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North Bayou F80 9kg Gas Strut Monitor Mount $35.20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ ScreenMounts Amazon AU


These monitor arms were extremely popular and are back on sale again! Have one and it does the job very well. Plus very cost affordable!

  • Includes Clamp Mount and Grommet Mount options in the box.
  • VESA compliant 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm - (Not suitable for RECESSED VESA Mounting points)
  • Fits most 17" to 30" displays
  • Supports monitor weights from 2-9 kg
  • Upright lift distance 260mm
  • Rotation 360°
  • Swivel 180°+

For monitors with screen size larger than 30 inch, consider the F100A model on sale for $70.36. This one has integrated cable management and USB ports on the base for easy access.

For dual monitors:

Basic F160 Dual Monitor Arm on sale for $61.60. Supports up to 30 inch monitors.

Beefed up F195A on sale for $119.20. Supports up to 32 inch monitors

If you have a RECESSED VESA MOUNT (i.e. it sinks in), it’s safer to get the H80 linked here - its not on sale at the moment but hopefully we can get the rep to do a sale on these!

UPDATE regarding H80 deal from Store Rep:

We will certainly look at a deal opportunity in the new year for the H Series as they are great mounts.
We had all kinds of issues getting stock into Amazon and last shipment took 5 weeks for them to allow the courier company to deliver it - Amazon rescheduled delivery twice!
There is very limited stock for these deals at the moment and so we did not highlight this ourselves as we did not want to disappoint.

FAQ: Difference between non recessed and recessed VESA Mount

Non recessed - the mounting plate is flush/flat with the monitor.

Recessed - the mounting plate often clips into the monitor. It dips/sinks into the monitor by ~1 centimetre.

Images of difference:

Please note: F80 may also work on recessed monitors but only if the VESA mount size fits the square hole in your monitor. If unsure, leave a comment. If you want to be 100% safe, get the H80 for recessed.


PS. mods hope this and batteries can be posted separately as they are very diff items

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • Does anyone have a lead on a universal adaptor for these type of mounts. I need it for 30-32 inch monitor (AOC 31.5" Q32V3WS) can't seem to find one that works with the thin top, thick bottom type of monitor.

    • if you have VESA, then it should be fine. in some case the backplate may be too large to fit into the square hole.
      for big screen, you also need to consider the weight. 32 inches may reach 7.5-8 kg, which may still OK for this model, check your monitors manual first.

      I am using F195, mounted two Dell 27 inch monitors, very happy with the product, saved massive amount desktop area.

      • Non-VESA monitor, hence the adapter requirement

  • got 2 of these with 2 samsung 27' monitors, hopefully they work

    • they have dual arms model, which you can mount two, and normally costs less than two single arm units :) but buying two single arm units can give you flexibility

    • -1

      Are they curved?

      • Yep, i hope they will fit

  • +1

    Love my one !

  • The F100A is also on sale and can recommend it for my Dell U2718 w/ recessed mount

  • +31

    In case anyone asks, this monitor arm is compatible with the Dell S2721DGF and Xiaomi Mi Curved 34". Both monitor's VESA area are recessed and the mounting clamp fits in nicely without any problems. The monitor arm is also capable of holding the weight of the Xiaomi monitor. It supports both C-clamp or grommet installation. For grommet installation if the hole is about 5-5.5cm you can mount the base a bit forward to allow room for cables to slide into the hole (behind the base).

    Hope this helps anyone with a similar setup.

    • +1

      Any chance you can post a picture?

      Lots of people say its not compatible with Xiaomi 34 and i would like to buy one if it is.

      Thanks :)

      • +3

        Here are some pictures as proof LOL! I think there was an older version which can only handle 6kg. The new version can now handle 9kg.

        • If there's no hole can I install on the back of the table? Thanks.

          • @Meovel: Yes with or without hole both OK but make sure your desk is strong enough to hold it.

          • @Meovel: Yes, that is what the C-clamp is for. If your table is not backed all the way to the wall, meaning there is space between the edge of your table (rear side) and the wall you can use the c-clamp for installation. The cable can be routed behind the table as you would right now.

      • +3

        For what it is worth, I can confirm that it works completely fine with the Xiaomi - I was a bit worried with the recess but it fits perfectly.

        I have had mine up for about 4 months with no issues at all.

    • +2

      The real MVP

    • If you look closer at the screw area of the VESA mount for the F80 and H80 they are not much difference, so they are not really larger.

      This is the older F80 which is really larger.

    • As a noob, I decided that because it fit the Xiaomi 34", it should fit the Kogan 34"…. Turns out that is not the case. It does not fit the Kogan 34". Had to return to Amazon.

      • Kogan 34” comes with spacer screws - definitely works if you use those! ;)

        (Probably should have asked before returning)

    • Hi I have the S2721DGF and I am not sure whether I have it installed properly. Are you able to check for me?

