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35% is a pretty decent discount for a book that could change your life.

Wim Hof, The Iceman, is a well known dutch extreme athlete who has changed the way science views the control we have over our autonomic nervous system through his feats. Rather than be the exception to the rule, he has taught many people to have the same level of control over their immune system responses, heart rate, skin temperature and many more autonomic nervous system functions previously thought to not be under conscious control.

The book goes into detail the studies done and the methods to get the results he has had.

I discovered Wim at the start of the year through a guided breathing meditation video on youtube and the path I've gone on since has been very positive for me with many positive changes.

I really recommend people try the guided breathing meditation video, it takes just ~10 minutes to do and can make you feel better the whole day.

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    Nice one!


    Did you get the app or other courses?


      I don't have the app or this book but I did buy it just before I posted the deal. I did start the 10 week course about a month ago. I've been stuck in week 2 of the course for the last month as I'm getting really good results with just with the breathing meditation and cold showers at the end of a hot one.

      I will progress further in the course once I feel I'm stagnating with progress.

      How about you? Have you got the app, if so what do you think? Are you/have you done the 10 week course?


        Sorry I didn't have my notifications on. I don't have the app or the book but I've been to a 2 day Wim Hof workshop/retreat which was amazing! Unfortunately, I had to have surgery afterwards and lost my momentum. Now looking to start the breathwork again. Just wondering if the app would help.. I have been doing cold showers for over a year though so I've got that part down.


    Haven't followed him completely, but do embrace the cold as much as I can.


    a friend recommeded this guy to me.

    all i can say do a little bit of research before buying into this.

    his videos on youtube, he does mention quite a few concepts but doesnt really explain anything, just oversimplified stuff like 'when you are born the first thing you do is breathe, thats why breathing is so important' etc.etc.

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      That's because he gets into more detail when you buy his stuff.
      I rate him.

      His simple exercise of how to warm up, take 5 deep breaths when cold, take as much air as you can, hold it in and breath out through the nose slowly. Simple, but since learning this simple method. I never wore my winter jackets last winter, light autumn wear was all I needed.


        there are quite a few reviews on amazon saying he just repeats stuff in his book, describing book as waffle.

        is there any medical professional who explains this method? anywhere?

        i tried to find


          Can I recommend to try the guided meditation I linked to in the post. It can really make you feel amazing and it just takes 10 minutes of your day to do and is free.

          A google search for his name and medical journals or science articles brings up many. If you tried to find, maybe learning how to use search terms better will help you find more relevant information in the future for many different things.

          Here's some for you:

          He goes into detail in the book. He also goes into detail in the many of the long interviews he has on youtube where he talks about the many studies done. It isn't some hippiedippie stuff either, it's backed by science and he's helping helping scientists rewrite the book of what we know about our bodies.

          If your friend recommended him to you then he wanted to help you and thought Wim was a great way. Let him help you? What have you got to lose just checking out the guided breathing meditation video?

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            @studentl0an: youre right. if i searched for what i want to find i would follow your studentl0an method.

            first link title: Voluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system and attenuation of the innate immune response in humans

            nothing to do with Wim method, wont bother with the rest of your links you clearly havn't googled the definition of 'research'.

            good job, your name checks out

            here's a couple of Amazon reviews of this book:

            1. Cannot say I enjoyed a book less than this one, I really really tried to buy what he was selling. Basically, be cold, meditate. Just new age garbage, turned a 5 minute story into some epic tale of walking through the snow, meditating under a cold shower. Tries to flog the app every second page. I just don't get how these books get such a high score.

            2. Very little actual guidance in here, just lots and lots of fluff. The title is misleading, it is more a history of wims discovery and development of the method, and a sales pitch, there is very little on the practice of the method - certainly not to justify the price or number of pages.
              If you already do the breathing and cold water, which you can get free from the app of internet sources, you won’t learn anything from this.

            3. There is an awful lot of nonsense here. Trumpian hubris at times. The message of meditation, mindful breathing, and cold therapy is useful, but almost lost in the garbled ramblings of a man very clearly passionate about what he is trying to achieve but utterly unable to put it into a coherent structure.

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              @millusions: Actually if you read the journal article you would have seen it's all about his method.

              From the first journal article that you said have nothing to do with his method: "The trained group was trained by Dutch individual Wim Hof and three trainers who previously received an instructor course by Wim Hof to become a trainer. A medical doctor of the study team (L.T.v.E.) and the principal investigator (M.K.) were present during all training sessions (in Poland and in The Netherlands), and during the experimental endotoxemia experiments."

