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Some more freebies to give you some inspiration for cooking and possibly some weight loss. All books are highly rated and free at the time of posting.

The Effective Weight Loss: A Science-based Approach for Long-term Weight Loss: https://www.amazon.com.au/Effective-Weight-Loss-Science-base...

50 Top Ketogenic Recipes: Quick and Easy Keto Diet Recipes for Weight Loss and Optimum Health: https://www.amazon.com.au/50-Top-Ketogenic-Recipes-Optimum-e...

Healthy Keto: Prevention Healing Kitchen Free 10-Recipe Sampler: https://www.amazon.com.au/Healthy-Keto-Prevention-Plant-Base...

US Links:

Eat Fat to Lose Fat: The Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet Plus 101 Delicious Recipes: https://www.amazon.com/Eat-Fat-Lose-Ketogenic-Delicious-eboo...

The Effective Weight Loss: A Science-based Approach for Long-term Weight Loss: https://www.amazon.com/Effective-Weight-Loss-Science-based-L...

50 Top Ketogenic Recipes: Quick and Easy Keto Diet Recipes for Weight Loss and Optimum Health: https://www.amazon.com/50-Top-Ketogenic-Recipes-Optimum-eboo...

Healthy Keto: Prevention Healing Kitchen Free 10-Recipe Sampler: https://www.amazon.com/Healthy-Keto-Prevention-Plant-Based-L...


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  • +3 votes

    Yes! KFC even healthier then before.

    Ahhh who am I kidding.

    cries into a bucket of KFC


      but how to i gain more weight and girth efficiently?

      i know how to lose weight and it's somewhat easy for me

      • +1 vote

        You need to consume more calories than you burn. Work out where that is.

      • +2 votes

        Usually any drive through can assist.

        All you need is:

        High yield investment

        It's that simple.


      KFC has breading = carbs :(

  • +3 votes

    Or just eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes? Eat real whole foods and be active its pretty bloody easy

    • +4 votes

      Keto is all about wholefoods, just not the ones packed with sugar.

      • +3 votes

        Or carbs that turn into sugar, like whole grains and legumes and so on

        • +4 votes

          Exactly - all digestible carbs turn into glucose (sugar) in the body. Not to mention all the chemicals in vegetables that actively inhibit the absorption of nutrients.

          When you eat sugar, your body gets good at storing fat.

          When you eat fat, your body gets good at burning fat.

          • +4 votes

            @mrtony: When you eat too much food, your body stores fat. It doesn’t matter what type of food.

            • +3 votes

              @Jace81: Untrue, as Dr Robert Lustig would tell you "A calorie is not a calorie".


              Some macro nutrients can lead to damage metabolically overtime (chronic metabolic diseases).


              @Jace81: Have you ever drank a full bottle of cream in one go? No, the thought of it is sickening. That’s because your gut/mind connection tells you that you’ve had enough fat, and to stop.

              There is no gut/mind connection with carbs, so you will overeat carbs - gauranteed, every time. Rice, chips, bread, that’s why you say “I can’t stop eating?!”. Then your body produces insulin, you get an insulin spike and crash. Your body craves more carbs (a few hours ago you just ate so much you had to loosen the belt, “how am I so hungry again?!”). All the extra energy is stored as fat in the body. You become obese.

              None of the above happens on keto. No insulin spike, no craving, no carb crash. Just stable mental and physical function. Your body tells you when you’ve had enough calories.

              I never count calories and always eat until I’m full.


        Does keto allow legumes, pulses and other resistant starches?

        • +3 votes

          Peanuts are a legume and a staple of a keto/low carb diet. Low starch vegetables like broccoli, capsicum, celery and many others are great. Even medium starch vegetables like carrots have only 9g carbs per 100g and can easily be fit into many keto meals. I'm able to even have potatoes or a slice (on average) of my own baked bread daily and still be 'low carb'.

          Pulses/beans that are high in starch are a no-no. Those foods give me gas anyway (apart from hummus), so I really don't like those anyway.

