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Deposit $1000+ to Orange Everyday Account Each Month for 2 Months and Get $50 @ ING


looks like ING is losing customers and need our hard earned doughs.
check your email, targetted. easy money.

12 May got this:
Simply deposit $1,000+ a month into your Orange Everyday account from an external account for two consecutive calendar months before 31 July 2021 and we'll pop $50 cash into your Orange Everyday account.
T and C for $50 offer
This offer is available for a limited time only and is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offer unless expressly indicated. ING reserves the right to extend or withdraw this offer at any time at its sole discretion. If withdrawn, ING will honour the offer in respect of applicants that satisfy the eligibility criteria below before the offer is withdrawn. The offer applies in respect of the original recipient of this email only. The offer is limited to one per customer or where your Orange Everyday is held in joint names is only available once.
To be eligible to receive the $50 offer, you must make deposits totalling at least $1,000 a month into your Orange Everyday account from an external account for two consecutive calendar months between 01 May 2021 and 31 July 2021.
If you meet the above criteria and are eligible to receive the offer, the $50 will be paid into your Orange Everyday account by the end of August 2021. Where you have more than one Orange Everyday account, the $50 reward will be deposited in to the Orange Everyday account with the highest balance as at the date the reward is paid. This could be an account held jointly with another account holder.

edit: 14 May, received below email:
We sent you an e-mail on 12th May 2021 about an offer. We wanted to let you know that this offer is no longer available.
The email mentioned receiving $50 if you made an eligible deposit of $1,000 a month for two consecutive months into your Orange Everyday account.
We’re really sorry. This was an error on our part. We do our best to ensure mistakes like this don’t happen.
The ING Team

Well done ING~

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Until 30/6/2024, referrer and referee will each receive $75/$100/$125 for opening new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts.

Referrer: Do not participate in the referral system if you do not have a current $75/$100/$125 referral code.

Referee: To qualify, you are required to deposit a minimum $1,000 and make at least 5 (settled) card transactions within any calendar month.

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  • been with ING orange everyday for around 5 years now and am thinking of moving to HSBC due to the tap cashback offer they do… is it worth jumping ship?

    • +3

      Why not just keep ING open..? You're not gonna find a better card to travel with when the day comes.

      • +3


        • What does benefits does Macquarie have over ING?

          • +1


            • They don't have stupid rules to earn interest on savings
            • App is better and can perform analytics
            • No $1k Payid limit
            • Mastercard exchange rates are generally better than visa in my experience. The app also tells you the exact rate you'll get when you're in that country.
            • credit cards are better than ING's
      • +1

        More likely to get new sign up bonuses if close

    • if you've read the t&c's carefully and think it suits your needs, move your money out. no bank values your loyalty anyway.

    • I keep both because ING interest rate looks higher than others. Transfer a few hundred to HSBC as petty cash every month

  • No email for me, at least yet :(

  • Currently banking with ANZ… But not a big fan of their support and was thinking of moving.. Is ING a good option?

    • +4

      ehh, I find ING is a great DIY option. No branches if you need actual help or to deposit a cheque though.

      No fee's though which is good, atm fee are refunded and international transaction fees refunded. plus interest rate is better than most banks

      • ANZ is free with a minimum amount paid into it month. ATM fee isn't refunded on them and I transfer cash to South Africa monthly but through someone else which is like $15. Is there any bank that actually give you some kind of rewards? Like HSBC has the cashback on tap.. With my account in South Africa they had something called "Ebucks" which I easily manage to get $400 worth and then buy vouchers at a 40% discounted rate through the bank and sold that again at 90% of the value haha.. Only thing I miss about South Africa lol. So far I can only find credit cards that gives some kind of rewards but not even anything major.

        • +3

          ING - generally best travel cards and savings rates (with lots of hoops)

          If you are looking for rewards credit cards - check out point hacks.

          FYI - generally one bank doesn't do everything the best, most people use a mixture of banks for different purposes.

      • +5

        You can deposit cheques with ING at any Australia Post Bank@Post outlet

        • +1

          Or just throw in an envelope and post it if you don't like queueing up with 100 oldies paying their bills.

  • +1

    no email here. seems like they're not too desperate to get all those lost customers back. had an account with them since 2009 and already lost a month's interest thanks to their convoluted "you must grow your balance each month" crap.

  • +2

    I lost interest with ING for a couple of reasons:

    1) Mobile app hasn't changed in years, there is still no push notifications for purchases, deposits etc. SMS is a crap idea.
    2) Their PayID limit is $1000 per day and they won't budge on it.

