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[VIC, SA, NT, WA] 50% off Saxbys Ginger Beer or Diet Ginger Beer 4pk - $2.50 VIC, $2.67 SA/NT, $2.75 WA @ Woolworths


the classic australian ginger beer - better than bundaberg's :)

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    I adore the Saxby's – however, is it just me or are the lids near impossible to screw off? I'm a (relatively) healthy young man and boy do I feel like a granny trying to get them open. Maybe I should email corporate.

    • plz update ,e

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      Can confirm, to drink you need to smash bottle in a bucket and strain out the broken glass.

      • Be a man; strain the glass through your teeth.

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    Did I miss something?

  • Never saw it in woollies, ever. maybe it's in the bottle shop only?

    • You see it in smaller shops, like chicken shops, takeway shops, newsagents etc.

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    Agree to disagree Bundaberg ginger beer is so much better and tastier

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