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20% off All H Series Monitor Mount - H80 Single Arm $35.16, H160 Dual Arm $63.32 Delivered (Free for Metro) @ Screen Mounts AU


ScreenMounts AU will be starting 2021 off with a hot deal exclusively for Ozbargain members. Quite a few people were requesting for this deal in the previous F80 post. Ask and you shall receive ;) - Thanks to the kind rep for organising this deal.

Deal starts 12:00am January 1. Ends 11:59pm January 1 or when sold out prior.

The H series is suitable for ALL monitors with VESA mounts - including recessed and non-recessed. These are (I believe) Ozbargain's favourite monitor arms!!!

Overview of H-Series Product Range

The prices shown below are final including GST and free delivery to metro areas. Delivery charges may apply to remote or regional areas. Please double check by entering postcode on website.

Model H80 H100 H160 H180
Price $35.16 $57.16 $63.32 $83.56
Type Single Single Dual Dual
Monitor Size Fit 17" to 27" displays 22" to 35" displays 17" to 27" displays 22" to 32" displays
Support Load 2kg - 9 kg 2-12 kg 2-12 kg 2kg - 12 kg per Arm
VESA Compliance 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm
Rotation, Swivel 360°, ±90° 360°, ±90° 360°, ±90° 360°, ±90°
Tilt Angle +85° to -30° +85° to -30° +85° to -30° +85° to -30°

Last but not least, Happy New Year for 2021 Ozbargain!! Please stay safe.

Lets see what other great deals we can score in 2021 ;)

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  • Thanks for the post!

    Was genuinely upset that I wasn't interested in desk arm mounts before, and missed out on the previous F80 deal.

    Anyone have both the F80 and H80 and have any comments with regards to comparing the two?

    EDIT: Hmm I guess this one is better/makes things easier for those who want to have two monitors vertically aligned.

    • +4

      H80 has the pole for better height adjustability, so im guessing its overall more steady and stable as well. It also works on all recessed monitors so if ya switch monitors in the future, it would work with that. F80 doesnt fit on some recessed monitors

      • +1

        Can anyone confirm if this arm can raise a 27inch monitor above another 27inch?
        From videos on youtube it would not seem to be able to raise high enough.

        • https://www.screenmounts.com.au/assets/alt_7/H160-B.jpg?2020...

          It should work no problems if the vesa mounts are centered

          I have the h180 and have an 34 inch ultrawide over a 27" 16:9 but the mounting points on the monitors are too off-centered so I had to flip them upside down.

        • +1

          Yes the H160 and H180 can position a 27" monitor Over and Under. Check out the technical overview on the product page in the images.

          • @ScreenMountsAu: Any mounts thatsupportthe Acer z35?

          • @ScreenMountsAu: I have a dell monitor with its normal mount, and want to position another 27inch dell monitor on top with a H80 monitor arm, do you know if that is possible or do I have to go with dual monitor arms like the H160?

            • @bobvegas: You will need to go with the Dual Mount. Your OEM mount will be too tall for the H80 or H100 to go "over'.

      • +1

        Cheers! Just realised but the deal isn't on Amazon like it was last time so no free delivery, and no gift card stacks so I'll have to take a pass this time.

        Just used the calculate shipping on their website, but the $12 for delivery kills this deal for me.
        I probably would have gone for it if delivery was free, even without other discounts. I guess this just wasn't the time for me.
        Lucky metro people.

        • Agree, better wait until Amazon on sale.

          • @SnoozeAndLose: I think I've figured it out for the people outside the "metro" region, although you will have to use Cashrewards:

            Use this deal (expires in around an hour and 15 mins):

            Activate the $5 Cashback, then buy a $30 CHOICE Gift card with an additional 5% cashback, which is $6.5 total cashback.
            Use the gift card on eBay to buy this:

            For $42.95 - $6.5 = $36.45
            Again, you will have to wait for Cashrewards to do the cashback for you, but it is the better deal for the people who don't get free shipping,
            as $42.95 is less than $35.16 + $12 and higher delivery fees.

            • @Outsider: Or just wait for OP to discount on Amazon,according to camelcamelcamel the is Lowest * $34.36 Oct 13, 2020, Op can you do discount on Amazon?


              • +1

                @SnoozeAndLose: That would be the best!

                I saw this in the F80 post:

                rep said they cant do a sale on h80 because low stock level and shipments are taking a long time to receive. There's currently 230 left in their amazon warehouse. So no deal on h80 for Boxing Day, but maybe one in the near future.

                So I assumed nothing on Amazon for the near future? But I guess it never hurts to ask!


                EDIT: Gave ScreenMountsAu a DM, seems like there isn't "anything currently planned for the H Series on Amazon", as "getting stock into Amazon has been a huge issue lately with the last shipment taking 5 weeks to go 12km!"

  • +1

    Don't suppose there are any deals on white single arm mounts?

