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NB H80 Single Arm Monitor Desk Mount $36.51 Delivered @ ScreenMounts via Amazon AU


Amazon lightning deal which is only available for Prime members at the moment but opens up to all users in the next few minutes. Limited time and quantity.

Copied table from previous post, thanks to original poster. Also some useful comments in there.

Model H80
Type Single
Monitor Size Fit 17" to 27" displays
Support Load 2kg - 9 kg
VESA Compliance 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm
Upright lift distance 260mm
Maximum height to centre of VESA mount 550mm
Rotation, Swivel 360°, ±90°
Tilt Angle +85° to -30°

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +12

    Great for basketball too…

    • Without the ring

      • +1

        Makes it easier to slam-dunk…

        • Even for a person without arms…

          • @RSmith: Don't worry, they're just armless…

            • +7

              @jv: Yep… The score at the end of the game will be 0-0.

              No 'arm done

    • +1

      Perfect for practicing free throws from the comfort of your computer chair

  • Note: not tall enough for dual vertically mounted 27” displays unless your bottom display is sitting on the table or the top vesa mount is off centre

    • was that with this H80 model or the F80?

      • both. The f80 is even lower.

    • vertically mounted 27”

      Not enough dual vertically mount this is only for one monitor, you may need H180


      • +2

        To be honest 2x single arm mounts gives you a lot more flexibility than 1x dual. I have 2x F100a mounts and it's far superior to the dual arms they have at work - a lot more flexibility in getting to the positions you want the monitors.

        • same here i wish i didnt get dual…..

        • +1

          Yes two always more flexible than one single dual.

        • Well I’m letting you know the dual has a taller vertical post than the single, so I tried to do that first with two singles but ended up buying a dual anyways. It’s actually still not tall enough but I made it work.

      • I ended up getting the h160 I believe?

  • +1

    Get it! - Great for anyone with a recessed VESA monitor. Can tell you I bought the dual one from the last deal and it fits my LG 27GL850 perfectly.

  • Good price using it now.

  • Does anyone know whether you could put a laptop tray on this and use it to mount a laptop?

    • should be. you just need to get "laptop mount vesa" something like that. saw one at amazon long ago

    • I have one of these arms and would not recommend that for 2 reasons. The first is that if mounted on the back of the desk it likely would not extend far enough towards you. The second is that it twists left and right fairly easily. I would not put my laptop on this.

      • For some applications like the mobile hospital units, the swinging nature is good for quick pull in and retract of the monitor.

      • i see. good point. but if he just want the laptop to function as screen then should be fine. he can use external keyboard etc
        it is just to free up spaces on the desk and bring laptop screen to the eye level

    • Yep. Currently using two of these - one for my 27" monitor, and other for 16" Macbook Pro on a laptop stand from eBay attached to this. Works perfectly.

      • Thanks everyone for the responses. Yeah, mostly looking to use it and lift the laptop off the table, so there is more space. Don't really need to move it once it has been lifted up.

        Btw, what model of laptop stand did you get? I have a 17 inch laptop, so hopefully not too different in size and weight.

        Anyone else have any recommendations for a laptop stand / tray? I looked at a few, but some had absurd prices.

        • That's exactly was my use case too - lifting the laptop off the table to get more space. I am using VM-D15 as my laptop tray (just look this up on eBay).

  • I wish the dual version was on sale…

  • +2

    if you want to put your desk very close against a wall and will be using 2 monitors, i suggest to get 2 singles instead of dual arm.
    that way you can have your monitor at the edge of the desk (especially if your desk is not that wide).

  • For those that have the Xiaomi 34 inch widescreen (yeah, the one that is on sale everywhere) what arm is good for it?

    • I have H180, holding xiaomi 34" and Samsung 28".

    • Also came here to ask this… would this deal work for the Xiaomi 34?

    • Currently using this one for my Xiaomi and it works good

    • +1

      I use F100A which is for larger screen

    • +1

      Contacted support and they said both F/H100A just to be on the safe side. I've seen people with the F/H80 but I would go a bit more and get the other one just to be safe

    • I have the Samsung 34" ultrawide on a F100a and it works well.

