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BlitzWolf BW-MS3 Dual Monitor Stand US$36.16 (~A$46.66) & BW-MS4 US$45.99 (~A$59.34) Delivered @ Banggood AU


BlitzWolf® BW-MS3 Dual Monitor Stand with Dual Pneumatic Arms, 360° Rotation, +90° to -45° Tilt, 180°Swivel, Adjustable Height and Cable Management - Black

The BlitzWolf® BW-MS4 Dual Monitor Stand is currently reduced to A$68.68 delivered from the AU warehouse.

Edit: Rep contacted me with a coupon for the BlitzWolf® BW-MS4 Dual Monitor Stand. Use the code BGAUBWMS41 to reduce it to A$59.34 delivered from the AU warehouse.

BlitzWolf® BW-MS4 Dual Monitor Stand with Dual Pneumatic Arms 32" Monitor Stand 360° Rotation, -85°~+90°Tilt, 180°Swivel, Adjustable Height and Cable Management

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  • +1

    Anyone got these, any thoughts? Running 2 x 27" and want to free up some desk space by removing the stands.

    • +13

      Get two single mounts, it gives you better mobility.

    • -1

      they appear to be for 13 and 15 inch monitors?
      edit, my mistake saw that that is the min size limit

    • BW-MS4 may be a better fit

    • Was running one for a number of months for two Dell 2721DGF's and it worked very well, but…I couldn't get them both lined up perfectly and it sent my mind running wild. I just could not get them perfectly to the point where even if one was different minimally my eyes would see it and my mind would then lose all focus. I probably need some some sort of help mentally without making a joke about it's annoyingly humorous.

      If you're not as crazy as me though it works great!

  • +3

    Are these better than the North Bayou ones?

  • +6

    Dual mounts on these arms are rubbish for trying to put two screens next to each other. Do not buy if that's your goal, especially if your desk is against a wall.

    • +1

      Best comment/tips. I regretted buying dual stand

    • would you recommend buying 2 single mounts instead?

      • +2

        Yes. I went from a 10+ year old Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm to 2 x North Bayou H80’s:

        • no regrets
        • mounts 2 x 27” monitors perfectly fine
        • easy to install & position
        • better height adjustment
        • can get desk right up against the wall
        • very reasonably priced for build quality
        • if I want to switch to a single larger monitor one day, it’s easy to
    • Is that on all kinds of dual arm mounts? Or just these in particular?

      • All of these gas lift arms with elbow style joints.

    • Yes, can confirm that. Got one last month. I've to move my desk out of the wall. and the effort to put two screens next to each other was ridiculous…

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