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[Prime] New Model NB F80 9kg Gas Strut Monitor Mount $35.20 Delivered @ ScreenMounts via Amazon AU


The ever popular North Bayou F80 is being offered on special again as part of the Amazon Prime Day promotions.
The NEW Model F80 has 9kg monitor capacity, easy torque adjustment and super easy flexible positioning. Goes Live at 2PM till 10pm Today
Includes Clamp Mount and Grommet Mount options in the box.
VESA compliant 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm - (Not suitable for RECESSED VESA Mounting points)

F100A Prime Deal is LIVE NOW till 8pm.

If you have recessed VESA Mounts we suggest the H Series Mounts - H80, https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B071FB2CS5?ref=myi_title_dp
H100, https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08DKBWS18?ref=myi_title_dp
H160 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B071LHHNHM?ref=myi_title_dp
and H180 - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0714DN1QH?ref=myi_title_dp
H80 - $34.37
H160 - $59.96
H100 - $51.96
H180 - $76.76
All plus shipping if applicable.

1 item per customer - Lightning deal

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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        • H80 deal please!

        • does H80 provide grommet mount options in box?

        • Interested!

        • I checked back too late - any chance the H180 will go on discount again?

      • +3

        I'll probably get the monitor arm and use spacers like these:

        Will check eBay for a cheaper price later.

        • $2 is plenty cheap

        • Any luck on ebay?

      • +1

        yes it fits, i purchased it for $44 recently. Feelsbad.

        • Thanks, was worried for a bit there

    • +7

      I fitted one to my S2721DGF the other day, it's fine

      • +3

        S2721D/DS/DGF all confirmed to work without a spacer now, great.

      • Perfect. I had heard some conflicting things about it not fitting but good to see it does

  • Does this deal go live at 12am?

  • +2

    Any chance for a deal on the H180?

    • Indeed, that one seems to be the best for two screens, as it will work in tight spaces better

  • +2

    Has anyone used this with AOC 24g2? It supports 100x100 VESA but looks a bit recessed, so curious to see if anyone has this setup!

  • My desk will look like a cyborg with 3 of these. Looking forward to the transformation

  • What's the minimum distance this collapses to in terms of the back of the desk? My desk is basically up against the wall with only 2cm at the back for cables to run behind. Can I swivel this to fold it sideways and essentially push the monitor back so that it's sits almost in line with the base plate with not much overhand at the back? Or would I have to move my desk further away from the wall?

    • +4

      Hi, all these mounts fold back flat against the wall, so it will be around 80mm from the wall to the front of the VESA plate - plus the thickness of your monitor.
      Hope this helps.

      • Perfect! Thanks for the reply. That helps a lot. Will be grabbing 2 of them =)

      • From reading this, I gather that the rotating joins can do at least 90 degrees, so I can mount this arm to the side of my desk, the left edge, rather than the side of the desk opposite where I sit?

        And it will allow me to fold the screen away out of view of the TV I have opposite me? Like below?

                monitor  DESK DESK DESK
        • +1

          Short answer - yes.
          All joints are about 320 degrees except tilt, just make sure you leave room in the cables.
          Hope this helps.

  • +3

    Anyone used this on an Acer X34?

    • +4

      Yep, works well. I do wish it was a little taller though, as the monitor isn't quite as high as I would like when I'm standing at my desk with it wound all the way up.

      Just measured it now and the top of the monitor is 54cm from the desk top.

      Takes the weight no problem though and the recess for the mount on the monitor is just big enough for the bracket (if it wasn't I would have just filed down the bracket a bit though).

      Update, just found the H80, which has a slightly smaller bracket to ensure more compatibility with recessed VESA mounts, and goes higher thanks to the arm being pole mounted. Only a few dollars more. Looks good


      • Interestingly, I just measured my X34 at max height on the standard stand… and it's also 54cm!

      • In case anyone missed it, the stand linked above by Kapone is also on sale. Just grabbed it for $34.37

  • +1

    keep in mind if your desk (and monitor) is against the wall you will need some space behind the arm for its "bend"

    • +2

      Not necessarily. I have my 'bend' pointing to the right…

      The monitor arm also.

      • I stare akwardly, captivated by what you did there.

  • Not sure if this helps…. but I'm using the one purchased from here (https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01AI2YGK4/) and I've got it mounted to a U2721DE, U2719D, and S2721DGF and it fits perfectly fine.

    For this model, I'm not sure if they've changed the mounting plate, which may be why it no longer supports recessed VESA mounting points. The photos for this model look to same as the one I linked (older model?).

    It doesn't fit the U2711 though, but it does fit the U2713HM.

    • +2

      Yes, you are right, the manufacturer changed the VESA plate trying to be smart and had the idea that users could just put two screws into the monitor and then hang it on the mount to install the other two screws.
      Unfortunately to achieve this they mistakenly made the top corners of the VESA plate too wide to fit into recessed VESA mounts.
      They are fixing this in the next production runs but new tooling takes time and we have lots of stock globally so we are trying to highlight that the F80 and F160 have this issue but the new H Series do not have a problem. Neither does the F100A.
      The link you provided was for the previous model which we sold out of in April.
      Sorry for the long reply.

  • Right on time…… had just bought H80 and H100 for over $107 last week…

  • Would this work with the LG 29UM68-P? This one: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/lg-25-219-2560x1080-full-hd-ult...

    I'm a little confused as to what it means about recessed. Seems like a good option?

  • +2

    I have two of these, highly recommend. The mounting plate was JUST too big to fit the recessed section of my two Acer Predator XB271HU screens, however five minutes with a Dremel to straighten the edges of the plates did the trick.