  • +1

    Is it possible to buy two at this price?

    • Was just gonna ask the same question..

      • +1

        No. Limit of 1 per account at this price. I know becos I bought 1 at this price and another at full price.

  • I think this one fits Dell S2721DGF, doesn't it

    • +5

      yes, I am using it now.

      • thanks!

        • sorry, mine is H160 which is dual arms. the vesa mount should be same as H80.

  • F80 vs H80? Which one best in which scenario? Apologies if this has been asked before.

    • I've been eyeing F80. Anyone knows the difference?

      • +2

        H80 is better - F80 has a star shaped mount that may not fit all monitors without grinding edges or spaces

        I own both the F160 and the H160 - and would take the H model all day.

        • Thanks mate….that solves the confusion. After posting I went to the previous post ref by OP. The comments there have inputs from ScreenMountsAU clarifying the cases. Buying it now.

        • +2

          I own both the F160 and the H160 - and would take the H model all day.

          What about at night?

      • +1

        H80 is better because of THE pole it can lift higher.

    • +1

      H80 has a higher clearance, so can be used with bigger monitors. Eg. 32” monitor can rotate on H80, but can’t rotate on F80 without banging into the desk (if you are using ONLY landscape or ONLY portrait, then either is fine).

    • The H160 for $59 in December 2020 was a better deal.

  • any for a 34''?

    • I a lot of people use H80 for 34" if you worry try H100

      • nice iw as going to test on mine anyways first. but thanks for the comfort!!

    • I've using the F80 with a 34" monitor weighing 7Kg with no issues whatsoever. Not sure about the H80 but I can't imagine it would be too different.

      • I was thinking to get one of these as well, the H80 for my curved monitor weighs 7.7kg without stand and 34"
        Should be alright yea?

  • I literally bought this yesterday for $42.96 :(

    • +2

      Buy another one and wait for a good monitor deal - or buy another one and return/cancel the $42

      • I have considered it lol.
        The one I bought is for my wife's desk.
        I have the xiaomi 34" on its way to me this week and was thinking I could use this for that. But my desk (Ikea FREDDE) doesn't have any sides I can clamp from. I'd have to drill a hole lol.

  • +2

    My caffeine-deprived brain thought it was a Basketball backing board

  • +2

    I had the H100 delivered and it is a chonky boy! My desk it quite narrow and fairly close to the wall and getting it in place was a real effort, but once it is set up it's definitely secure and stable.

    A couple of things worth pointing out, the top part of the arm can be adjusted up and down but the spring is massively strong and it really wants to spring to the highest setting, even with the tension reduced to the minimum. I can't imagine how much weight this to handle on it's highest setting, maybe a bball backboard is close to doable?!

    Secondly, if you're hoping to be able to readily adjust the monitor, as I was, then this might not be the one for you. I was hoping to be able to swing the monitor towards me to use and then back out of the way when I'm not using it, and to be able to rotate from landscape to portrait and back.

    All these configurations are possible but the chonk, the tension and the stiffness make this a pain.

    If you're after a 'set it and leave it' set up then this thing is a solid choice.

    • You reckon it'll hold my 14kg 35" monitor ok or should I keep looking? The stand is like an actual anchor on my desk, takes up so much room. cheers

      • You need to find the weight without stand. Nobody can answer this question without knowing the weight of the stand / the weight of the monitor without the stand.

      • If be amazed if it didn’t, the weakest part of the setup is probably the desk. I guess it would depend on how far the mount is extended from the base/stand.

        I just picked up a 34” ultrawide which is where I now plan to use this stand because it’s just too hefty for my original plan. Gotta make some use out of it.

    • if you're hoping to be able to readily adjust the monitor, as I was

      Yeah, if you want something like that you have to go for Ergotron but not that cheap


  • FWIW I have this for my 34” ultra wide (about 6kg-ish) and it handles it with ease.

    • which monitor do you have?

  • +1

    shame I couldn't get 2…

  • Anyone can suggest a monitor and laptop mount?

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