          I'm not keto, but I am low carb and have had excellent results both in terms of physical conditioning and overall health. Before 2021 for decades I would have been described as being anti-keto (my father is one of those carbs is the devil people and I couldn't stand his belittling of others foods even if they were healthy), but I decided to give it a bit of a go this year and for me the results really speak for themselves. I can't see myself going back to having most my calories from carbs. I'm not anti-carb but I am anti-sugar.

    • +4 votes

      Eat less kJ, burn more kJ.
      It's not rocket science.


        Insulin for instance is a well known and studied hormone. It and others make you unable to burn more kj than you eat, if all you eat is crap.


          It’s impossible to not burn fat if you are in a caloric deficit.. no matter what “studies” say.


            @Jace81: If you are in a caloric deficit and can maintain that without having adverse affects due to hypoglycemia then that's fine, you're a healthy person and can go periods of time without food because you're burning your own fat for fuel. That's actually what keto and intermittent fasting is about.

            Many people, particularly obese, diabetic or older people can not. They require to change to a low carb diet to actually burn the fat as their bodies will just start ramping up hormones to make them feel really bad, to the point they may even faint, if they don't keep shoveling in a lot of carbs.

            Can I just say that it doesn't help your argument that you are going to actually voice an argument with science - "I don't care what the 'studies' say" really isn't a good look or going to win people over.


              @studentl0an: Yes or atleast your interpretation.

              What you are talking about is people with a disorder. Regardless of the disorder all weight loss occurs from a caloric deficit it’s impossible not to lose weight if you starved yourself of food energy…your studies can’t and would be moronic to deny thermodynamics.

              A regular person using Keto to lose weight is not necessary and carbohydrates are not inherently bad.
              In fact, eating more fat is counter productive for weight loss as it is calorically more dense, that being fats having 9 cals per grams vs 4 cals in protein and carbs. Meaning hunger hormones are more likely to cause binge eating.

              It’s not carbohydrates that make people fat! It’s the amount of food they consume. Typically it’s the combination of fats and carbohydrates because of poor knowledge that is the problem.

              I’m certain your studies are flawed, and there are many that refute it. You can cite studies on just about any argument doesn’t make it a universal truth, it can even be misinterpreted data starting with the end result desired being the reason the study was even attempted.

              All weight loss is a result of caloric deficit, when you start a keto diet, and immediately restrict your foods, it’s that restriction that results in weight loss, not the type of food.


                @Jace81: I can see we won't agree on the science behind if a calorie of sugar is the same as a calorie of fat when it comes to metabolism or fat storage.

                I'm just glad that after 30 years I changed from having your view, to the view I have now in the last few months - as it's had a significant impact on increasing my health and my outlook on life. It took many scientific studies before I changed my mind.

                Your view, my old view, resulted in the obesity/diabetes/metabolic syndrome epidemic we have today. We're all free to chose what scientific studies we follow. I'm just really glad I finally changed my mind after many decades as I know I'll live longer and be happier for doing so.

                I know I won't change your mind, that's fine. My advice to others is to keep an open mind, and do research on both arguments.


                  @studentl0an: lol the science, christ… the science is as i have stated it, you are misguided.

                  Yea they aren't the same, fats require LESS energy to convert to fat than carbs, so carbs are more thermogenic, meaning you burn more energy simply eating carbohydrates than you will eating fats, and you will be more satiated.

                  Do you weigh your foods? Do you consider chips to a fatty food or a carbohydrate food, and why would you avoid them?

                  • +4 votes

                    @Jace81: It seems like you're getting quite emotional about this and very keen to throw away the science that doesn't agree with your view. I was emotional and anti-keto too for decades when I was on a high carb diet.

                    A lower carb diet can help with that :)

                    All the best and all the happiness and health to you.

                    For other's who would like to learn something new, this was the first of many lectures by professors which got me to change my diet and increase my health/happiness after 30+ years of being anti keto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxyxcTZccsE

                • -2 votes

                  @studentl0an: A calorie is a calorie no matter what source it comes from. The difference is what happens before it is turned into energy.

