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Fractal Design Era Mini ITX Case Carbon $99 + Delivery @ PC Byte


Cheapest price at the moment

16 liters ITX Case
USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C
Pre-installed 80 mm Fractal Design SSR3 fan
Dual Slot graphics cards up to 295 mm in length
Additional steel mesh top panel included for higher airflow

Gold color for $139 + Delivery

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    This is a hot case!!! Both by design and temperature!!!

    • +1 vote

      Yes, I have this case - it looks gorgeous on the outside but you have to mod it if you're putting in a gpu.

      Also doesn't fit some GPUs. I had to remove the shroud from my Zotac 3070


    this is ok for media server type .. so just a onboard gfx build and maybe a few hdd's otherwise its a terribly designed case (thermal wise)

  • +3 votes

    Do yourself a favor and get a Coolermaster NR200 instead.

    Another negative review:

  • +1 vote

    Feelin' hot hot hot!


    Amazing quality cases. Looks like theyve finally dispensed with the internal CD bay. Probably wise.


    Bought this in blue last year when the price was $179, so far I'm pretty happy.

    Thermal performance is not the best but it all depends on what you do.

    I'm currently running 10400F 240mm AIO + RX570 for my Hackintosh, and 80% of the time the GPU fan isn't even running.

    I can leave this thing on 24/7 and I can barely hear any noise even at midnight.

    Overall $99 is such a great value for money and the build quality itself would already worth it.



    I bought one without researching the thermal issues assuming this brand knows what they're doing.

    I put a short 3070 in one and end up having to mod the bottom plastic area to add two very thin fans ($60 + Dremel) and add some feet to give those fans a gap to pull air from ($10). I also couldn't use that slick glass top, they luckily include a mesh grill alternative. With these mods it runs perfectly cool and the NZXT CPU radiator to fit nice in the top area.

    They do look slick and premium on the desk - But I do not recommend this case for a GPU unless you're willing to mod. This would more suit an APU computer in my opinion for office work.