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Reversible Sherpa Blanket in Charcoal $64.97 (Was $129.95) Delivered @ Myer


Seems to be a good one with good reviews . I have bought one .

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  • Thanks OP, bought one. Starting to feel cold at night with two blankets, a third will do nicely

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      Are you a grandma?

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        Woke up and chose violence

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  • Is there any blanket that is warm but doesn't pass electric static to our body?

  • Dumb question but what's the difference between this and the other mink blankets you can get at kmart?

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      You can't buy these from Kmart

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      Gucci mink?

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      about $45


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      My dog humps the Kmart one.

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      The ones at Kmart are 1/3rd the size. I couldn't find one that would cover my male body.

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        how many bodies are you keeping?

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          Three on a good night.

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    Who would pay $130 for a plastic blanket? Don't be fooled into thinking this is made from natural fibre guys

    • No, but it's sold by Myer. ;-)

    • It does mention "Fabrication: 100% Polyester"

      • Poster above is referring to mink… Just saying don't impulse buy because it sounds fancy.

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    Same colour, same rubbish material, almost half the price ;)

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      Myer version is much larger than either of the two sizes your link allows, I'd say the Myer version (approx 90x98in) is a good deal

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        My apologies it is too :)
        I retract my neg.

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        Silly question but how do I retract a neg?

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          Report your own post and mods can deal with it

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          click on the votes tab under the deal title, there's a revoke option.

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          Click votes at the top of this post [View -> Revisions -> Votes]

          Then click the yellow REVOKE button.

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    They are also on Myer ebay if anyone has any vouchers to spend. Thanks OP grabbed one.

  • Anyone have one or anything of same material? Curious how good they are for the price

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    100% Polyester

    Only shame is that these things are microplastic shedding nightmares. I encourage us all to try for natural stuff like cotton.

  • I'm a simple man but I will vouch for this. I was almost too warm using one of these in bed last winter.

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    I can vouch for this, grabbed one last year and was happy. Works well as a layer between flat sheets and the doona, and on a Queen bed when arranged width ways gives you more to tuck in whilst still covering the whole length of the bed.
    Also, recommend placing the bumpy side face down to reduce sheet movement.

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