                  Carbs are not bad, the issue people have is that they can't differentiate between what is a processed carb which gives very little benefit vs a non processed carb which provides things like fibre as well as energy to your body.

                  Without carbs your body requires to use protein and fat for energy which removes these from doing what they are supposed to do like repairing muscle and protecting organs.

                  The wrong fats are as bad for you as processed carbs. Its all about eating the right mix of food that will help your body function.

                  The reason a lot of people lose weight going off carbs is because carbs are easier to over eat.

                  • +2 votes

                    @jacobb: "A calorie is a calorie no matter what source it comes from." <<< Can't be further from the truth.
                    100 cal of sugar spike your insulin and shut down fat burning process. 100 cal of fat does not.



                      100 cal of sugar spike your insulin and shut down fat burning process

                      This only matters if you are already eating too many kJ overall. Eat less kJ than you body requires and you will lose weight. That is a fact.

                      • +2 votes

                        @1st-Amendment: Please stop saying it's a fact, because we now know that it's not the case and that our old knowledge was wrong.

                        If all you eat is sugar and are under your caloric intake - you'll die due to lack of nutrients with a fat body because you won't create the hormones needed to burn fat for fuel as sugar prevents synthesis of those hormones from happening.

                        Recent science disproves your view (my old view) and I posted a lecture by a nutrition professor who goes into detail why I/we/you were wrong for decades about calories and how that view caused the obesity/diabetes/cancer epidemic we have today. That archaic view is causing people significant harm and decreases their ability to get happier and healthier. It's not helpful that you keep saying "it's a fact" over and over when it's not.

                        A calorie is measured by burning the 'food' in a furnace and measuring the heat the literal burning item provides. There are many foods, such as indigestible fiber that have calories but provide no fuel for the body. Our bodies are not a furnace.

                        If you want to continue saying that a calorie is a calorie then watch this video and come up with rebuttals to the arguments presented: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxyxcTZccsE



                          If all you eat is sugar and are under your caloric intake - you'll die due to lack of nutrients with a fat body

                          Fat is your body's way of storing surplus energy supplies. If you starve yourself your body with consume the fat first making you less fat in the process.
                          Eat too much kJ you get fat, eat too little and you will lose weight. It's not rocket science.
                          There's an easy test for this. Try Christian Bale's one can of tuna and one apple diet for three months and see what happens. I will bet you my house that you lose weight.

                          • +1 vote

                            @1st-Amendment: I really recommend that you watch the video. It's very well presented and contains a lot of bleeding edge scientific knowledge that refutes the knowledge of the past which you seem very stuck in.

                            You'll learn something new and increase the quality of your life doing so. You owe it to yourself to be happier, healthier and live longer. It will also help bring a lot of peace to your life which you might not even know you needed until you actually get it.

                            I wish you all the best. Happiness, health and peace to you.


                      @yatyathing: 100 calories is 100 calories. As I said the difference is what happens before it is turned into energy. You are talking about sugar and I spoke about carbs as a whole. Refined carbs can spike insulin and cause issues with losing weight but carbs with fibre can actually help control insulin levels and help lose weight.

                      • +2 votes

                        @jacobb: Sorry but you're wrong..

                        Sugar IS a Carb - all carbs turn into glucose (sugar) in the blood, regardless of how "refined" they are. The process just takes longer, but the end result is the same - glucose.

                        Fibre is simply a carb humans cannot digest.

                        Humans do not need to consume indigestible carbs - you can't digest them! They provide no nutritional value.

                        Think about the word "fibre" and where else we use it. Eg. "wood fibre"

                        Wood is also a carbohydrate, but the human digestive system lacks the ability to break down the wood fibres and convert them into glucose.

                        Re: the cancer point, interestingly, some cancers/tumours can only derive their energy source from glucose - many trials around the world are taking place to starve tumours of glucose using keto - no carbs, no glucose, no cancer

                      • +1 vote

                        @jacobb: Do not change subject, you said:
                        "A calorie is a calorie no matter what source it comes from."
                        I proved you wrong as it does matter. You can workout until you faint but you are not going to burn any fat if insulin stays high.

