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[Prime] New Model NB F80 9kg Gas Strut Monitor Mount $35.20 Delivered @ ScreenMounts via Amazon AU


The ever popular North Bayou F80 is being offered on special again as part of the Amazon Prime Day promotions.
The NEW Model F80 has 9kg monitor capacity, easy torque adjustment and super easy flexible positioning. Goes Live at 2PM till 10pm Today
Includes Clamp Mount and Grommet Mount options in the box.
VESA compliant 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm - (Not suitable for RECESSED VESA Mounting points)

F100A Prime Deal is LIVE NOW till 8pm.

If you have recessed VESA Mounts we suggest the H Series Mounts - H80, https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B071FB2CS5?ref=myi_title_dp
H100, https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08DKBWS18?ref=myi_title_dp
H160 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B071LHHNHM?ref=myi_title_dp
and H180 - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0714DN1QH?ref=myi_title_dp
H80 - $34.37
H160 - $59.96
H100 - $51.96
H180 - $76.76
All plus shipping if applicable.

1 item per customer - Lightning deal

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • +1

    any option for non vesa monitors

    • +39

      This is quite popular.

    • +5

      I recommend looking for a mounting adapter. I bought one for my asus mx279h and have had no problems and are generally sturdy. Depending on the type of monitor it does add slightly more space between the monitor and the monitor mount.

    • +6

      i got cheapo 1080p monitor, so i just drilled the plastic housing lol.

      • Don't do that on old CCFL (non-LED LCD) monitors, the tubes contain mercury.

  • This is actually a pretty good deal for one of these, especially when it is delivered too!

    • +20

      Warning! the girl in the picture is not included

      • +7


        <removes four monitor arms from shopping cart >

        • +6

          sorry buddy, you need a stronger mount to support 4

          • +5

            @ntt: I've never had any complaints about the strength of my mount. Not many compliments either, but that's not important.

            • +2

              @banana365: My thinking is that if it's all about enthusiastic consent, then surely we should also campaign for emphatic refusal.

      • +7
      • +1


        I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my work anyway.

  • +11

    Good stand, good swivel, and rotation, but tilting could be better imo

    • +3

      I feel the same, tilt is almost impossible to adjust to my liking, either moves too much or too little.

      • +1

        Agreed. Stock, trying to tilt the screen is almost impossible and you probably risk damaging your monitor. Making the slightest adjustment to the tension bolt on the joint that allows the monitor to tilt makes it so that once adjusted, it won't maintain the angle. Also, I kind of wish this allowed for a bit more lift, 400mm would be ideal. Having said that, this is really cheap and does well considering. For me the main benefit of this mount is the fact that it frees up desk space where your monitor stand would usually be.

  • +7

    Can it hold the xiaomi 34 inch ultra wide

    • +3

      Go by the weight of the monitor without its stand. If under 9kg then you should be right.

      • Isn’t it 10.5 kgs?

        • Then it won’t work ;(

        • I've got no idea, just going by the weight capacity of the arm. The arm should support any monitor up to 9kg. Of course larger/wider monitors won't be able to rotate fully, and will also depend on the VESA mount recess/curve/etc.

          My Samsung 32" curved ultrawide fits.

      • looking online it looks like the xiaomi is < 6kg without the existing stand.

      • But the listing says it supports monitors up to 30inch.

        • Product photo shows 17"-27".

    • i wish i knew this too!

    • +4

      it definitely can. i have been using it for two months now and has been fine.

      • Xiaomi ultrawide with this stand ?

        • +2

          Those monitors have very heavy stands, if you remove them the mounts should easily lift the screens themselves.

    • +5

      Yes it can - I use it for my x34 Xiaomi, no probs. The monitor (without stand) is about 7.6kg i think so holds it fine.

      • Cool, I’ll need to buy Xiaomi now 😆

      • Does the arm itself lean? My control arm has the base (and it's entirety) leaning ever so slightly, and making the base not flush with the table. I have 2 blocks sandwiching the table but that hasn't helped.

        • +1

          Not as far as I can tell. Base sits flush with table and arm doesn't seem to lean, looks straight and solid.

    • +1

      I believe the weight of just the monitor itself, without the stand, is about 6kgs.

      I have the xiaomi mounted to the F80 now and it doesn't seem to struggle any.

      Hope that helps

    • +1

      You'd want the H100 for the ultrawides, like the xiaomi or x34p's etc.

    • I had this NB F80 with Xiaomi 34, it is working pretty well.

    • I've got one of these with a 27" monitor on it, it handles that okay but I wouldn't put anything heavier especially not a curved ultra wide as more weight will be forward of the mount compared with a flat model.

