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Xiaomi Redmi 9 Global NFC 6.53" Quad Rear Camera 4GB/64GB 5020mAh Helio G80 Sunset Purple US$111.14/A$146.38 Shipped @ Banggood


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  • No B28

    Appears Gray is available if you select the EU version

    • From memory (and past comments) the global versions do have B28 and there are the wrong specs on this page….or is that just the 'Note' version? I'm sure an expert will clarify…

      • The Redmi 9 has band 28 if you buy the global version according to GSMArena and Kimovil, specifically Band 28a.

        The Redmi Note 9 (totally different phone) also has band 28a according to both afforementioned sites for the global variants. The only that doesn't is the Note 9 Indian version, which has no Band 28. In the end, I think it has some Band 28 ability if you buy a global variant.

        • Thanks. Got the Note 9 NFC (Grey) for my partner for $163.14 delivered and less $7.80 cash back from CR.

    • You'll get the b28 according to Kogan.


  • Bargain

  • What would be the equivalent in a smaller footprint?

    • Xiaomi don't really like making small phones, so there's no direct equivalent. The closest would perhaps be the Mi 9 Lite or Redmi 7a.

  • I'm using this phone since Oct last year and very happy with it

    • does it still have ads included?

      • The ads are pretty straightforward to disable. Annoying that they exist sure, but tolerable given how cheap the phone is and that they can be turned off.

  • Don't I keep reading on this forum that MediaTek processors are rubbish and should be avoided?

    • That used to be a problem many years ago but these are more modern… some people live in the past.

      • Ah okay. Thanks.
        I only learned that out-of-date info a couple of weeks ago! XD

      • They're still nowhere near as good as Snapdragons, but they're certainly improving. My previous phone had a MTK processor and performance was fine, and battery was fine (MTK's are less efficient) but the only thing that was really a problem was that I couldn't root it because the common root exploits are for Snapdragons.

    • This Redmi9 was first my mtk powered phone. Moving from an ageing Galaxy S7. Very impressed by the redmi in terms of performance & battery life. But of course it's a 5000mah Vs 3000mah in the S7. I get 1.5days use on dual SIM. Lots of browsing while commuting.

      I only use the NFC for rewards card so can't comment much.

      For those worried about ads, conspiracy theories, etc this phone has been certified by Google for Android Enterprise use

      AU$145.66 delivered it's hard to fault

    • Looks like it's in between a galaxy s8 and galaxy s9 in CPU performance.

      Should be a decent experience.

  • Note "quad camera" means wide and ultrawide.
    No telephoto or portrait lens.

    And no waterproofing ( of course - no camera anywhere near this price? )
    Otherwise seems to have it all?

  • i can't believe the battery capacity is so much bigger than alot of flagship phones.

    • Yea, it's impressive. Honestly, this is the right way to approach the manufacturing of these phones. Simple, but important aspects such as the battery, screen size and design of the phone are VERY good targets for companies.

      This is a very good phone for the price, and is an example of what a company which 'gets it right' looks like :)

  • Does it support wifi calling with Optus or Telstra?

    • Volte and vowifi both working for me (moose/Optus)

      • I got a Poco X3 and Volte is working but no Vowifi. Did you have to call moose to get it fixed? or it worked out of the box?

        • Who is moose? And how do you call him?

        • I had to key in this code to disable vowifi check ##869434##
          I think it couldn't recognise Optus/Moose OOTB

        • I have the Poco M3 and have this issue where, if I put a call on loudspeaker, after about 5-8 minutes, I get an error that says "no activity" and the phone automatically hangs up the call. Had the issue since day one. Sim works fine on an iPhone 6 & 8. Customer service said to turn of Volte and Wifi calling but that didn't help either.

  • Bang Good

  • Good bang for buck

  • This maybe a silly question, but I'm looking for a good alt phone to play a second PokemonGo account on, I'm using an S5 right now and it's on it's last legs. Would this phone be any good and even last that long?

    • This will destroy your s5 in every way but don't expect it to last longer than a few years (although this huge battery will mean you can play the game for hours if thats what you wanted)

      • I have a Redmi Note 2 in a drawer that still works. I had to replace the battery, and I bet it's many versions behind on software, but it took a beating and kept working.

  • newbie here. what is the diff between global and eu versions? i cant seem to find a simple answer?

  • My dilemma is to either buy this one or spend $30 more to get the busted screen replaced ($170 for a cheap non-genuine Gumtree job) on my Galaxy Note 8….

  • Do Xiomi provide android security updates over the time and also do they upgrades thier Andriod over the time. Do bank app works on this phone.

    I have experience with Chinese phone that they dont provide updates and so over the period your system.

    Does it have dual sim?

    • As a user of a mi 9t (higher end but launched in 2019) I recieve monthly to quarterly patches and got 9>10 but still waiting on 11

    • not as good as nokia but android one phones are few in the market and numbers are dropping, i had a redmi , xiaomi support drops off once they have a new model that competes in same segment and sales drop…. but redmi at this price are one of the few phones to offer band28, nfc and FHD screen under $200.

  • sorry if ive missed it but which version are we wanting to get? the EU version or the Other? i want band 28

  • They cancelled my order of this phone due to logistic issue:

    Dear Banggood customer,
    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for shopping with us.
    We regret to inform you that there is no suitable shipping method to ship the item in your order to your country due to some shipping regulations of the logistics company.
    We have canceled the order and applied the full refund to you. You will receive the refund to the same payment method you used to place this order.
    Please click the link below and check more details about the refund time : https://www.banggood.com/Search_hl71_at434
    We deeply apologize for this inconvenience. If there is any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
    Best regards,
    Banggood Team

  • $150? Why is it so cheap? I didn't even know smart phones around that price existed.

    • Every phone I've had for the past 8 years has been about this price depending on the exchange rate:

      2013 THL W8 $116US (excellent)
      2016 Lenovo K3 Note $163US (defective)
      2016 Homtom HT16 $128AU (rubbish)
      2017 Redmi Note 5A $97US (excellent)
      2018 Redmi 6A $101US (good)
      2019 Umidigi A5 Pro $100US (excellent)

      As you can see, it can be a bit of a gamble. I usually replace my phone every year but the Umidigi has been so good I haven't felt the need. I still have the Redmi 6A as a backup and everything before that was not worth keeping or had a broken screen.

  • For future reference, I ordered the non-EU Global Version Redmi 9 and it DOES have Band 28.

    Confirmed by entering Engineering Mode (*#*#3646633#*#*) and selecting 'Band Mode'.

    Thanks to alextmb, fchis and KARMAAA for your help.