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Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 (after $400 Trade-in and Stackable $200 & $50 Discounts) @ Samsung Store


$400 Trade-in & Stackable $200 & $50 Discount on Galaxy S21 Series ( S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 @ Samsung Store

Price has dropped $150+ from this deal - ask a live chat agent (https://chatbot.samsungcs-au.com/) for a $200 discount voucher and use the $50 newsletter sign-up voucher.

After coupon discounts should come to:


128GB $449
256GB $549


128GB $649
256GB $749

S21 Ultra:

128GB $949
256GB $1049
512GB $1249


Case & Tempered Glass Option

zillkin case

spigen case

spigen 2 pack tempered glass

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

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    • just recieved my phone today

    • Ordered on Thu 13 May at 10.24 AM, express delivery on 14 May around 11 PM. Within 24 hours after placing an order.

      • They deliver at night?!

        Really hope they don't drop and run without a signature!

        • +1

          Honest mistake mate, I mean 11 AM!

  • Got delivered already this morning.

  • +1

    Let's see who is the first to see if we get charged $400 for not returning our phones 😲

    • +2

      Suspect if they do this it will be a coordinated effort due to a larger portion of phones not being returned during the trade up promo period. Hopefully they won't.

      If so, we should be quite unified in our responses, especially referencing the chat message further back that clearly identified contrasting information to the deal T&C's.

      Personally, my CC used to buy this deal expires 06/21, so they will get the trade-up phone value from me but definitely not the promo amount back (assuming they won't be quick enough given different vendors).

      I plan to say the phone was damaged / stolen in the period between requesting trade up and receiving notification to return, and on quering the chat line I was informed that the voucher would remain if the phone wasn't returned (entirely true, I dropped my Note 9 on the weekend).

      • +2

        It will be funny to see Samsung receiving the same queries from 10,000 people.

        • +1

          Really hope people aren't emailing Samsung asking them if the voucher will be removed, best to assume it won't given to do so they would need you to re-provide CC info.

          • +2

            @thedean: It's essentially the equivalent of asking the teacher if there's a quiz even when the teacher forgot. Let's just hope that a huge bulk of people don't all ask at the same time to not arouse suspicion.

      • Actually, I don't think the returned phone has any value

  • Tried to get a $200 voucher with online chat right now. No joy :( Says expired 14/5/21

    • +1

      Just keep trying different agents.

  • -1

    Has anyone received any email reply from Asurion, wanting to get hold of an email confirmation (as others have) that the $400 will not be charged. Been 3 days and no reply.

    • +3

      Wouldn't suggest emailing them about the voucher discount, as a 3rd party they would have nothing to do with the $400 bonus, the T&C of the trade up app clearly define that they would only debit the trade up value if not returned.

      Any debiting of the $400 bonus will be done by Samsung, and I wouldn't be asking them about it because that sort of ticket is likely to go for higher approval which might make a manager pay more attention to this situation.

      EDIT - from my experience working in customer support the reversal of a voucher is going to be a manual process that would need to be kicked off by someone higher up, no way they have a build in process to do that given that would require storing your CC information beyond the initial transaction (pretty sure they don't do this).

      • +1

        Thanks for that mate.

        I framed my question in a way that didn't specifically mention about that $400, but merely asking how much I would be charged given the $95 value of my phone now reduced to $0.

        • +3

          Clever, I took a screenshot of the trade up page that cleanly stated the amount I would be charged by Asurion if the phone was not returned, any more specifically from Asurion could be considered theft AFAIK.

          • @thedean: Good suggestion, should've done that too!

            Given that no one (apart from one member who seems to be not credible) has been charged for the bonus, I think we are more likely to be fine. Having some written confirmation is a bonus.

  • +3

    Failure to return the old device will charge all the total credits that you have received when you traded in.

    just had a chat with agent who replied above line.

    second attempt :

    Thanks for waiting ****. If you were not able to return the old device, I believe you'll be only get charged with the trade in value of your Galaxy S7. However, our Support team suggest that you send an email to our Trade up department at [email protected].

    will email them now and shall update.

