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[VIC, NSW, ACT, WA] $70+ Discount on $200+ Spend on Alcohol @ Coles Online


just bought $208 worth of booze for $136.55 utilising all codes posted on ozbargain atm (-34.35% discount)

all the following codes stack for a combined total of at least $71.45 discount on your $208+ cart if you are a new customer and 'click & collect'
existing customers wont qualify for the CLICK10 discount but will for the others. feel free to play with the model as you see fit :P

  1. Select items of around $200+ value
  2. checkout and apply codes which must be placed in this order:
    MAYMAG - $10 off Click Collect ($130 Min Spend) Post - Expires:31/05/2021
    CLICK10 - $10 off (New Customers, Click & Collect, $100 Min Spend) Post - Expires:30/06/2021
    MAY10 - $10 off ($150 Min Spend) Post - Expires:16/05/2021 extended to 18/05/2021
    SIP20 - 20% off Liquor Post - Expires:25/05/2021
  3. Enjoy your bargain booze

Screenshot of my cart displaying all codes applied

Available VIC, NSW, WA & ACT only. Sorry other States!

….and the extra bonus

Stack with Extra FlyBuys Weekly Bonuses where applicable for maximum gain!
in my case i had a Coles Online new customer Bonus of 4000 points with $100 spend and my weekly Bonus of 2000 points with a $100 spend totaling 6000 points from this one transaction (another $30 off in Flybuys rewards)

Mods please leave this as a unique deal but feel free to modify my post for clarity…
thanks for everyone that posted the above codes as well…feel free to leave questions and comments!

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        • if you get spinning wheel of death
          - try refreshing your browser page and restarting the checkout process
          - try removing some of your items to see if its a specific product causing the site to not respond
          good luck. it will work just be persistent!

  • +1

    Fantastic effort OP.
    Looking forward to collecting

  • +1

    Finally worked, was hanging on certain bottles of wine so i tried different bottles until it worked, $201 for like $131 ~ 10 bottles of wine, 1 single malt scotch and one mixer scotch.

  • +2

    Expiry Dates have been added to the Deal Post for all the available codes.
    The deal seems like it will keep working with all 4x codes stacking up until Sunday 16.5.21.

    2nd/Multiple Orders…
    for anyone contemplating a 2nd or multiple orders…
    it works out to be about a maximum of 25% discount off when using MAY10 and SIP20
    on an ideal ~$188 order (the approximate minimum spend required to get both codes to work)

    Trolley Total goes from $188 down to $144.70 (-25.15%)
    - Screenshot of my cart displaying MAY10 and SIP20 codes applied

    Cheers Everyone!

    • +2

      Or until someone at Coles looks into the sudden spike in alcohol sales and depletion of stock at those Liquorlands.

      Hopefully people just pick up their orders and don't say anything to the staff today!

      Thanks for the efforts in working out the optimal order of the codes!

      • +1
        1. i agree…everyone shut up about it! :)
          although its all printed out on the hard copy invoice that they hand you with your order when you collect so theyll be aware that these promos are being used. theres nothing in the T&Cs i believe that limits use of codes apart form one off codes and the site will tell you if you cant apply a code so its not like were exploiting anything in fact this is what their promos are designed to do
        2. no worries….this has been fun. best deal ive come up with & it was just using the posts/codes that were already here!
        3. coles is probably going to be quite happy that their promos are working and theyve suddenly got a whole swag of new customer for their online site :)
        • +1

          I was going to hold till towards the expiry of the first code but will fire with another account because of the point someone going to spoil the party either big mouth or the system picks it up . Both likely .

  • Is it still working? When clicking on Liquor it comes with Under 18 message. Have entered correct date of birth

  • +1

    Beaut find cheers!

    Grabbed myself some Disarrono, Mr Black, Starward Aus Whisky, Australian Bitters and a 6 pack of cider to get it above $200 :)

    Total after codes $132.55

    • +1

      cheap booze is the best booze i find…enjoy your selections!

  • -3

    Limited range and some of the prices for things I would buy are way higher than Dan's. I'd almost save $70 in lower prices just going round to Dan's lol

    • +2

      its working well for everyone else…try some other products maybe? it was definitely cheaper than DM for my order

    • +1

      Agreed, you have to know rough prices of the cheaper places but I still saved myself $60 over buying at Dans plus the 40 minute round trip. Coles is just down the road :)

  • +1

    cant order alcohol , worst customer experience and shit website !

    • are you in one of the excluded states?

    • Agree. Things I managed to put into my cart the one time it showed Alcohol despite my DOB being correct were cheaper at Dan's even after discount.

