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HEYMIX: 20W 1A1C 4Pcs $30, 65W 1A2C GaN Charger + Travel Adapter + 100W PD Cable $45.99 Delivered @ AU Select Amazon AU


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【$29.99】HEYMIX 20W PD Charger 4-Pack USB-C Power Adapter QC3.0 Charger AU-Plug (SAA Certified), White

【$29.99】HEYMIX 20W PD Charger 4-Pack USB-C Power Adapter QC3.0 Charger AU-Plug (SAA Certified), Black

  • High-Speed Charging: HEYMIX is designed to provide the maximum charge to iPhone 12. Charge iPhone 12 and previous iPhone models up to 3× faster than with an original 5W Charger. Charging iPhone 12 up to 50% in just 30 min. The 20W USB-C power delivery also can fast-charges another device that supports USB Power Delivery. (Notice: The USB A Port Do Not Support 20W Fast Charging).
  • Dual Port Charger Block & Broad Compatibility: USB C and USB A Dual Port Output Designed for all iPhone and Smart Pad, New power delivery integration technology, Also supports Quick Charge 2.0 for a wide range of Android devices. Fast charging works with PD and Quick Charge compatible devices including iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / SE, Google Pixel 4 / 3 XL, LG G7 / V50, AirPods Pro, Switch, 11”/ 12.9” Pad Pro, Pad Air (3rd Gen), Pad Mini (5th Gen), AirPods Pro and more.
  • Ultra-Portable: Extremely compact & travel-friendly design ensures maximum portability wherever you go. Handy for home, office, and on vacation
  • Safe & Reliable: This SAA-certified charger with the intelligent chip inside, the PD wall charger matches the current as your device's need automatically. Over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protection effectively protect your devices from damage and ensure safer charging overnight.
  • What You Get: HEYMIX PD20W1C1A Charger WITH SAA CERTI, Super Fast Travel Wall Charger Adapter .60-Day Money Back and 365-Day Free ReplacementHigh

Real product picture. size and certification https://imgur.com/a/ELCr5ws

$20 Coupon OFF HEYMIX GaN 65W 3 Port GaN Charger (Black or White) + International Adapter + 100W PD Cable, SAA& RCM Certi, AU PLUG = $45.99【Buy Now】

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  • 【One is Enough】Three devices can be charged quickly at the same time with 2 type c ports (Max 65W/65W) and one USB A port (Max 60W); Compatible with virtually any device, from Phone to Tablet to USB C Laptops and more. Suitable for working from home.

  • 【Universal Fast-Charging】With 65W high power output and quick charging protocols support for Apple/Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi, this USB-c adapter charges your 13” MacBook Air to 100% in just 1.5 hours and iPhones 2.5 times faster than the industry standard.

  • 【Incredibly Small Volume】HEYMIX GaN tech concentrates 65W of powerful power in the compact size of a palm, which is 50% smaller than the old 65W charger, portable enough to carry anywhere. The streamlined Gallium Nitride power system ensures a smaller and lighter charger with higher charging efficiency.

  • 【Safe & Reliable】SAA and RCM approve. Built-in intelligent chip enables the smart adjustment of output voltage, current and power via HPS technology when multiple devices are charged at the same time, higher charge conversion efficiency, lower temperature, and safe for use.

  • 【What You Get】HEYMIX 65W 3-Port Mini Quick Travel Charger with EU/US/AU/UK Adapter with FREE GIFT (100W PD Cable included).30-Day Money-Back and and 1 Year Quality Warranty. Notice: The Heymix GaN Charger may compatibility with more than 95% of devices. Some device manufacturers before 2018 include their own charging encryption protocols. we have perfect aftermarket service, u can free return and full money back. If u have some problem while using, Pls contact us and we will improve our product..


C1 C2 A
65W X X
X 65W X
X X 60W
40W 20W(FOR IPHONE 12) X
40W X 22.5W
40W 5V2.2A 5V2.2A

Notice: The Heymix GaN Charger may compatibility with more than 95% of devices, Some device manufacturers before 2018 include their own charging encryption protocols. Some devices will not get full power delivery or can not charge at the same time by 2 ports. If you have some problem while using, Pls contact us and we will improve our product. We have perfect aftermarket service, u can free return and full money back. Pls Charging with an e-mark or good quality PD cable.

Currently not supported: Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon, Lenovo X1, Unofficially PD adapter cable


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Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Your last deal was better: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617406 $38.24

    • +1 vote

      The last deal was for a two port. This is a three port.

  • +2 votes

    I bought a similar from eBay local shop for $37. Runs well.


      thanks, you saved me $8!


        Yes, it's maybe cheaper.
        But only our brand pass the SAA test and certificate. :) also have a 1-year warranty.