    Shallow I know but it has to match!

    • +3

      Just so you know, the F100A in White is on its way. Due in around the 10th of January.

  • They said they would be setting this up. Finally, but I already bought mine with the 12% cashback + gift cards haha.

  • +8

    Thought the thumbnail was a glass basketball backboard at first.

    • +1

      Great minds think a like.

  • Hi, thank you for the post.

    I am looking for a duel mount that can support a 34" and a 27" (white if possible) which one would you recommend?

    • +1

      If you just want them side by side, the F195A in White is going to be the only option that works.
      If you need over and under, then none of them will work. Max is two 27" monitors, but side by side is doable.

      • Thank you, Do you know if they will be on special also?

      • @ScreenMountsAu Please put the F195A on special too wink wink, I won't tell

  • +1

    Any of these suitable for a 49" super ultra wide? H100 looks like it might be OK, rated a touch over monitor weight but the curve extends weight out past VESA mount.

    CRG9, AG493UCX or similar.

    • +1

      Definitely, for this monitor wait for the F45 to finally arrive back in stock in about one week. That is the mount you need for this huge screen. The curved screen puts the mechanical advantage way past he 12kg weight limit of the H100 series.

      • Thanks for the feedback. Will keep an eye out for it, hopefully on OzB: )

      • Are you able to give us OZB peeps a special pricing on the F45? There are a few of us with the G9 and CRG9 that would love to pick one up but the $130 pricing is a bit hard to swallow.

  • +1

    If only dell would sent my other monitor already…

  • Anything suitable for a LG 48" OLED48CXPTA? Weight about 15kg without stand. VESA 300 x 200mm?

    • +2

      Again, definitely, for this monitor wait for the F45 to finally arrive back in stock in about one week. That is the mount you need for this huge screen. The curved screen puts the mechanical advantage way past he 12kg weight limit of the H100 series.

  • +1

    They're good monitor mounts. I supply heaps to my clients all the time.

  • How come the F80 isn't suitable for recessed vesa mount? I think th F80 looks better than the H80.

    • +6

      It takes a bit of explaining but essentially the current model F80 was made with a VESA plate that was wider at the top to make it easier to mount. A customer could put the top two screws into the monitor and then hang the screen on those screws and insert the other two.
      The widening at the top to facilitate funnelling those two top screws caused the top of the VESA plate to be around 121mm wide, which is too wide for some recessed mounts. It will absolutely fit in some monitors, but not some others.
      Our only option was to warn customers about the possible issue and get them to check first.
      Yes, the cast aluminium base and lower arm look great and also have a recess in case you want to install USB ports, but the H80 has some plusses too. To each their own.

      • Quick question…

        I have a Dell S2721DGF. I am not sure whether I have installed mine properly.


        Does this look correct?

        • +1

          The VESA plate is upside down.
          I would suggest taking the monitor off, rotate the plate 180 degrees and re-install.
          Hope this helps.

          • @ScreenMountsAu: Okay thank you for the clarification.

            How do I screw the top bit in (after rotating 180 degrees), when the screw hole is open? Do these have to be inserted somewhere and the bottom plate screwed in?

            • @dabs:

              when the screw hole is open?

              I have the same question last time but don't worry it will hold for you to put the lower screws in, try it you will know what I mean.

              • @superforever: You put the top two screws into the monitor part way, then hand the monitor on those two screws and insert the bottom two screws.
                Then tighten it all up. Gravity is your friend in this case.

                • @ScreenMountsAu:

                  You put the top two screws into the monitor part way

                  Yes forgot to said that Thanks.

                  • @superforever: Thanks everyone. I will give it a go tonight after work! Happy new year!

    • The company keep saying it doesn't fit, because mount is slightly different, while other people have said they have f80 with their dell monitors with recessed vesa and it fits. So new buyers should be able to tell you who was right, the company or the buyers who said it fit

      • If it doesn't fit I'm sure you could make it fit with 5 minutes and a grinder / file

        For obvious reasons the company doesn't want to say that lol

        • I would assume h80 is a better buy anyway cuz it has the pole lol

          and for some people like me, I would never grind / file my $800 monitor lol

        • +1

          So right..

          • @ScreenMountsAu: I'm happy to get a grinder on it if needed. Any chance of doing the F80 deal at the same time with the H80?

            • +4

              @Tdawg: Done, but we are not going to announce it. 20% off and free Metro Shipping. Don't tell anyone….

      • it really depends on the monitor. My lg monitor doesn’t fit with the f80 because the mounting plate is slightly too big

    • I have both f and h 80but it still doesn't fit my Samsung 28" 4k monitor

  • great products and customer service!

  • the obligatory question: can this fit the Xiaomi 34" screen?