      • Why you turn the holder up side down

      • Yeah the monitor mount (the x part) is upside down. Refer to the manual and check the illustrations. It is pretty straightforward on that part. But if you manage to mount everything securely, I don't see anything wrong with it.

        • The open end side of the screw hole should be on the top. I had the same question will it hold, I was told it will and it did hold for me to put the other two in by myself.

  • +3

    Thanks Op, a discount on the H80 would be great

  • likely to fit lg 27ul850 4k monitor?

    • +5

      I have this one. You asked the right person haha. You need to get the h80 because it has the recessed vesa mount (I.e. the mounting area dips/sinks in which is too small for the f80). hold on from purchasing just yet. I’ve pmed the rep requesting a deal on h80

      • legend !

        • rep said they cant do a sale on h80 because low stock level and shipments are taking a long time to receive. There's currently 230 left in their amazon warehouse. So no deal on h80 for Boxing Day, but maybe one in the near future.

        • +1

          Rep will be organising a sale on the h model range for 1 jan. keep an eye out

    • Bought this on cyber Monday and it fits perfectly

      • fits your 27ul850?

        • Yep. “
          tomssy on 30/11/2020 - 11:11

          Any idea if this'll work with an LG 27UL600-W?

          AssociatedScreenMountsAu on 30/11/2020 - 11:13

          Yes, that one has a flat VESA mount so should be just fine. Cheers.

          tomssy on 30/11/2020 - 11:22


          Copied from last post. I believed 27UL600 and 27ul850 have the same back plate, so I bought it and already installed it successfully.

  • I'm so sorry, this is the ultimate noob question but what mount do I need for 27" Dell S2721D? Thank you.

    • +1

      I'm using this mount with the 27" Dell S2721D and S2721DGF no issues.

      • +1

        Getting one only cos of your recommendation mate! I have a S2721DGF.

      • +1

        Thanks buddy bought one.


        Is this the correct installation??

        • Yeah! That's fine.

          • @Sixty Nine: Okay thank you! I am using the screws that were already on the monitor.

  • dumb question but for the dual monitor can you take one of the arms off so it's just singular?

    also can a Asus VC239 work with this?

    • yes, I have this brand F195 model, the mounting base has two stubs, one for each arm. Take off one arm should be OK.

  • +10

    Love them, using two. Some helpful info:

    My desk is nearly right against the wall, you just need about 1cm of clearance for the arms. Mine are installed about 15cm from the side edges.

    2 arms are mostly better than one double. two singles will let you place the desk close to the wall. A double needs significant clearance.

    If you have a hollow desk like my IKEA Linnmon you'll need to place timber under and above the desk, between the clamps to distribute the load, otherwise the clamp will break the desk.

    • Can confirm that you will need the wood with a linnmon, came home one day and my mount (different brand than this one) had punched a hole in the top of the desk and the monitor was sitting face down on the desk! Went and grabbed two bits of scrap wood from the shed, clamped it back up and it's been fine for years since then.

    • Dang! I have the small Ikea Linnmon and been planning to buy these for the 2 Dell S2721QS I got during the Black Friday deal. According to this video the sides are particle boards. Do you think it will be good idea to clamp it there? Or perhaps the monitors will be too far apart?

      • +1

        Dang! I have the small Ikea Linnmon

        I have LG 34" and arm on the right hand side, if you are worry put a piece of wood to enforce it.

  • Damn, will this not work with a Dell (S2721Q) :(

    • +3

      I have no issues running this with the 27" Dell S2721D and S2721DGF.

      • Ah okay. Looked at the pictures in OP's post and my monitor has recessed VESA mounting points so I wasn't sure.

        • +1

          You should be okay as my monitors are recessed also.

          • +1

            @Sixty Nine: Thanks for confirming!

            • @Luminary: You can always by nylon washers and use them as spacers. I used them on my U2718Q, which also has a recessed mount.

    • +1

      My F80 arrived today and it fit just fine on a Dell S2721Q recessed mount.

  • I have a 31.5in AOC Q3279VWFD8, official spec says 7kg each
    So I suppose this could hold it fine??

    • +1

      Yes. They work for monitors up to and even a bit over 9kg

    • +2

      That monitor doesn't have VESA mount

      • Haha, thanks for pointing that out. I'm glad that I asked 😂

    • it should work up to 9 kg.
      Only thing is you may need to adjust the screw to adjust the counter spring's loading against the heavy monitor, so that the tilt function is well balanced.
      There are details in the manual.
      But check if you monitor has VESA mount first! as suggested by Nalar :)

  • Does anyone have the Dell 32 inch S3221qs

    Not sure if it's recessed or not?

    Also, even if it was recessed, could one not get away with using longer screws from the plate to the monitor?