        Electronic safety is more important :)


          Ok, but clearly they are identical rebranded products. Same factory, identical pcb and components and specs. If yours is SAA compliant, so is theirs (even if it doesn't have the silkscreened logo).


            @ash2000: Not the same factory :)

            The same design, because the separate design is expensive.

            A lot of things have the same design but different quality :)


              @auselect: All your chargers are rebranded. There's plenty here on Amazon alone, and usually sold in 2/3/4 packs. Nothing wrong with the chargers. Just pointing out they are not your design, and you're not the only one with SAA certification.

              Here's some of the part numbers they all share:

              • PD65AC
              • PD652CA
              • SDC-18W
              • SDC-18WACB
              • SDC-18WACA
              • CA-25

                @m9: Yes mate, you are right.
                But you can also see only our brand GaN charger sold on Amazon because the charger sold on Amazon must SAA approved. :) That's why a lot of these design chargers only sell on eBay and no one sells on Amazon. The charger didn't follow the electronic standard may cheaper 20%-30%. But we always think safety is most important. You can also check OZB post log. Our brand is the earliest post GaN charger approved by Saa:)


            @ash2000: Certifications can be costly but some businesses require it.. Just to give you an idea, if I use a weight scale in a retail setting and it doesn't have certification, that's a $15,000+ fine. Getting a cert cost 60-$100 per scale.

            FYI, there's been quite a few stories about people being electrocuted with USB chargers. If you were using a non SAA approved charger in your business and a staff member got electrocuted, the insurance co is going to fight hard not to pay out.

          • +2 votes

            @ash2000: curious how do you know they are same factory with same pcb and components?


    Cheaper on ebay. See link above.


      Yes, it's may be cheaper.
      But only our brand pass the SAA test and certificated. :) also have 1 year warranty


        $8 extra is an expensive insurance policy for a $37 item. It would also cost me $9.15 to send it to you if it failed outside the Amazon return period!


          Actually, if the item has a problem, we resend a new item to our customer, no return needed or paid by our company. Some of the item we should send to our lab to test and improve our item in feature.

  • +2 votes

    Be aware that these pricks offer a 60 day warranty only. If anything happens after that, you're stuck with arguing with Amazon about returning the product. Happened to me.


      not legal. minimum 1 year through ACCC


      All charger item in our store has 1 Year Quality Warranty, issue replacement. I also leave the contact below. Reply in 24 hours.


    All charger item in our store has 1 Year Quality Warranty, issue replacement

  • +7 votes

    Tough crowd


    This is the original product which is being bought in bulk, rebranded and sold.


    Rep, drop the price to $39.99 (make an OzB coupon) and you will have the crowds happy !


      This is great but how do you get the AU adaptors? I've seen a number of GaN chargers with the US plug flip design that could use them, but I don't know how to get the AU plug?


    i'd be sus about any cheap GaN psu actually containing a GaN FET


  • +5 votes

    hahah Such a tough crowd…

    I have purchased 3x of the 2 port ones in the past from AU Select on Amazon.. Amazing chargers, works with everything I have thrown at it.. Macbook Air, Dell laptops, HP laptops, Samsung phones (super fast charge), pretty much everything… So will be purchasing a few more with these double USB C port ones

    Sure, you can get it $8 cheaper from ebay. why not not just buy yourself a peace of mind with the certification (regardless if that actually helps or not) and support a vendor that's at least trying to connect with the OzBargain community.

    Thanks AU Select!



      Tks mate. We will keep improving our listing & service. :)


      Awww !!!
      I can see where all that support is pouring from :)


    I remember the 3 ports charger was $30 before :p


      Yep :) Early bird price before. I also post with 3 international adapters as free gift. :P
      The new model GaN charger will come soon with a good price :) I think you can wait a few days.


        Interested in what is updated in the new model. Are you able to share any details? I may want to wait for it


    A quick search on Ozbargain for the 3 port charger
    Shows the price without cable and Travel adaptors was $32.99 back in March 2021, So $45.99 seems a bit of a price increase for the adaptors and short cable.
    Any chance you can drop the price a bit?


    OP give us a deal on the two outputs one to compete with the ebay and alioexpress versions. .


    Still waiting on 100W 😕


      100W Charger? C port can up to 100W?


        65W needed to properly charge a MacBook Pro plus 2x additional ports for charging two phones.


        Yes usb C pd chargers and cables can do 100 W

    • +1 vote

      Still need some time. The extension cord still needs some time.
      The new model's adapter part could use an extension cord. The cord will 1.5 meters, then the charger could become a charging station, easy to use.


    Really great deal on that 4 pack, surprised it didn’t get more traction 🤷‍♂️


    Crap, so disappointed I missed this. Was interested in getting both!