    • +1

      Please post here once you receive the response. Would be good to know.

      • I'm curious to hear back from @hopper too.

  • +8

    Just got a $200 voucher, so Samsung is indeed still handing them out.

    How I did it:
    1. Go to https://chatbot.samsungcs-au.com/?source=dotcom
    2. Select the "mobile device", and then enter first name, last name and email (don't need to enter phone number, model etc.), agree to privacy policy, and press start
    3. When the Chatbot Agent appears, enter "loyalty voucher" as your query
    4. The bot will ask you something like "Was your query about getting a loyalty voucher or discount for a new phone?" Select yes as the reply.

    I think my queue bugged out so I ended up being connected to two support agents concurrently (Monica and Van), and I messaged both of them saying "I'm looking to get a new S21, as my old S8 has a cracked screen. My understanding is that there is a $200 loyalty code available?"

    I ended up closing communication off with Monica, and Van sent me a $200 code, but both seemed more than willing to send a code.

    Btw I asked Van if I could use the code at a physical Samsung store, but no dice. He also told me that the voucher would be valid for 7 days

    Hope this helps someone out :)

    • Just got mine by doing this! Thanks so much

  • thanks OP, got S21+ for my s10 at 494

    • +1

      nice price.

      • Agreed cant complain haha.

        • may i know if you are planning to return S10? how much credit was offered for your device?

          • @hopper: $155, and it's in good working order but i may As-well return it, not going to use it (live alone, why need two?) and i cbf selling third party

            i'll make sure to transfer across everything first (receive new phone, then do w/e that transfer thing is right)

  • Has there been an OzBargain more popular than this in the past judging from the number of clicks?
    How many phones does Samsung have in stock, it's not even a week yet and still there is 10 more days to go? I'm sure they're already onto this by now.

  • So has anyone received postage label to send old phone off?

    • got the email with eparcel attachment. just take the phone to post office and they will provide the bag with free of cost.

      • how long did it take for you to receive that?

        • Got the phone today at 11am, return email at 12.20pm

          • @hopper: i did not get return email yet.. been few days for phone. who did you receive the email from?
            update - on some investigation, i did get the return email but that one goes to the email used on the old samsung device. so if anyone has not received it. look out for it.

  • I purchased the s21 using the last trade-up deal.
    I tried using this deal to trade it in for an s21+ , But for some reason, the s21 isn't supported on the trade-up app which is stupid.
    Does anyone know a workaround?

  • One of my family members is currently using a S9 and I could use that for the trade-in (without sending it in). Will this lock the phone or have any negative impact?

    • +2

      No locks or other impact other than possible negativity to your moral code for not sending in phone and gaming the system which is already a fantastic genuine deal. But I'm not here to judge.

      • +3

        I don't see how it hurts Samsung if you don't send the old phone. They just want more revenue, and a sale with a $400 discount is better than no sale at all.
        They just put in enough hoops that people who were willing to pay full price still mostly do so.
        We refund Asurion, and they didn't care about ripping us off with lowball offers.

  • +1

    Has anybody had a phone dispatched today for weekend orders?

    • Ordered yesterday, still 'preparing dispatch'. Expected delivery time is also for yesterday. Orders page on the website doesn't seem to work half the time. It's a pretty shocking order system considering the size of the company but I cant really complain considering the $600 discount.

      • Just got dispatched sms. Arriving tomorrow :)

    • I ordered a S21 yesterday, shipped and delivery expected tomorrow.

    • Ordered mine last Thursday and it arrived today :)

  • Is S21 and S21+ difference just in screen size? In terms of other specification it is totally the same?

    Is it better off just getting S21 then? Thanks~

    • +1

      Screen Size 6.2 Vs 6.7
      Back Plastic Vs Glass
      Battery Size 4000 Vs 4800

      • Thanks!

        Any advantages for Glass as opposed to Back Plastic?

        The battery size I suppose will not make too much difference to usage time due to screen size?

