced Port" (the other is used for Arc).
    It works welll, but is a little buggy with the CEC side of things, but otherwise, everything works ok with it.