    Macquarie blows them out of the water in both of those areas, but does have it's downsides (no Osko, mobile number for PayID only - no email address or other option).

    • Agree on the $1,000 PayID limit, very frustrating where with NAB and Westpac, one can do significantly higher amounts

    • If you're after higher PayID daily withdraw limit, then go with 86400 - unlimited (up to your account balance) over the phone.
      I'll be closing my ING at the end of this month, too.

      • I've got an 86400 account but rarely use it. Their customer service opening hours are terrible and I prefer banks with browser based internet banking. Macquarie gives me a $10k PayID limit (per account) and that's fine.

  • +1

    fyi i emptied my ING a month ago and got this email so i think they are targeting people who are leaving them. ymmv of course

    • +2

      Been with them for years and still got the offer

  • For those who love using mobile wallets, ING does not support Samsung Pay. Google Pay refuses to work on my Samsung phone, so not supporting Samsung Pay is a major downside in my books.

  • Left ING a while back, and was looking again at high-interest savings account. Concluded that the effort of ensuring the savings were always tracking upward (by either not putting everything in and pulling it out when needed with no regard, or by carefully shunting money in and out at the end of the month) outweighed the extremely marginal extra interest over UBank or MEBank. (MEBank 'buck' card has the same 'use any ATM in Aus' benefit - although refund is within 30 days rather than immediate).

    If I were planning to travel for a bit, I would consider opening an ING account for the duration, but for 1.1% (Ubank and MEBank) vs 1.35% (ING) it's not worth the screwing around to me - especially when I'd probably make a mistake and miss out on the bonus interest occasionally anyway. (UBank also allows up to 250k)

    (I didn't get this email - if I did I'd probably open an ING account for two months to get the cash and then bail again)

  • +1

    Received email. Was considering giving up on ING. Will delay the decision until after the $50 is deposited.

  • Got the email as well would it have to be salary or just any other deposit? Can't wait really be bothered changing the salary account.

    • salary counts. an account you have with another bank also counts as external.

  • Yeah, I'm not sure I can be bothered to muck around asking payroll to send money to ING.
    Moved most of my money to Macquarie and pretty happy with them so far.
    They dont officially support Osko, but for me, transfers under 2k were instantaneous when I tried.

    • agree i just transferred $1000.10 from macq to ing and it was instant (to fulfil the may requirement of this deal)
      then after 1 minute, move back $999 from ing to macq, also instant.

  • I already get my pay in my Maximiser and I got this email. Think I'll get the $50?

  • +7

    Anyone else get this??

    We sent you an e-mail on 12th May 2021 about an offer. We wanted to let you know that this offer is no longer available.

    The email mentioned receiving $50 if you made an eligible deposit of $1,000 a month for two consecutive months into your Orange Everyday account.

    We’re really sorry. This was an error on our part.

    We do our best to ensure mistakes like this don’t happen.

    The ING Team

    • +1

      yes just got it… LOL this mob.. they dont realised how bad their reputation already ? omg….. they really trying VERY HARD to be hated….

    • I got this too, lmao

    • +2

      Yes. What an absolute joke. Time to move the lot out of ING I think. They started out good but what's the point now with terrible savings rate and no Paywave cashback. Only good for overseas travel. How can the offer 'no longer be available' and a mistake pfft.

    • Yep, moving to HSBC Bank now, this is BS

    • Lol what muppets are running this bank?

  • what a joke!!!

  • +5

    That wasn't an error from them. Someone signed off on it, now someone else has overruled it.
    Would you TRUST them on any offer going forwards?
    Would you trust them to credit you any money?

  • seriously, its just $50.. not 500….. why can you just fulfil it and receive many thank you in return?
    i dont think it was a mistake, someone want to punish their loyal customers by giving not so funny joke

  • 0000000000000000000

  • +1

    Sounds like their system clock was late by 1 month and 13 days - this was meant to be a April Fool joke lol

  • I was going to ask them if I could have the offer. No point now.

    • +2

      You can. Just for fun. See what they say and dont forget laugh hard and tell them gtfo

  • +3

    I got the other promo in the same week for the credit card with same situation after I submitted all my personal information, and I just got the phone call from ING they say at the bottom of that email they got cover for themselves ,they won't be honour just apologize for their human error, I am with ING OVER 10YEARS but now thinking leaving, from they conversation really make me feel there is no difference from "scammers" and "human error but with the disclaimer at the bottom of the email"

    just be careful

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