    • +2

      You can't just use longer screws. You'll need a solid spacer to bridge the gap. Otherwise, you can't tighten it properly.

  • +2

    Works on the Xiaomi 34"

  • +2

    Will this work for the Dell S2721QS?

  • Been watching these for months….$44…. $40… $44… best grab 2 @ this price…

  • +1
  • Is it better to get two of these or a dual arm for dual monitor setup?

    Just looking for people's experience as I've heard dual arms are hard to align

    • Yes, I went from a double to two single a you ate limited on placement when using the double.

      The screens may clash or have limited positioning

    • Depends you desk space.
      Twosingle arm can give you more flexibility.
      I went to F195, which can hold 2
      34 inch monitors, I found it can give enough flexibility too when you oversize the mount…

    • They have lots of dual arms at my work and they're a pain to get into a good config. I run 2x single NB arms at home and they're great.

    • I would recommend 2 single arms as it you'll have more flexibility.

  • -1

    NB New F160 Dual Monitor Full Motion Desk Mount with Gas Spring for Two Computer Monitors 17'' - 30" LED LCD Flat Panel TVs from 2kg to 9kg per arm. is on sale for $ 61.60 too

    • better to buy 2 x singles. way more flexibility and practicality.

  • +1

    Need a H160/H180 deal :(

  • Does anyone know if using washers will fix the recessed VESA mount issue?

    • That's a lot of washers?

    • Longer screws could work as well I suppose?

    • you will need spacer not washer. But yes, reddit says spacers will work.

  • The H80 seems to be around $40 at this site:

    Delivery seems to be free to Melbourne.

    • The H80 seems to be around $40 at this site:

      ex GST

    • That's ex-GST, so need to add 10% to price.

  • Does anyone know where you can get a Laptop Vesa monitor adaptor plate?

    • i second this question

  • Bought this last time still waiting for H80 on special and no problem with my Dell RECESSED VESA Mount

    • +1

      You should comment the model number so other people know

      • I bought F80 from last deal no problem with RECESSED VESA.

        • +1

          I meant the model number of your monitor

          • @skido: I bought F80 from last deal no problem with RECESSED VESA, the monitor is an old Dell U2412M

            I think OP comments because of the older F80 model didn't fit RECESSED VESA MOUNT, if you look at the back of this new F80 you will find not much difference with H80.

            • @superforever: I am OP lolll

              F80 has the mounting clamp which is slightly larger than H80, and that tiny size difference may not fit into certain monitors. Plus H80 has the pole which gives better height adjustability, so it’s not entirely just the mounting clamp size difference

              • @skido:

                F80 has the mounting clamp which is slightly larger than H80

                If you look closer the new upgraded F80 VESA not really larger than H80

                This is the older F80 it is really larger


                • @superforever: The VESA mounting plate of the current F80 is 121mm wide at the top, and hence why it may not fit into some recessed mounting points. The H80 is just 115mm and will fit fine.
                  The H80 is significantly taller than the F80 by over 100mm with the same movement and weight capacity.
                  Hope this helps clarify.

              • @skido: Thanks for answering, but just to clarify, F80 VESA mounting plate is 6mm wider than H80 VESA plate. Clamps are also a bit different but not so important for most.

      • +1

        Thanks skido22 for the post and we will certainly look at a deal opportunity in the new year for the H Series as they are great mounts.
        We had all kinds of issues getting stock into Amazon and last shipment took 5 weeks for them to allow the courier company to deliver it - Amazon rescheduled delivery twice!
        There is very limited stock for these deals at the moment and so we did not highlight this ourselves as we did not want to disappoint.

  • will this fit the ASUS PG348Q?

    If not, what would you recommend?

  • This monitor mount is high quality! I've got one from the prime day deal and it is very strong. It can hold my Samsung CF791 without an issue, and my monitor is on the heavy side!

  • Anyone used this with a 34"?
    I have the LG 34GN850 - currently using a vivo mount but want a stronger/moveable mount for a sit stand desk (that's not over $250 haha)

    Edit: Oh well, I've ordered. See how it goes!

  • +1

    Any recommendations on a mount for 49inch ultrawide? (CRG90). It needs to be attached to the desk rather than wall since it's on a standing desk.

  • +1

    Hope the Rep puts this Recessed Dual Mount on sale too for $ 59.96 like the last deal

    New NB H160 Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm Gas Spring for 17''- 27'' Computer Monitor from 2kg to 9kg Per Arm

  • A question to anyone running a dual monitor setup with these stands. What positions on the desk do you mount your stands? Close together or as far apart as possible?

    • I have 2x F100A, one with a 34" Samsung ultrawide and the other with a 27" Dell. The mounts are about 80cm apart - the elbow on each is pointing to the left, so i could move them further apart and have the elbows pointing outwards but this gives me what I want in terms of height, side by side positioning and access to the usb ports on the monitor arms.

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