    • I have to leave this to those that know, but I think I have seen plenty of comments that even the F80 fits that screen. The H80 certainly will. As long as you don't want to run it in Portrait orientation…

    • +2
      • cheers

    • +1

      I got the F80 for the Xiaomi 34" screen and it fits perfectly

  • Hi will this fit a MSI 27” curved monitor.

    • +1

      yes, if it has a vesa compliant mount

  • Do these H series monitor arm support grommet installation?

    • +1

      yes, comes with package

  • +1

    Does the basketball hoop come separately?

  • Could someone please recommend a stand for this Dell 32 curved monitor?


    • +1

      Without stand - width: 70.92 cm - depth: 6.4 cm - height: 42.48 cm - weight: 7.4 kg

      So the h100 should work

      • Thanks mate!

  • -1

    I think they can do better than 20% for us…….right? ;)

    • +2

      Wrong, no manufacturer rebate or support for this deal - it is all us for you.

  • +2

    For those wondering the F80 fits perfectly with Dell S2721D. Just bought it last week and installed last night. Let me know if you guys want to see the photos. Very happy with product

  • Will the single arm work with my Dell 24 Monitor – S2421HN ? Thanks

  • Does anybody know if it’s possible to use one of these to support a small projector that uses a camera screw mount?

    These attach to a desk, which is great, as opposed to a tripod that can get in the way.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    • +1

      None of these monitor VESA plates have central screw access for a camera mount - sorry.

      • No worries! Thank you for replying. :)

    • +1

      How small / light is the projector? You could DIY something with a small wood plate attached to the mount with a tripod screw through it pretty easily.

      • I might end up having to do that. The projector is quite light, and small, maybe 2-3KG I guess. It’s one of the cheaper Amazon ones that my partner uses for sewing. She tried with the tripod but it just got in the way of the fabric, so she wants something that will attach to the desk and reach over the tablet like an arm.

        Thanks for the suggestion about using a wooden block and a screw:) I’ll have to think about it. It would be easier to buy something, however, it does seem like it might be a fairly specialised gadget I’m looking for.

  • I bought the dual one on the previous deal - NB New F160 Dual Monitor, will the F160 work with HP 24mq QHD IPS Monitor? Currently selling for $199 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/594915

    • I have the same questions but as it specified it’s VESA compatible I don’t see any issues ?

      • F160 is only for non-recessed mounts is what i understand. $199 monitor may be a recessed mount

        • The H160 (the one on sale today) seems fine then ;)

  • Sale is not on Amazon…I thought its on amazon as usual..

  • Just wondering if this will fit the LG27GL850 i bought the F80 from the other deal but the plate was way too big. Heard somewhere that the H80 would fit. Could anyone that have either confirmed this?

    • I also want to know this. Currently use spacers on the f80 but would prefer a better fit.

    • ive got the lg 27ul850, which has the same vesa mounting area size as the lg 27gl850 and it fits perfectly.

      also confirmed with lg specs that it has the following size mount which is the same as the mounting plates for these arms

      Wall Mountable 100 x 100 mm

      • VESA Mount plate for the H Series is 115 x 115.
        This should fit all monitors, recessed and not so recessed.

  • Hi Rep, what would you recommend for a dual mount setup with an iMAC pro + Phillips 32" monitor? I currently have a pole + 2 arm setup but it's not fully articulated & not gas strut. I believe IMAC is > 10kg.

    • Macs are hard as it depneds whether you have one with VESA mount or not.
      Some require additional adaptors to pick up the OEM stand mounts and others require clamping onto the OEM stand.
      This requires some research on your part as to what you need for your specific Mac screen to use a VESA mount option.

      • Like I said in my post that I already have it on a mount. So I already have an apple branded vesa mount kit applied to it. My question was around the weight limit as an IMAC weights in between 9-11kg which means I need a mount that can maintain a firm position with that kind of weight + another 7-9kg for a 32"monitor.

  • +1

    I thought it was a basketball hoop, disappointing

    • Me too!

  • +1

    Will the H180 fit both a 32" Alienware AW3418DW ultrawide and a 27" Dell normal 16:9 monitor? What's the return policy if it doesn't fit (so would be used)?

  • bought and installed the F80 from the previous deal for a 27-inch monitor, all good, happy the deal.
    will buy one for another desk & monitor this time. thanks, Rep!

  • Do any of these support a drill through hole? I have a Fredde - https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/fredde-desk-black-30361953/ - and the back of the table has a support piece of wood so the clamp won't work (unless it's a really long arm, which I don't think they are). Was thinking I could instead drill a hole through the table instead and mount it that way.

    • yep the package comes with the required tools for either clamp or the drill through hole (btw its called the grommet installation)

  • Hey Rep - what is the allowed distance from the bottom of the mount, in other words, i am using a VARI desk, so have a small clearance from the Varidesk to my real desk, as this mounts UNDER the desk, i just need to know how much clearance is needed

    VARI use top mounts, but also 5 times the price,