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Gigabyte Aorus AO15G-8AU2450SH Gaming Laptop I7-10870H/32GB RAM/1TB HDD/RTX 3080/15.6 240hz $2998 @ HN


For those of you after a gaming laptop with a RTX 3080, Gerry has this lil beast currently with $500 off making it cheaper than even most of the places where deals are to be had eg. PCCG, Scorptec etc.

Couple of other places have knocked $500 off this model for their sales as well (Tecs, JW).

Reviews are decent, but seems they have gone back to plastic construction rather continuing with the metal (so be aware of possible warping)

For comparison, just got myself a similar(ish) spec Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo with RX5900HX/32GB RAM/2TB RAID/RTX3080/15.6 300hz for $5500 (cry)

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    I feel like because this is gigabyte, there will be lots of negative feedback to come from most people on ozb.

    I'd be keen to see if anyone has any feedback from using it.

    • Gigabyte isn’t too bad. They’re just known as the budget end of the spectrum of the brands who put out high specs machines.

      The laptop I got about a month ago was a Gigabyte Aero 15YC with i9-10980HK/64GB RAM/2TB RAID/RTX3080/15.6 AMOLED 4K for $4600. Not as well put together as my Zephyrus Duo, but more than gets the job done. I just had to have the RX5900HX lol.

  • Anyone know what the cooling is like on this if I wanted to mine on it 24/7??

    • just remember they have heating/air circulation issue with a dell alienware desktop pc…now think about the size difference,,,

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      I've discovered that leaving our laptops on the concrete slab is amazing for cooling laptops while mining.

      • As cool as 65C after 24h running eth miner flat out with an Acer Nitro 3060-based laptop. And that's an insulated slab

  • Bought one for the missus to play Sims 4 on the run, thanks OP

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      I also highly recommend this PC for Runescape

      • Might buy one for myself for Habbo Hotel too

    • Why gigabyte never refresh their laptop? It has been a while that Gigabyte or Aorus to have new laptops. They use the same designs…I think…over a year. Anyone know the reason?

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    They still using HDD for a $3000 computer? LOL…

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      I guess. You still have seniors coming up to ask “wots a esesdee?”

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      I thought the same but the website states SSD

      • -2

        Well my bad then. I guess I used HDD to cater to some of the more senior members of OZB then :)

        • The ones buying high end gaming laptops ;)

  • I'm really tempted, especially with ShopBack 5% off Harvey Norman gift cards knocking $150 off. But the build just doesn't look worth $3k, although the 24 month warranty is nice.

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    Hi there, I have the Aorus 15P with a 3070 Max P design, which is likely similar to this underpowered max q 3080.

    The laptop is nice in finish, and has a good screen but my god the coil whine this thing produces is pretty unbearable. I have another more budget spec gigabyte G5 with a 3060-p that has a much more pleasant "whoosh" sound coming from the fans. The aorus system also runs a bit hotter in general than the budget 3060 g5 system when gaming (even underclocked/undervolted)

    I'd avoid these Aorus laptops for that reason, as well as the rubbish customer support from the Gigabyte website and Aorus ANZ Facebook page.

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      Even writing this comment the coil whine flared up as if it knew it was being shamed :(

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    Heads up people looking at this and expecting 3080 levels of graphics performance. You're not going to get it here. The mobile 3000 series chips are not equivalent to their desktop counterparts.

    Full comparison here:

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      Mobile versions are never as powerful as their desktop counterparts but I guess the last two generations were closer than usual.
      Another important note is the GPU Clockspeed and TDP of the specific laptop. Two laptops with the same RTX30-series GPU might have very different performances because of the different power draw of the graphics card.

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      Yeah. This 3080 is gonna be around in the same neighbourhood as a 3060 Ti desktop counterpart.

      Also my Zephyrus Duo 3080 draws 130w as opposed to this laptops 80w.

  • If you have access to the Lenovo Student Store the Legion 5 Pro for $2799 seems like a better buy to me.
    Although this Gigabyte is thinner and lighter, with a bigger battery.

  • rtx 3080q 8gb
    Might as well just be using an rtx 3070 with that much VRAM.

    • It's the same die as a desktop 3070.