  • +2

    Bought 3 cases yesterday, went to pickup this afternoon and only 1 case available. Will be interesting to see the refund amount on the 2 cases. On the invoice they gave me the payment total says $3.20, fingers crossed.

    • a case of beer for $3.20 sounds like a dead set legit bargain to me….enjoy :)

      • +1

        Wonder which genius designed this campaign and paired it to a sub par online ordering system.

  • +1

    Thanks Franco Cozzo, picking my order up tonight . I thought this deal may have only been in Footas..cray. This was a Grand Sale Grand Sale Grand Sale

  • WA Based Perth North; getting a number of errors "Liquor is not available for delivery or collection at this time"

    • +1

      seems like if you play with times and keep going later it may finally accept edit accepted at a 4-6pm time slot; didn't seem to want to work earlier in the day thanks man.

      • earlier slots worked for me today…i think after 2pm? it also might depend on the store

  • +2

    +1 for the effort in stacking codes and explaining everything so clearly!

  • NSW won't allow liquor from Coles

    • incorrect…NSW is definitely eligible
      do the following:

      • Unfortunately still end up with the under 18 restriction liquor licence warning. I have updated birthday, selected location, followed your prompts to no avail.

        • weird…do you have an account? if so… change your password, then update your personal details including DOB then try again.
          you should get an email notification letting you know details have been changed…then try to order again with your correct DOB setup on your account

  • Couldn't get it to work for my three local WA stores (alcohol not available for click and collect) even when trying various evening times

    • +1

      I managed to make an order from the Dianella Plaza, WA store. $249 order down to $169.35

      The website did give an error when placing the order at first, but I tried again and it went through.
      Not my closest but not too far a drive.Will pick up after work tomorrow if all goes well.

  • +4

    So Coles wasn’t able to fulfil my full order (2 X Loch Lomond 18year old).
    They are processing a $100 refund , so essentially I paid $30 for the 1 bottle lol

    • +1

      actually worked out better for you that way… :P

  • +1

    thanks op just picked up my order.

    • awesome…what state?

      • nsw

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Now have lots of beer to get through

    • +1

      …sounds like a problem you should get onto right away!

  • Your order could not be processed
    Please contact customer service on 1800 455 400
    and quote order number 120xxxxxx

    Not sure why. Anyone else?

    Either that, or liquor is not permitted at the chosen location.

    • try re-selecting some other collection locations…?
      if that doesnt work try removing items until you find the one causing the issue?

      no one else has mentioned that error yet so i think its either product or location….make sure you are selecting a collection slot later in the day. 4pm on should be good for liquor pickup times

      • +1


        Calling the number and rep said there is a "technical issue" then asked me to verify my DOB over the phone to remove that issue.

        No mention of the discounts. (any anyone else calling, please DO NOT mention anything about the codes).

        Looks like the spike in booze sales triggered some checks on Coles' side.

        • +1

          bravo! seems DOB has been causing the most issues for people as well as the site itself

          • +1

            @franco cozzo: Yes.

            CBB driving 7kms away, so foregone the $20 pick up discount for delivery to door. ($250+ for free delivery).

            Suspect they won't be able to fulfill some items and end up getting half the order refunded.

            Will see.

            Thanks OP.

            • @DisabledUser141524: I have to drive 25kms tomorrow arvo just so I can pick up all the bottles at the one location.

              • @Beyond: -.- wow. thats a 2 hrs return trip.

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser141524: When I was checking to see which coles locations had the bottles in stock (practically none), I got frustrated by the time I was wasting and wanted it over with, I didn't see cancelling it as an option over the additional drive, due to the fact that it would have ended up being even more wasted time.

  • Anyone managed to order from Coles where there is a Liquorland next door? Not possible for my nearby ones.

    • +1

      yes…my liquorland/coles share the same site. pretty sure it was was their stock so im not sure how that works?
      also quite impressed with the click and collect procedure…got an sms 10 minutes before pickup, called when i got to the location and was loaded up in about 3-4minutes.
      …easy as!

  • is it o Coles online or Liquorland?

  • @ash83 coles online > see the big coles thumbnail in the top right corner of this page with the link underneath saying 'Go to Deal'?
    click that and it will take you to the site…all the deals at ozbargain work that way ;)

  • +1

    This is great. I didn't realise you could stack codes with Coles online. I couldn't get the liquor order to work but used 3 of the codes for groceries. Got an extra $10 off for buying $50 worth of cleaning products. That's 25% off my shop and an extra 4000 flybuys. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    1x Roku Gin, 1x Lighthouse Gin, 2x Native Spirits by Archie Rose Gin for $138.8 (~$35/b), plus 4,000 points / $20 for weekly spend bonus, to be picked up from Bondi Junction Coles.