                        Insulin counter-regulate glucagon, which is a fat burning hormone.

                        Its all about hormonal balance, your body does not count calories. It can up regulate metabolism if you eat more and vice versa.

      • +2 votes

        Ignorant comment. Not every calorie is the same.

        • +1 vote

          Well it depends on your goals, if it’s to lose weight then yes you can lose weight eating nothing but chocolate. Will your hormones drive you crazy? Most likely.

          Is your goal to lose fat whilst building muscle, then yea you need to consume calories from leaner protein and carbohydrates. It would be counter productive to eat fats as they are calorically dense which means you cant eat as much of them causing the problem in my first paragraph, hunger hormones.

          • +2 votes

            @Jace81: No you actually can't lose weight properly eating "nothing but chocolate".. I mean like yeah if you ate 2 pieces but like a 100 calorie deficit doesn't work if your insulin is spiked to where it is literally impossible for the fat stored in your fat cells to be released due to the insulin.

            Like of course different peoples metabolism is different and depends on how insulin resistant you are and whatever but the adage of just "calories in calories out" is more than debunked with our improved understanding of macros and does nothing but disuade people or make them feel like its their fault they're not losing weight even though they are following this.

            • +1 vote

              @deelaroo: lol "properly" …

              100 calories,.. well the deficit isnt large enough anyway. i mean if you ate 100 calories less a day for like a year you might lose a couple kilo if you were super strict but no that is not going to be effective…

              God the ignorance is astonishing. No one has "Debunked" anything, the only reason you lose weight when you stop eating carbs is because of calorie restriction, nothing more.

              Do you weigh your foods?

            • +1 vote


              No you actually can't lose weight properly eating "nothing but chocolate".. I mean like yeah if you ate 2 pieces

              So you can then…

  • +8 votes

    I also like the sequel: "Drinking to get Sober"


      I've been on this program for years, I've still got a way to go though.

  • +1 vote

    Keto isn't going to lose you any weight if you ignore kcal.


      how to best measure kcal?


        Get a good set of food scales and an app like calorie king, my fitness pal, my diet diary.

        There are sites that if you put on your height weight age it will give you an estimate of how many calories to consume. Reduce by increments of 100 calories per week until you are losing about 500 grams per week. Don’t crash diet. The book burn the fat feed the muscle is a good one if not a heavy read.

      • +1 vote

        Most things have good kcal per 100g written on them. If not then its done via weight:

        4kcal per gram of carb
        5kcal per gram of protein
        8-9kcal per gram of fat

        Those three things comprise all food kcal. We can't digest anything else, like polysaccharides. Interestingly, if you've heard of mono and disaccharides, those are the number of chains. So sugars being usually mono or di, glucose, fructose, galactose etc, the 'ose' ending is also on celluose, which is found in plants.

        That means animals that can break down celluose, like cows, are staring at fields and fields of sugar. I kinda want to live like a cow now, eating fairy floss all day and not giving a single (profanity)

    • -2 votes

      It absolutely will as not all calories are the same.

      If you consume all carbs/sugar and spike insuling and then lock ability to burn stored fat doesn't matter what your deficit is you can still hold onto fat. If you consume more than your "required" calories in fat on a keto diet you just poo it out your body can't store fat as body fat.


        They are all the same, it will cause weight loss because of the caloric restriction not the type of food restricted. If you are eating the same thing every day, meat and a piece of bread, and you remove the bread and leave the meat, what have you done? If you removed the meat, the same result would occur. The problem is people enter diets blindly, they have no idea what they are eating, they don’t weigh their foods, they don’t track their foods and when they don’t get results they give up, understandably so… if you eat calorie dense foods like pasta and rice many times a week, you’ll get fat because it’s calorically dense, not because they are carbs.

        what are you gonna do? Never eat breads pasta or chips ever again? Lol


          Your comment just shows that you have no understanding of carbs and affects on insulin or how insulin literally locks stored fat from being used. I am not sure why you would comment without a basic understanding of the comment because otherwise you just look stupid spouting the same garbage "calories in calories out its that simple".