    • I think this is a better idea thatn the spacers. Hopefully the unit doesnt fail and void my warranty….

      • +1

        I recommend spacer plate with longer screws. Spacer screws will introduce horizontal shear and the depth that the screws go, that isn't a good thing…

        Dremel seams like the sane choice. If gasket fails, surely they can't argue its because you shaved a few mm off the plate

        • If you have a dremel, you probably have a saw. A better alternative to those TV wall mount spacers is to simply cut a square piece of plywood to fit in the recess. Just cut the corners off for the screws. That way you have a large contact area along with a filled recess.

  • For all you monitor arm gurus out there….

    I have an Ultrawide non gaming monitor and a 144hz 1080P gaming monitor.

    is there any arms that will allow me to say mount both vertically but swap their positions so If i am gaming i want the 144hz at the botom and if im doing other stuff I want the ultrawide at bottom… right now I am just changing my seat….

    • +1

      You might want to have a look at the H180 - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0714DN1QH?ref=myi_title_dp
      This is new to the range and may help depending upon the size of your screens.

      • Can i swap the position of the monitors? like top to botom and bottom to top?

        • It seems you can, but it's not something you'd do every day

  • +4


    In case someone has to go through the headache of buying longer screws and spacers which are less sturdy.

    • +8

      Thanks. We actually put that in the specs this time to try and help. The new H Series Mounts don't have this issue and also provide higher lift and some other plusses.
      If there was enough interest we could offer a special on them as well. Let us know.

      • +2

        I would be interested in the H180!

      • Yes h180 please. I'm buying.

      • +1

        Would be great to see a deal for the H80

      • Interested. approx how much would H80 be after discount?

        • +4

          H80 - $34.37
          H160 - $59.96
          H100 - $51.96
          H180 - $76.76
          All plus shipping if applicable.

      • I would be interested in the H80, too.

        • +1

          On special tomorrow on Amazon. Should go live just after midnight.

      • +1

        What are the main differences between the F and Hs?

    • +2

      Thanks for posting that picture, I think it might actually fit the Dell S2721D recessed area as it's 122mm x 122mm which looks larger than your monitors recess.

      It would be icing on the cake if you could measure the recess :)

      • +2

        I am using it on the S2721D, it fits perfectly. Just need to remove the screws that is on the monitors to mount it.
        I bought 1 from Amazon and one from Screenmounts direct. Both was pleasant, oddly Amazon order did not have the Cling wrap on it, might be a return not sure.
        The tilt angle can be hard to get perfect, just need to use the Allen key and lock it place. It is about 15cm distant from the wall, might be able to get it 1cm closer.
        That's about it. Was going to get the f100a, but could not see the difference vs f80. I did not need the usb ports or in white.I have the two mounted in a tiny table 75x75cm ikea table. My unit is tiny so this is the best fit. Also tested on old Acer monitor and P2317 was easy to mount.

        • Thanks, great news - Dell S2721D owner's do not need a spacer kit.

        • I have a 2417 which I plan to use the monitor mount but would prefer to use the S2721D stand-alone. Would you happen to know if the existing P2317 stand fits on the s2721D?

          • @cheapbloke: 2417 stand should fit for the 2721d. The measurements are 12x12cm give or take. The small recess is also the same size.

      • Not my pic but I also have a 27" LG monitor which is the same size as the pic. It's 121mm.

        • Thanks - I wonder if it's the rounded edges causing the need for a spacer kit. I measured the S2721D which above was confirmed to with with the F80 as 122mm, but with straight edges.

        • haha that's mine. Posted as a review last month as I could not understand why it wasn't fitting

    • wow we have the same monitor. thanks for this!

    • I unfortunately learnt this the hard way and broke a monitor a while ago :(

  • These have been great for me, have 5 all mounting a range of 27" monitors.

  • I know it probably wont fit either of my recessed monitors, but hopefully will be able to file it down.

  • Has anyone tried to mount this on the new Dell S2721DGF monitor?

    • +2

      I have the double and it fits no issues, so it will fit on the single.

      • Thanks mate, no modifications required and no concerns with weight?

  • Can I mix and match for my 2x24 and 1x32 screen, or should I just get 3 of the F100A mounts?

    Screens currently sit on little glass tables, this could make it look a little cleaner.

    • +1

      Depends on how you want them positioned.
      If you want the 2 x 24" together and the 32" off to one side, you could use the H160 or F160 for them and the H100 or F100A, which is on special tomorrow, for that one.
      If you want the 32" in the middle, then go for two of the F80 and one F100A, all of which are on special tomorrow on Amazon Prime Day.
      Hope this helps.

      • Great thanks, I have the 32 in the middle, so 2xF80 and 1xF100A will work just fine :)

  • I love these. Have one for my laptop (had to buy a separate tray), and one for my screen. Highly recommended!

  • I have 3 monitors, so will need 1x dual arm + 1x single arm.
    Hopefully OP can get some deals for dual arm models.

  • How are these if your desk is up against the wall? :)

    • +3

      If you can move the desk out a bit for installation, the clamp bracket is only about 5mm thick and the arms go back against the wall.
      If you can't move the desk, then your only option would be to drill a hole and use the grommet mount kit included with these mounts.
      Hope that helps.

    • You will need to move the desk 15cm away or push the arm up close to the wall, which means the screen will be closer to you. If your table is around >90cm in width it should theoretically work.

  • Anyone know if this will work with the Dell S2721DGF? (heard there's possible issues with being recessed?)

  • I ordered from these guys last week and they were very quick and efficient. Delivered to house the day after it was processed and posted. Paid $49 inc postage

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