    Not sure where the click & collect pick up point is in the maze that's the car pack (near the Harris Farm entrance I assume..) but thanks for the tip OP!

  • Is it dead?

    "Liquor is not available for delivery or collection at this time."

    • no reason theyd stop liquor sales :P

      after 4pm slots for collection work best…what time are you trying?

      • I filled my cart to $200, selected local pickup tomorrow, go to checkout, and everything is out of stock.

        Every other oColes now shows "liquor cannot be collected form this location": (in PerthO0

        • im in vic and i just added 4 cases of corona, selected my location, selected my checkout time and im ready to checkout…obviously im not going to proceed beyond that point but it all looks normal to me…

          if having issues try emptying your cart & start with multiple quantities of one item, set a collection time & location ….and then go from there is what i would do.
          also make sure your DOB is set in your account as others have had issues with that

      • +1

        I'm trying to change from pickup to delivery, but it is impossible!! Am I missing something in the website?

        ahh - found it under "choose a different time" :-)

  • +1

    I lost my bonus pts for a $140 spend because of being them not filling the order down to $111 .
    I can still have another crack with it expiring today but will go $20 - $30 over the spend if I fire .

  • +2

    Watch out with the Flybuys bonus points!

    I have a bonus 4800pts for $120 spend, ends today. And another for Sat-Tu, same amount.
    But you need to both order and get delivery or pickup in the same coupon period.

    So if I cannot get it today, I should order tomorrow to save $24.

    • +1

      worth waiting for …i ended up with $30 worth of flybuys from this and it just makes the whole deal even sweeter

      • I think Coles are being generous to me, because they have not seen me much lately since they new Woolworths opened.
        Treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen. :-)

    • Cool something else to think about .

  • +1

    Legend OP. Bought 3 cases of coopers sparkling ale. Down from $210 to $138. Was easy as anything. Cheers!

  • +1

    They only had one of the 2 cartons I ordered, ended up with a $163 total reduced to $83.20 (at least on the tax invoice, refund should match I hope).
    Cheers franco cozzo, that was one hell of a deal.

  • "Your order could not be processed
    Please contact customer service on 1800 455 400"

    • DOB issue: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10459429/redir
      try updating your Account details before you order so you dont have to call up

      • +1

        Thanks. I think there was a DoB missmatch, but that did not fix it.

        Phoned up, they said something about the trolley being corrupted, they would fixed it, and I should try again in 10 minutes.
        All good now, thanks. Should be 45% off with the flybuys promo (which I would not have used otherwise).

        Awesome deal franco!

        • glad you got there in the end :)

  • looks like the MAY10 code has been to extended to 18/05/2021
    thanks to whoever updated the deal post!

  • Still waiting for the credit from Coles for incomplete fulfilment of order. Anyone got their credit yet?

  • +1

    The Coles site is getting smashed!!!

    I've had to remove multiple items that are selling out in front of my eyes or crashing my order…it's a big game of cat and mouse!

    Finally get my order submitted then the payment gateway times out…finally get a payment through then the banking NetCode times out fkn hell what a ride LOLOL

    Total order $169 saved $136 with a gazillion bonus flyby points from multiple offers this week as a new sign up.

    I chose delivery as all my local options had no stock of anything but signing up to Coles Plus for free trial saved me $9 shipping so it all works out…

    • its the coles website itself…it hangs on certain products and causes issues with checkout etc

  • +3

    Update: this deal is still active (19.5.21) with the following changes:
    Target Minimum Spend: $165+
    Discount: $53.05+ (32% off)
    Codes: 3 (MAYMAG,CLICK10,SIP20)

  • 20% off campaign is still live guys, ends 25/5

    • +1

      Code COLLECTEM for $10 off C&C, $130 min.

      $163 min spend before SIP20

      Combined with my flybuys 4400 points, I got 39% off. And there are plenty of good "specials" too.

      Still a few bugs in the Coles website though. The dreaded "Unable to process your current request, please try in few minutes" .

      Rep - can you report that? VERY frustrating for people being told "please try in few minutes" when it never goes away.
      They need to be told "phone us if you really want that item, or choose something else".

      • thanks for posting the COLLECTEM code manic…was able to utilise it & have posted it as a unique deal so it can be added to our Coles page

  • +1

    Any new codes for June anyone?😳😂

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