            @deelaroo: That is only partially correct. The increase in insulin does stop the body from burning fat storage but that is because it is trying to burn the carbs first. Once the carbs either get used for energy or start the process of being turned to fat your body will go back to using fat for energy.

            On a simplistic level calories in vs calories out is a way to look at weight loss the biggest issue is people don't understand how the body works.

            Not all carbs are equal, something like refined sugar spikes the insulin level in your body and will prevent fat being used however things like wholegrains do not spike insulin in the same way and are released through your body slower. While still being used first for energy it doesn't stop fat moving into your muscles.

        • +1 vote

          what are you gonna do? Never eat breads pasta or chips ever again? Lol

          Maybe. I wish badly had never been introduced to these foods that essentially serve no essential purpose in human nutrition. Of the three main macros carbs are the only one that nothing in our body requires and we could all stop consuming today with no negative impact.

          • -1 vote

            @deelaroo: lol simply false.


            @deelaroo: So true - carbs turn into glucose (sugar), and literally have no nutritional value in our body.

            I also wish I’d never been introduced to carbs, but all we can do is break the cycle 👍

      • +1 vote

        I think you need to learn more about the body if you think fat isn't stored as body fat. Fat takes a different process to carbs but still ends up as energy and excess energy is stored as fat for later consumption.


        Sugars are a carbohydrate. And kcal is a unit of energy; it is all the same. Your understanding of insulin and fat is deeply flawed.. if you eat more food energy than you need per day, the excess is stored as fat.

        And in reverse, there is no mechanism for which a kcal deficit blocks fat release.


      try and eat 3 ribeyes in butter. bet you can't eat them and get close to a calorie surplus.


        I've been obese and skinny. So I can most certainly fathom consuming an excess. But I hesitate to treat food as entertainment anymore

  • +1 vote

    Keto is basically for people who don't exercise much and have no willpower when it comes to dealing with feeling hungry, as it makes you feel fuller. I know this because I used to be like that and I spent 6 months doing keto to lose about 1 kg a week. After a while I felt quite listless and went back to a normal healthy diet with moderate exercise and carried on losing weight while feeling much better.

    • +6 votes

      I’m into my 4th year of keto/ZC. I exercise a lot and often do it fasted.

      On an average week I:
      - cycle 2x 3hours.
      - Run 3x10km.
      - CrossFit 4-5 times.

      Took me a while to adapt at first, but now my performance is stronger than ever. Some people can perform very very well on a ketogenic diet.

      • -1 vote

        Imagine how well you’d perform if you had carbohydrates to support energy production allowing proteins, to support tissue repair, instead of filling the deficit left by not eating carbs.

        • +3 votes

          I eat carbs and within a few minutes I lose control of my appetite. I eat carbs and I put on fat. I'd love nothing more than to eat ice cream pasta and lollies because they all taste nice, but I know myself and I know I can't.

          After being in ketosis for so long I've also realised how much I hate being out of it. My nose blocks up, I feel lethargic and I don't sleep well.

          What's wrong with glucogenesis for my carbohydrate needs?

          • +1 vote

            @ChickenTalon: Go look at the ice cream label, its not sugar that is the issue.

            i'm not saying you should eat crap, but are you really going to die oon the hill that a potato or a banana is what is making people fat? its about better choices. the foods that cause weight gain tend to be higher in carbs and fat, making them very high in calories and highly palatable, which yes in turn makes it hard to control what you eat. i agree that processed sugars should be eliminated from a diet, but it is not that alone which causes the issue.

            • +3 votes

              @Jace81: A potato or banana would kick me out of ketosis and I'd lose control over my appetite. That's the problem. I'd love to eat heaps of fruit and veggies but I simply can't and maintain a healthy weight. I dearly miss eating a big fruit salad on a hot summer afternoon. Believe me, I've previously tried many times to simply "eat less" before discovering keto through my scientist friends. It's the only thing that gives me back control over what I put in my mouth.