      Can recommend the stand, cable management is good it has cable runs down each side of the arm.

    • I've had this monitor stand on my kogan 34inch ultrawide and once I adjusted the tension it has been working well for me. Can't remember the exact weight for my monitor but I do know that it was over the recommended weight.

  • +2

    Any deals for double screens?

    • +28

      better to get two singles as you have much more flexibility in monitor placement.

      I had a double and sold it to move to two singles instead

      • Is it difficult to align the two monitors with two single arms though?

        • +12

          Less difficult with two singles compared to with the double. The double still behaves like two singles in regards to adjustment and alignment. The main issue is that the double has both arms pivoting from the same place, and this limits some of the articulation and placement. With two singles, you can move the mounting points sideways along the back of your desk so that the elbow of the mount folds back nicely without hitting the wall, etc. Also, the double puts the full weight on one point on your desk, whereas the two singles will place the weight over a a dispersed area - means less bending in your desk if you have a cheap ikea desk like us :-)

      • Would it be possible to get two 27, one on top of the other using two individual arms? Thanks!

  • +4
    • I'd be interested in this too

      • +1

      • +22

        Sorry, no.
        We submitted 5 items to Amazon for this special and Amazon only chose two of them.
        The New F80 - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B071HWSGPN?ref=myi_title_dp
        And the New F100A - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07496HG96?ref=myi_title_dp which will be on sale for $70.36 for Prime Members.
        If there was enough interest we could just put a special up for the day without listing on the Prime Day promotions.
        The F100A and ALL the NEW H Series Monitor Mounts are ideal for anyone with a monitor that has a recessed VESA mount like Samsung and some Acer screens
        Let us know if interested.

        • I have had these mounts for previous monitors and really like them.

          I'm interested in one supporting up to 12kg for the Samsung CRG9. So would be interested in any deals for mounts in that range

        • Hey Screenmounts, so happy to hear this. When will the F100A deal be going live? Tomorrow?

        • Interested to know if any of the mounts will support an ultra wide at full extension. I have the lenovo y44w

        • Register me interested as well, looks like my main monitor is 9.3Kg so I'd need something in the "up to 12" range.

        • +4

          @ScreenMountsAu, I have two questions:

          1. F100A on Amazon says it supports 3-9kg and in your website says 3-12kg. Are they both same (New 2020 Model)?
          2. What is the difference between F100A and H-100 apart from the latter being pole based? I can't decide which one to go.
          • @harbhar:

            What is the difference between F100A and H-100 apart from the latter being pole based? I can't decide which one to go.

            Same here, I've got an older F80 but it doesn't go as high as I would like. To me the H100 looks like it goes higher and would be preferable but the F100A is more expensive which makes me wonder if there's something I'm missing in terms of features.

          • @harbhar: Hi, it's 3-12kg and yes it is the latest model with just 1 USB port in the base. Don't get me started on how difficult it is to get descriptions changed when you are not the manufacturer but just the Australian Distributor!
            H100 goes higher (20mm), but has no USB port in the base. Both 3-12kg rated.

          • @harbhar: Hi, it's 3-12kg and yes it is the latest model with just 1 USB port in the base. Don't get me started on how difficult it is to get descriptions changed when you are not the manufacturer but just the Australian Distributor!
            H100 goes higher (20mm), but has no USB port in the base. Both 3-12kg rated.

        • What's the difference on the F100A that suits recessed mounts? I don't see anything obvious in the photos

          I've got an AOC U2790PQU, it's 100x100 but I assume this would require the F100A / H series?

        • I have been looking out for a F80 deal! I would be interested in a special without Prime.

        • Other than the support for recessed mounts and the addition of USB 3.0, how do the F80 and F100A differ really? They look pretty similar, but have a $40 price difference, so there must be something I'm not seeing.

          Also I have a 31.5" monitor, I assume these both will work with it despite mentioning support for 17"-30" displayers?


          • @phabez: Check out the pictures that show the measurements. The F100A goes to a max height of 530mm while the F80 only goes to a max height of 415mm. Personally that's not enough for me as it's only 80mm higher than the stock xiaomi stand and I need to be able to raise the monitor around 150mm.

        • Note the F100A price doesnt seem to include shipping.
          Currently it is showing $25.50 Delivery for me to WA

        • +1

          Is white available?

        • +1

          I'd be interested in the new H100. If you have the time could you explain the difference between the F100A and the H100? The latter is mounted on a pole obviously but are there any other key differences?

        • I'm interested in a F80 deal. Tks

        • What time is this deal kicking off ?