              I think you're the type of person who needs Wim the most. I think you downvoting this deal only after I provided the scientific information you asked for without reading it shows the negativity in your mind. It also shows how your hubris is causing you to not be able to read a medcal journal article, or even use the search function within the browser to find instances for 'wim' within that article. Also you make a lot of claims about the book not having that information without reading the book, which is false. He writes about these studies and more in the book.

              Perhaps if you read the medical journals and papers that you asked for documenting the results that many others have got through his method - that you would change your mind. You owe it to yourself to have an open mind and to actually investigate the literature that you asked for, rather than put your own bias to the point of misreading articles, as that will really help you grow and learn new things.

              You have a great capacity for intelligence, but it seems your negative hubris is getting in the way of increasing it - it's causing you a lot of bias which I'm sure you can recognise as not being positive for you.

              All the happiness and health to you, may you find the peace you deserve.


        Thanks for this, I feel the cold so bad lately, worth a try


    interesting if nothing else… there is a cool youtube interview with Dr Jordan Peterson where you can check him out

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    I heard about Wim Hof a few years ago. Watched a few of his YouTube videos and have been taking cold water showers for the last 3 years. I did meditate as well using his breathing techniques but have been lazy to keep that going. Anyways I’ve found a noticeable difference in my general attentiveness during the day and also my basic immunity against cold, flu etc. has gone up. I’ve always wondered if it was placebo but I have felt the difference and I do continue with the cold water showers even today. Another thing I noticed is I no longer have hay fever symptoms since I started with this. I wish more people become aware of this and also there’s more studies done to corroborate what he has found. Good luck to you I’m sure there is no harm meditating or going for cold showers just don’t overdo it take it slow and gradually increase your capacity. Cheers. Edit: Spelling


      Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad the moment has been gaining a lot of steam lately, and it's because of people like you who did it years ago and kept sharing their experiences so that finally people like me would take notice.

      If only the user 'millusions' above would try it, I bet his quality of life would increase exponentially - but it seems he is trapped in his hubris of negativity to the point his bias makes him unable to read journal articles confirming the results you and I have had.

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    i hope i meet this guy one day and do his camp

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    My 2 cents..i had very bad immunity from childhood and used to get sick a change, have a cold drink etc would give me a really bad cough, wheezing sound and bronchitis/asthma(not sure but I couldn't breath when I had it to even 10% and felt like someone had tied a belt in my lungs..even that 10 % was so strenuous). The only way was antibiotics and as I aged, the normal low powered antibiotics stopped acting so docs have to give in high doses of stronger antibiotics..I did everything I could to cure this.. Homeopathy helped a bit..pranayam also helped a lot but nothing helped eradicate it all together..then 10-13 years back i saw a video of a old but well built guy in Russia who had many followers..used to live bare chested and had a very convincing theory..humans are not that weak.we make ourself weak by living in very controlled environment and temperature ranges..too turned on..too cold..heater turned we live in that comfortable 18 to 24 C range..anything off that or sudden change makes us sick..he taught his followers to do one simple thing to get that immunity back..come out in the open in snow( away from centralised homes with cooling and heating) and pour a bucket full of cold there for 2-5 this everyday..
    I wanted to try this out but couldn't so it in winters..but always had it at the back of my mind..3 years back I saw a video that kindergarden kids in Russia are doing this with parents consent and the rate of chronic diseases fell by 96 percent..i also came across Wim hoff started doing it..slowly..this is the I started with a bit cold water..then after a week increase the coldness..and so on..did the breathing exercises..felt great but didn't continue..have been having cold water showers for more than 3 years now..and have not worn any sweater or antibiotics..have had fever twice but didn't leave cold water showers..and all good without any medication..even if I have a bit of sore throat, it usually gets better within a day..cold water showers is much easier said than done .especially in winters..I still struggle to get in sometimes..sometimes water is so cold that ears eyes and coller bone pains alot in shower but it's all worth it..I think that daily shock of so much temp difference is the key are giving that shock daily so heater to cold or ac to hot temp variations don't effect the body too much..!! You guys can also try if facing similar allergy or immunity issues but take it slow…!

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      Wow, great experience. I am currently finishing my hot shower bath with 30 secs of cold shower. Aim to increase it to 2 mins.
      Btw are you doing the breathing exercises also?


        I used to and its a awsome experience..just 3 sets and you really get this great feeling..I don't do it now due to time constraints..Keep doing what you are doing and listen to your body..just keep it slow..! You'll love it down the line..I still struggle in winters to get in cold showers specially in evenings..but once done, you get this wonderful feeling of body producing so much of heat..! 😊