              If you can eat carbs and stay healthy then great, go for it, but I can't. I'm not all vegan about avoiding carbs. But ketogenic eating clearly works for some people, me included.

              • +1 vote

                @ChickenTalon: Great stuff there, working out how the body works 👍

                Insulin spikes due to carb intake causes the exact same problems for me - insatiable desire for more carbs, mental cloudiness, lethargy, irritability, carb high/crash.. it is horrible.

                I usually fast the day after and am keen to return to ketosis ASAP..!

          • +1 vote

            @ChickenTalon: Hey mate, how do I start? I understand the science Paul Mason / Brukner but don’t know where to start on the diet. Cant do steaks every day!…..

            Did you have a guide on food prep - what do you typically eat?

            • +1 vote

              @Mdaddy: I started with the scientific literature (I'm a biostatistician), which may not be for everyone as it's very difficult to read scientific journal articles without training. After that I used the reddit group keotaustralia and the website ruled.me (don't signup to their "plan" or anyone's keto plan) for the practical application; ideas on what to eat, how to make keto things and the common traps (hidden sugars and sweeteners to avoid).

              My advice would be to take it really easy at the start, keep it simple at the beginning with meat and very low carb veggies. You can go overboard with meal plans and keto versions of everything, some of them are fun, others a distraction. Some things like Smart Bars are good ways to transition away from sugar if you have a sweet tooth, but they can also get addictive too.

              Retraining (we are born with the ability to switch seamlessly in and out of ketosis in childhood) your body's metabolic state is a pretty big thing if you've not been in ketosis for decades. I personally wouldn't worry too much about losing weight initially, eat as much as you like and get comfortable being in ketosis. The weight loss will come as your appetite naturally reduces.

              FB group Keto for beginners Australia I also found good at the start.

            • +1 vote

              @Mdaddy: "Steaks every day" is the carnivore diet, which is the next phase of keto. And really, it's not even steaks, it's more about eating nose to tail (particularly liver, which is the most nutrient dense food on the planet), and drawing nutrients out of bones (by heating them in water with a bit of acid/vinegar - not boiling, because the high heat from boiling actually destroys the vitamins/nutrients) - but that's another conversation! :D

              Diet Doctor and Low Carb Down Under are also great places to start.

    • +4 votes

      Whats wrong with it being a great tool to lose weight for people who do lack willpower? You even agreed it works… 1kg a week thats great most diets or programs couldn't dream of that. Even doing like P90X and its diet, all training etc I would of struggled to lose 1kg a week. Sit on my ass and lose 1kg eating bacon? Jesus why try badmouth that?

      It works, 100% and every overweight and type 2 diabetic person should be encouraged to go low carb/keto by their doctors. Instead they are told the opposite and problems continue.


        The problem is when they get to their desired weight they have learnt nothing, and yo-yo dieting messes up hormones and will make you fatter in the long term.


          What hormones?

          • +1 vote

            @deelaroo: Grehlin, leptin and insulin.

            People have a certain amount of fat cells and they like to stay “filled” around the same point by fat, once you start going below that “set point”, grehlin will mess with your head making u want to eat. That’s why people binge eat, and why very obese people might complain that they don’t feel hungry at all.


        I didn't say it was wrong. It is a very effective tool at kick-starting weight loss, but it is not a long term solution for most people. The body needs some carbs for muscle repair, nervous system function etc, so to cut them out completely is not healthy long-term.

        The bottom line is that to lose 1kg a week you need to have around a 1000kcal deficit every day and that's hard without doing exercise. And that goes back to my earlier statement that it's about willpower. Once you get used to feeling hungry (after a week), appetite control comes back. People get fat because they eat too many calories and too much sugar compared to what they burn. To lose weight you need a lifestyle change, not a diet.


        It works, 100%

        Agree with the science behind it
        Agree it should work 100%

        But it doesn't work 100%

        Tried it in the past for four weeks
        Checked my insulin levels prior
        Did not cheat
        At the end of four weeks put on two kilos!
        Can't figure out why /how
        Sadly did not work for me :(

        • +1 vote

          Never heard of this. Did you check your ketones at any point? One of the big traps is hidden carbs, sugar is in almost everything nowadays. This can trick people into thinking they’re eating low carb, but they’re not.