  • highly, to super recommmend, i use to use those el cheapo ones for like $17? not worth one cent compared to this, great price!! i got mine for $44~

  • +2

    Bought this for 44$ last month. It's good even though I had to file out my monitor plastic casing around the Vesa spot. The bracket is too wide for the LG 27UK850

    • +3

      i had the same issue with a LG 34wk500 but I filed down the mounter mount rather than the monitor itself

  • +4

    For those that use the F80 how noticeable is that ugly yellow NB logo on the top of the base at the bottom of the vertical arm?

    • +27

      It's a sticker, you can just peel it off.

      • Excellent! Thanks muchly for the response!

      • +23

        before delicately placing it on your new balance sneakers

      • You just made my day!

    • Coloured it in with permanent marker.

    • Lol, i have the same OCD too

    • Just peel it off.

      It's an oval shape so replace with either a Ford or Toyota logo for the lulz

  • +5

    "Not suitable for recessed VESA Mounts"

    I learnt that the hard way when I bought one.

    • +1

      yeah..me too. Did you make it work eventually? I spent more time than I care to admit sanding the corners down. It was a success story

      • +2

        I used bolt cutteres lol, it wasn't pretty

    • +1

      Can you help explain what this means? How is it not suitable?

      • +5

        The part that you mount to the back of your monitor is too wide for the recess of a monitor where the VESA holes are recessed.

        I have an LG 27GL850 and the mount wont fit inside that recess, which is a stupid design by LG rather than the arm in my opinion.

        I ended up fixing it by buying some longer screws and some spacers, but I'll never be satisfied with it and always worry one day it will just snap and my monitor will fall to the ground.

        • +1

          I'm leaning towards getting this monitor arm and use spacers for a slightly recessed Dell S2721D, can you elaborate why you're not satisfied with the spacers - is it only because you think they may snap or is there something else?

          • +1

            @studentl0an: Just doesnt sit flush so not as pretty, and I just worry that there might be too much flex on the longer screws against the monitor housing which might break one day. I doubt it though, I assume the screws go inside a metal housing inside the monitor.

            It does the job, and its stayed in place for over a year now.

            I wouldnt NOT buy this because of it. Just need to have a work around if it doesnt fit your monitor. Or as suggested below, buy the model more suited for recessed monitors.

          • @studentl0an: Hey, are you able to measure the dimensions of the VESA recess?

            • +1

              @currentfad: 122mm x 122mm.

              It might actually fit, as there looks to be a fair bit more clearance between the threads and the edges of the recess than Trysaeder's photo of his monitor's recess being too small for the F80's mounting plate.

              profaner confirmed below that it works with his S2721D without a spacer kit.

          • @studentl0an: I got 2 S2721D recently from a deal here and mounted them to 2 of these. Fitted perfectly, no spacer needed.

            • @overlord: I can back this up as well, recently got the S2721D and got this arm F80 just for it, was prepared to get spacers but it fitted fine in the recess, very flush, wasn't sitting half on the edge or anything.

              Been there 2 weeks now and no issues, seems very secured.

      • To explain this better, the arm mounting bracket is a bigger size than the VESA standard by several mm. It looks like they did this to allow for some finer adjustment or shifting of the final mounting position and possibly to meet the strength requirements.

        so if the back of your LCD's VESA mounting position is recessed/indented into the casing of the LCD (not fllush or proud), the arm bracket will be too big to fit without trimming bracket or LCD casing.

    • +1

      Used a Dremel to grind down and straighten the edges of my two mounts to fit mine. Five minutes of work to solve the problem.

    • Yeah that's a deal-breaker, I don't think I have ever seen a non-recessed vesa mount on a computer screen

    • Any recommendations for a recessed VESA mount?

  • +2

    Will you guys have any other monitor arms on sale which might be more suitable for larger monitors (eg Samsung 49" CHG90)?

  • The Dell S2721D appears to be slightly recessed :(

    • Was hoping to pick one up for it too.

      Can anyone confirm is the arms are compatible?

      • +11

        If you have Recessed VESA mounts, go for the F100A - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07496HG96?ref=myi_title_dp or any of the H Series like the H80, H100, H160 or the H180 you mentioned. They all fit whereas the F80 VESA plate is just a fraction too big.
        We could do a special on some of the H Series if there was enough interest.
        As vendor, we can't post any more specials till late tomorrow.

        • That's almost double the price.

          Might go with the spacers option mentioned below.

        • +1

          Yep, interested. H180 looks the goods for my dual monitor setup. If you could knock that down close enough to the equivalent of purchasing 2x of these F80s that'd be an immediate buy from me!

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