[Kogan First] Google Pixel 5 128GB Just Black $929 Delivered @ Kogan


Google Pixel 5 currently available at Kogan for $929 - AU stock with Kogan First.

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  • Pixel 6 / 6 Pro leaks came out yesterday. Looks like a decent phone to hang out for.

    • Yep hopefully we aren't let down like every other year 😬

      • You're telling me. It's been getting harder to stick with them :(

        • I got the 5 and gave up. iPhone now.

          • @onlinepred: What was wrong with the 5?

            • @lukefl: Wasn't a true flagship in terms of hardware and Google really stepped back on improving a lot of the phones traditional selling points for example the camera is not of flagship quality and most now beat it. It was also subject to a lot of manufacturing defects.

            • @lukefl: It was slower at taking and processing photos/videos than my 4xl, speaker while on call was the worst of any phone I’ve used in the last few years, literally a downgrade from 4xl, no depth sensor face unlock, no motion, expensive, slower to load web pages than even iPhone XS.

              • @onlinepred: Those reasons are understandable, although it really depends on the person. Slower image processing honestly doesn't seem like a big deal, unless you really must see your finalised photos instantly. I rarely use the speakers instead of headphones for media or calls, so the speaker quality isn't a big issue. Face unlock is another debatable one, because many people would say that the fingerprint sensor is better. Motion sensing is verging on gimmick, although I can see it being helpful for some people. Expensive yes, but so was the 4 XL (more so), and the 5 is good value with deals.

          • @onlinepred: Isn't it a huge pain switching over to the iPhone ecosystem, re-purchasing apps, having to use iTunes and iCloud, etc?

            • @Diji: Only reason I Havant, FKn iTunes and The ecosystem, you're commited for life then

            • @Diji: Never really purchased apps. I use google products which work perfectly on iPhone. I use Spotify for music. I use google drive for storage. I use google photos for photo backups.

              • @onlinepred: Ah ok. I use local file transfers a lot (and find iTunes to be a terrible program) and I also have a fair amount of purchased apps so it always sounded like a nightmare to change over.

        • It is getting a bit disappointing but overall the pixel 5 is a good device, wouldn't really pay over ~$800 for one. Most people know it's not meant to be a flagship phone anymore life the previous pixels with a price tag of $1500. Not sure why they can't improve the quality a bit more (similar to iPhones) but no doubt they will sell more in the low to medium price handset category. Not everyone wants to spend 1500-2000$ on a phone though.

          Was kind of thinking I could have kept the pixel 3 XL and waited for the 6 also, but no guarantee of free full quality photo storage and there wouldn't be any discounts for a while. I usually skip a model and sell the old one whole they are still worth something. The 6 will probably be very similar anyway.

          Agree with the comments above, the earpiece and loud speaker are a bit crap, sound quality is weird with the speaker under the screen, hard to hear people in noisy places. CPU is a bit slower than my 3, microphone can't hear me as well with assistant. On the plus side, don't mind the smaller form factor, battery lasts ages more.

  • Pretty great phone, but isn't the Pixel 6 about to launch?

  • This or 4a?

  • wait for the pixel 6, it was leaked yesterday and looks like will be an iphone killer once again…

  • Not really a bargain price..

  • Google I/O event is in a few days - new pixel phones to be announced.

  • Please don't pay this price. If you're not happy with another brand and need a Pixel 5, look on Gumtree.