        • from reviews I've read and watched, the glass back feels more premium but the plastic back is still quite nice except it feels cheap when you tap the back plate.
          screen-on-time was 7 hours vs 8 hours iirc. not a huge difference but still noticeable.

        • big disadvantage of glass back is it is not durable compared to plastic
          and likely to crack if you drop it.


          If you put it in a case you won't know if it is plastic or glass anyway.

  • Has anyone done an exchange for another model through customer support (telephone) is it a simple process or are they almost 100% going to screw things up due to all the vouchers and tradeins etc, I bought s21+, but now want to pay the $300 extra for Ultra, but although that sounds simple, I just know after they receive my S21 back, I"ll get a happy call on the phone telling me I owe them the full retail price or something ridiculous

    • Have you opened the box of your S21+ already? If yes then no, otherwise you get 14 days change of mind full refund.

      • I haven't received it yet, but ideally I could give them $300 and s21+ and get an Ultra in return, but I have to think it won't be that easy as a human seeing all the vouchers stacked may decide I can't have it,

        If I do return separate to buying S21 Ultra, I then won't have a phone to exchange, nor any codes, so exchange would be ideal

        • exchange may be hard
          cos you got the s21+ using vouchers that were stacked to get that low price

          if you exchange with new s21 ultra, there is no vouchers to stack to get the lower s21 ultra price..

          you can try calling them to see…

          you can return item, but need to get new vouchers to buy the s21 ultra also will need another phone to do the trade up..

          Which phone did you put up for trade up to get the s21+?

          • @pinkybrain: I contacted support by telephone. They basically said NO, can't exchange and pay difference, have to do change of mind refund process that takes up to 30 days, and so I won't have my trade in phone to use with Ultra. I am guessing I can maybe get the vouchers but won't have tradein. The tradein phone is S8+ $55. I still have it ofcourse, but won't be able to use it as their system will have it associated with purchase of S21+ at least until the refund goes through

            • +1

              @bobvegas: yeap that is the difficulty now..
              since s8 is now in the system as tradeup for s21+

              your best option is now to get another cheapy phone to do another tradeup


              keep s21+ and use it till s22 ultra comes out
              and do a trade up for that

              I am hoping the s22 or their future phones get the AMD GPU which would be a bigger game changer..

            • @bobvegas: you can generate a new trade-in code

              • @samehada: Yeah, but when you order using tradeup, the purchase doesn't go through until the trade in phone is approved, and they will disover the phone has been used twice due to the IMEI number being the same… unless you know otherwise , that is?
                I had thought of using a fake IMEI number, but they probably can detect that

  • dumb question for all

    do people use 5g plans, or 4g phone plans? if so recommend a 5g plan?

    • +1

      I doubt 5G plans will give a huge improvement in terms of speed and the coverage is also quite limited. Also its it pricier

      • 5G is better for gaming as it gives lower latency

        • Definitely, but the coverage is still an issue and I also see people saying some providers (such as Vodafone) do not have dedicated 5G stations. Personally, I will get a 4G plan first and go 5G later.

    • Check your area and coverage between telcos. eg Optus 5G in my area is far slower than Telstra 4GX on the same model iPhone 12.

    • I would not pay any bother to 5G yet. It is really not a big deal from a consumer viewpoint, unless you just want bragging rights for a benchmark.

    • All vodafone plans give 5G so if you need lots of data, try their 60/month plan. Check Telsim to test Optus 5G. Not sure about telstra but their 4gx is pretty fast already.

  • Just ordered s21+. $649. Bargain.

    • Did you get the chat code? My chat person says they no longer have them.

      • Yeah I used all the codes and trade in.

  • anyone have the problem where the trade up app fails to validate my card? i seem to be unable to get pass this.

    • yes, many have this issue, you can check the previous pages, don't think there is a solution.

  • Just tried to get the $200 chat voucher but I was told they no longer have codes.

    • keep trying then, did you tell them it's because your old samsung longer working hence upgrading to S21 ?

