Is a Fake Watch Ever Worthwhile?

I bought a fake Rolex watch (Oyster Perpectual Explorer) 20+ years ago while travelling through HK. It cost me A$15.00 at the time. I hardly wear it these days but it still works well and hasn't lost any precision - no battery needed too :). I would be just as happy if it were a real Rolex.

Have you bought any fake watch that is almost as good as the real thing for a fraction of the price?



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        If you bought a fake them you weren't really able to see a Rolex movement…

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        I bought it as a poor youngster just to see how a Rolex movement was like

        What? That's like looking at a porsche in a game to see what the driving experience is like. You think a fake rolex is the same, or even near the same movement inside? lol

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          No, not quite like that. In this case, you can actually try it out on how the winder works, manual and self-winding, etc..


            @whytea: Continuing with the car analogy, you're basically saying you went and test drove a yaris so you can see what a Porche feels like. They all have an engine after all. I guess the Yaris will let you try out how the brake pedal and blinkers work etc.

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                          @80kinvestment: The only point I agree with would be the point about keeping good time, it is definitely correct that the movements used in replicas as accurate as the gens. You are able to get your money out a fake and in many situations even profit from factories closing down or when movement/parts become more scarce when certain replica models aren't in production, which in turn leads to your replica appreciating (reddit: r/reptimebst for more info). In regards to no one being willing to service it, this is also incorrect. There are a multitude of watchmakers/repairers that exclusively repair and service replicas at prices significantly better than RSC (costed me $1.1k to service my retail 11610, compared to $250 to service my replica).

                          As for the post, buy what you can afford. Just be honest when people ask and don't sell reps as retail (but you'll need the papers haha)

                          PS: i'm sporting a Rolex 11610, SBGK005 and a Noob 11610 v8


                            @conspicuousss: I still think reps are going to focus on the stuff you can see and skimp on the stuff you can’t.

                            That said I can respect rep collecting as it’s own sub-genre of the hobby, so if that’s your bag more power to you.

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          I always wonder what watch collectors look for in movement that essentially does the same thing … Cars on the other hand ..engine does have difference in performance.

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            @fatz: Thank you for saying that, better than I could.

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      Yeah, please support Rolex. They're a small business struggling to make a profit.

      Poor business owners just trying to make a living out there.

      Please show your support.

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        So because they make a lot of money, it's ok to steal their design and produce fakes?
        Sound likes an (profanity) logic to me bud.

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          The value of a Rolex is in it's design? Really? It's not the brand that everybody knows? It's every watch they have ever created, right?

          I don't disagree that counterfeits are bad for the creator, but in this case it is the brand they are stealing, not the design.

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            @This Guy: Yes but it damages their brand. If the knock off is built s**t like rough metal edges or bad printing, then people may perceive that the quality of Rolex has dropped and thus not want to buy that brand. Anyways I just find it cringey when I see fake stuff because as a creator myself, I would be gutted if someone ripped off my product.


              @No Username: ": Yes but it damages their brand."

              True, but only among the truly ignorant who are rarely their market. The fake rolex I looked at one had one big advantage - that you could pop the back off to put in a new battery - which was unforunately negated by the fact it was a truly horrible piece of junky garbage.

              All power to Rolex for chasing any down, however I imagine their normal clientel would be as likely to get sucked in as a Russian oligarch would be to being impressed by a MacCaviar burger line…

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                The fake rolex I looked at one had one big advantage - that you could pop the back off to put in a new battery -

                Buying a real quartz Rolex is bad enough, let alone a fake one :)


              @No Username: On the other hand, didn't someone say "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery"? :)

              I think HK government has cleaned up the sales of fake/imitation products quite well over the last 10 years or so. Can't say the same for Vietnam and Thailand though.

              I respect people who create things. Perhaps you can share your products with us?



                I respect people who create things. Perhaps you can share your products with us?

                I guess but I don't think it would benefit anyone here. It's a SaaS platform that allows financial institutions or data driven company to easily map and model their data efficiently saving cost on developers as the platform can export to R, Python and SAS.


                  @No Username: @No Username
                  Whew, that's way over my head :) That's advanced stuff. Hope you are doing well with your product.

                  (This is off topic… Perhaps I can pick your brain, when a system that needs a mobile app, a Web interface and a backend server, what is the best platform for such a development?)

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                    @whytea: If your a startup then I would suggest looking at PWA as you can kill two birds with stone. This saves cost on having to use Visual Studio or QT to develop the app. There's also React, Flutter and Electron. Although Electron is more for installations on Desktops like what you see with Discord, Slack, Spotify and Visual Studio Code. For backend you can go with Deno, but there are less people with that skill as it's sort of new. However your app will be more secure and have the upper edge in terms of competition. For database it depends on what data you collect. MySQL is the most common.

                    If you've an idea I suggest you plan it now as the latest Federal Budget announced $1.3B investment pool for online tech startups and more GST rebates for R&D.