            @ChickenTalon: Spot on - also, weight is not the greatest indicator of health!

            Were you going to the gym in those 4 weeks? Muscle weighs more than fat, so you could have lost size but gained muscle.



              Were you going to the gym in those 4 weeks? Muscle weighs more than fat, so you could have lost size but gained muscle

              just my regular 45 min walks 5 times a week



            Did you check your ketones at any point?

            yes at multiple points- definitely in ketosis after the first couple of days

            One of the big traps is hidden carbs, sugar is in almost everything nowadays.This can trick people into thinking they’re eating low carb, but they’re not.

            they were home cooked meals following a keto meal plan, ensuring low net carbs. Everything was measured using kitchen scales. If the recipe called for 150gm of salmon for example, I might have used a fillet having 170gm but I doubt that the extra 20gm would have contained hidden sugars.

            At the start I did calculate my macros, and we ensured my net carbs would ensure a weight loss of 0.5-1 kilo a week

            At the end my GP was surprised and said perhaps keto was not for everyone. He even checked my insulin levels to ensure that I was not insulin resistant

            the only thing was even at week 4 I never felt satiated by the meals; the advice was stop eating when I would feel full; perhaps the meals were just too yum. Would love to go back to keto but can't afford the weight gain lol. Happy to share the meal plans with you, to see if you can find hidden carbs


              @docians: Going to be near impossible to get an accurate diagnosis on an Internet forum :D

              Best bet would be to check out and visit one of the specialised GP's listed on Low Carb Down Under..

              • +1 vote

                @mrtony: thanks mr tony
                although looking at the discussion here, I thought everyone was an expert :)


                  @docians: There is some great general advice here, but only a 1:1 session with a medical professional will find out the true root cause of your unique situation :D



                    but only a 1:1 session with a medical professional will find out the true root cause of your unique situation :D

                    and what I said earlier

                    At the end my GP was surprised and said perhaps keto was not for everyone. He even checked my insulin levels to ensure that I was not insulin resistant

                    Been there done that :)
                    unless my GP is a quack

                    Basically said that just as some skinny people can eat anything and not put on weight I was at the other extreme and keto was not for me

                    tried again yesterday ate only chicken and cheese all day
                    chicken was cooked in ghee,and the marinade had 1gm carbs per 100ml
                    net carbs <50
                    checked weight today
                    increased half a kilo!
                    should have listened to my medical professional- keto doesn't work for everyone :)


                      @docians: Yea nah - there's a list of GP's on low carb down under that are specialised in the latest research. Your regular "GP on the block" won't know and/or care about diet that much. Most GP's haven't even had any nutritional training - let alone keep up the latest science! (for any topic actually, let alone keto. Once they have the qualifications, the obligation to keep their knowledge up to date is low.)

                      From your last sentence though, doing keto for one day is hardly enough time to start noticing a true weight change.

                      Do you know food can sit in your gut for days? The half a kilo increase is easily accounted for by the type of food you've been eating in the last 1-2 days, plus the weight of your wee, clothes, etc. Instant noodles are the worst - they are terrible for your gut and sit in your intestines fermenting for days!!

  • +3 votes

    Great deal - thanks!

    I’ve been keto for a few years now and it changed my life. During COVID I resorted to carbs and my mental and physical health went downhill fast - am back on and feeling great again!

    It occurred to me that the entire breakfast/lunch/dinner routine is based around the body’s insulin spike/crash cycle of about 4 hours - with snacks in between. People eat a whole bunch of carbs at each meal - and the next craving for more carbs happens at those intervals!

    On keto I eat 1 or 2 meals a day to the point of being full, without measuring or counting anything, and only short feelings of hunger which disappear in 5-10 minutes (or I drink a cup of bone broth).

    I hope everyone can find a path to keto too! 👍


    Thank you OP