      • Yes I tried a few times and that's exactly what got me one in the end 👍

  • Are te samsung fast chargers worth the money or you you get some other brand that does the same thing?

    • The entire Samsung Galaxy S21 range charges up with a maximum power rating of 25W. It achieves this by using the USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply (USB PD PPS) standard. This can also be obtained through compatibility with the Quick Charge 4+ standard. Specifically, the phone negotiates around 2.6 amps at 9.3 volts for a total of 25W of charging power.

  • Now that we wait for our orders, what cases and glass screen protectors do you guys recommend or buy?

    I know there's the stuff linked in the OP, but I kinda wanna buy them in-store soon.

    • I like the Spigen range, the nillkins' are not too bad as well. Bought the neo hybrid, ultra hybrid, liquid crystal for my s10 but have used the rugged armor 99% of the time. I am tempted to buy the same one for my s21. It gives a nice grip, doesn't add much bulk and has a nice feeling at the back.

      • I've always got these for my galaxy range, especially the ultra hybrid.
        I think it's one of the best cases for protecting your phone, the only thing that annoys me is how discoloured they get over time.
        I must end up replacing it every 12 months or so.

    • You might able to find Ringke cases at local store for $30, but the camshield case is very attractive. Decision, decision.

    • Simple TPU silicone clear cover to protect the edges when at risk (sports, outdoors).

      Screen protectors are useless. Stick with the nice "Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™" screen that Samsung provides.

  • How long does the $50 sign up voucher usually take? It's been a few hours…

    • +1

      haha, it has been 4 days, i still dont have it over 3 emails (gmail, outlook and hotmail).

      • +1

        just email [email protected], tell them the issue, you wont receive it unless you do.

        They saying the "issue" is your email provider is possibly blocking their promotional account.

        • I found the easiest way to have this fixed is to email the email address shown after signup and tell them the problem. It seems that they will reply directly back to you with the code shortly after.

          Tried 5 phone calls/online chat with the customer service people to no avail.

          The moment I emailed that support address, was fixed by the next morning.

          Good luck!

    • I used outlook, less than 10 sec at the first sign up….

  • Edit..

  • +1

    I found the easiest way to have this fixed is to email the email address shown after signup and tell them the problem. It seems that they will reply directly back to you with the code shortly after.

    Tried 5 phone calls/online chat with the customer service people to no avail.

    The moment I emailed that support address, was fixed by the next morning.

    Good luck!

    • No responses for my emails to them on three accounts since two days ago

  • +1

    Hi everyone… just wanted to let everybody know that I've just got another loyalty voucher (for the missus). Yesterday I tried a few times and every agent told me they had finished, but today the first agent I spoke to (Jin) gave me one without any fuss.

  • I had an interesting chat with one of the agents. He gave me the $200 voucher without any issues, but at the end, said this - "By the way, the $200 voucher discount code is not stackable nor cannot be combined/used with the Trade-up deal nor any other codes/promotions". I wonder if they have changed things now.

    • +5

      No, they were saying that days ago. It still worked.

      • Yeah, I read about them saying that the other coupons were not stackable, but the "cannot be combined/used with the Trade-up deal" seems new. Could be wrong.

  • +1

    Just got my Ultra delivered, after transferring everything from the note… WOW it's a toasty boi.

    • Yes I heard ultra overheating issue. Do you feel it in your day to day use?

      • Suggest it was probably just unpacking all the transferred data, doesn't seem that warm under normal use so far.

  • +1

    Just worried about not sending the device for trade-in and getting charged the $400 Bonus. Is there any confirmation? I've read through the comments and there seems to be mixed opinions.


    • +3

      Read through the T&C here. It doesn't mention the $400, only the base rate of the trade in.


      • Is it worth the extra $200 to get the S21+ for larger display, battery, and glass back?

        • +4

          I got the base S21 and I say no.

          Even as a tall person, the screen of the S21 is a tad too big personally, and the back doesn't matter as I'll put it in a case.

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