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                I think HK government has cleaned up the sales of fake/imitation products quite well over the last 10 years

                Sounds like you haven't been for a walk down Nathan Road recently

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        Fun fact - Rolex is owned by a non-profit charitable foundation.

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        except that rolex is owned by a charitable trust.

        so there is more to it than just business owners making a living


          Funny that, consumers paying more tax buying their watches than they do on their sales revenue…

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      Sadly can't support if the display cabinets are always empty / only datejusts. :(


        Even stainless or two tone Datejusts are rare these days and need to get on a wait list.

        Nevermind anything that's slightly more exciting…

        I wanna support them too but my AD haven't called me for 2 years now and might switch brand. Then the sales chick started dropping hints around hey wanna buy an Argyle Pink or some other jewellery and see if I can talk to the manager to push you up higher in the food chain. I think I've spent enough with you guys and have shown them I haven't flipped a single watch that I've bought from them.


          Yeah - the market is crazy. 25% off all Swiss watches sold last year was by Rolex, but we can't buy the ones we want in-store.

          I migrated to independent watchmakers and the journey is more fun. It helps I repair (or destroy) watches as a hobby so i get to appreciate it more.


            @xaykogeki: Glashutte sort of thing?


              @mini2: Nah, GO and Lange are still part of the big groups.

              Some names include FP Journe (though partly owned by Chanel), H. Moser & Cie, Ming Watches, Ochs and Junior, Sarpaneva, Hajime Asaoka, Laine Watches, Habring, Lang & Heyne, etc. Beautiful watches and plenty to learn from them. I only own some btw lol.


                @xaykogeki: I don't know, I've tried a FP Journe on before, I just can't commit on one with my wallet.

                For a moment when you say independent watchmakers, I was thinking don't tell me this dude is into Hacko's brand….lol.

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    I’d say you do you as long as you’re not trying to sell it as a genuine.

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    Fake or real, as long as it performs the function you want it to use or buy whatever you want. As long as you dont try to resell it as real do whatever you want, its supposed to be a free country.

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    Is a Fake Watch Ever Worthwhile?

    when it tells the time accurately…

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      Even a broken watch is right twice a day!

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        I've always lived by this line but realised its no longer true in the age of smart watches:(.

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          The saying still holds true because it's not "watch" it's "clock"

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    If it's been working as a watch for 20+ years I'd say it's pretty worthwhile.

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    Just don't resell or hang around watch experts.

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      I think fake watches are great if they repel "watch experts". Some of the most obnoxious people, during these times at least.

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    20 years ago and it still works?

    The guy scammed you and sold you the real one


      Could be just true as some young kids stole them and tried to sell for a few bucks.

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      Yea..this. Real Rolex would need servicing 5 times.

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    Is a Fake Watch Ever Worthwhile?

    Do you like it? Yes it is worthwhile.

    Does it work accurately? Yes it is worthwhile.

    Ignore the brand name written inside and rejoice with your good looking, precise watch :-]

    Would anything change if it is labeled R0lex instead?

    By the way, they have become now so popular and sought after that the $15 Rolex is no longer available … watched a YouTube and wanted $500 for a fake sold as a fake knowing it was a fake.
    That is NON worthwhile!!!!!!


      Did a quick search on YouTube. There are quite a few on fake Rolexes. Did someone really sell a fake one for $500??

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        Yes, super fakes go for around that and more. Some of the Rolex fakes are very hard to tell apart unless you know what you are doing, especially the Submariner fakes.

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        I spent just under 500 on a rep, as someone who typically despises spending money I can wholeheartedly say it was worth every dollar from the enjoyment I've got out of it.
        Granted I am a watch nerd but I get a kick out of the aesthetics daily. For reference it was a hulk.

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    It's like a fake orgasm (so I'm told ;o) ……outwardly nice, but it's actually cheap, nasty, hollow, without meaning and basically FAKE !

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    I mean, most brand names you're just paying extra for the same parts/quality as a cheaper brand. It's rare that a big brand name actually is miles ahead in quality over its competitors in fashion/design.

    So if it looks and works the same, then sure - you're making a bargain buying it.

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      Yeahhh…..not really. Apple mostly yes. Nike et al, yes. Rolex, definitely not. Same as most high end sports cars; lots of in house R&D and proprietary stuff. None of this is my bag, but I do appreciate the passion of some manufacturers and their enthusiast clients.

      This review is from a guy who also reviews the best budget casio


      most brand names you're just paying extra for the same parts/quality as a cheaper brand

      Cheap watches have jewel movements?


        Uhhh. Looking at it it seems like a jewel movement is a way to help the watch tick and reduce wear and tear. So it has basically no impact on actual use.

        Unless you're happy paying $20,000+ more for a watch to reduce wear and tear, vs. paying $20 for another fake watch that otherwise looks the same.

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          So it has basically no impact on actual use.

          Apart from uhhhh a way to help the watch tick and reduce wear and tear so that the watch works better as a watch.