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NFC Tag Stickers 11% off: 10x NTAG215 $7.57, 10x NTAG216 $7.79 & More + Free Shipping @ NFC-Tags


Good Evening OzBargain!

I've bought a few too many tags and need to clear some space! Here are some ideas on what you can use these for. It seems a lot of customers love using these to make Animal Crossing Amiibo's, if you want to make Amiibo's, please make sure you buy NTAG215 tags.

All products are shipped from me in Brisbane via Australia Post. Often the orders are sent in letters, so please provide a street or PO box address (no parcel locker or parcel collect addresses sorry). As far as I can find online, my prices are the lowest (except when shipped direct from overseas). If you find the same product cheaper (shipped from within Australia) let me know and I'll try beat it!

Free Express Shipping on orders over $50! Make sure you select this at the checkout.

Below is a list of all products I have available, use the code OzBargain11 for an extra 11% off! Any issues/questions, please comment or send me a message at [email protected]

Type Qty Price
NTAG213 1 $2.30
NTAG213 5 $3.50
NTAG213 10 $5
NTAG213 20 $9.20
NTAG213 30 $12.95
NTAG215 1 $2.40
NTAG215 5 $4.90
NTAG215 10 $8.50
NTAG215 20 $16.50
NTAG215 30 $24
NTAG216 1 $3.50
NTAG216 5 $4.60
NTAG216 10 $8.75
NTAG216 20 $16.50
NTAG216 30 $22.95

What's the difference?

Type User Memory Max URL
NTAG213 144 bytes 136 characters
NTAG215 504 bytes 488 characters
NTAG216 888 bytes 872 characters

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  • I fall for this each time, thinking its a sale for a vaccum cleaner … :(

    • +2

      I must be missing something…. What makes you think of vacuum cleaners and I'll try change it for next time?

      • +1

        i wouldn't worry about it

      • +3

        It's the photo that causes me the confusion, once I read the title + description I realise it's a roll of NFC tags.


        • Ah, I get you now! Alright, I'll see if I can change it for next time.

          • +2

            @bradenpd: After my confusion I then start thinking do I need any more NFC tags :). Seeing myself out, no need to change it - it's on me.

            • +2

              @MorriJ: You definitely do need more NFC tags… Everyone does!

    • +3

      That sucks.

      • +5

        Ba dum tss.

  • +2

    just ordered 10 ntag215s for amiibos. Thanks OP :)

    • No, thank you! I've just packed your order, I'll put it in the post box tomorrow morning. Thanks again!

  • +1

    Do you have any guides or recommendations on how to program the NFC tags? Got a couple of ideas I'd like to use them for but would like to know how to make it possible before pulling the trigger.

    • +1

      This may be a good start, or here.

  • 10 for ~$5.26 AUD from AliExpress, but it'll take like a month to ship.

    Primarily these are used to create fake Amiibo's for Nintendo Switch. Great idea and worth the money, just decide if you want a sticker or card and check if your phone can write via NFC. Then just download TagMO and write away.

    I remember using this random .PDF I found via Reddit for mine:

    • +3

      You can definitely get them cheaper from overseas, but like you say, slow shipping. If you aren't in a rush though, good option.

      • I just like to provide the comparisons, I'm a bargain hunter lol. Yours are actually great value though, especially with free shipping and they'll probably arrive within the week.

        • +2

          Mate, I'm exactly the same. For 95% of things I'll just buy the cheapest and don't care how long it takes!

  • Can iPhone scan and write NFC tag?

    • +1

      I believe from the iPhone 7 onwards you can. I use my iPhone X with these tags all the time.

  • +1

    Love these! I bought some the last time they went on sale
    I have one on my router that lets you connect to the wifi when you tap your phone against it

    • +2

      Great idea! Great for when you have guests or mates over.

    • May I know how you managed to do it… Sorry am bit new to this

  • +1

    Details for each type of tag…

    • NTAG213 EEPROM: 180 bytes, organized in 45 pages of 4 byte per page.
    – 26 bytes reserved for manufacturer and configuration data
    – 34 bits used for the read-only locking mechanism
    – 4 bytes available as capability container
    – 144 bytes user programmable read/write memory

    • NTAG215 EEPROM: 540 bytes, organized in 135 pages of 4 byte per page.
    – 26 bytes reserved for manufacturer and configuration data
    – 28 bits used for the read-only locking mechanism
    – 4 bytes available as capability container
    – 504 bytes user programmable read/write memory

    • NTAG216 EEPROM: 924 bytes, organized in 231 pages of 4 byte per page.
    – 26 bytes reserved for manufacturer and configuration data
    – 37 bits used for the read-only locking mechanism
    – 4 bytes available as capability container
    – 888 bytes user programmable read/write memory

  • +1

    i thought it was toilet paper

    • +9

      What you do with them when you get them is none of my business.

  • Thanks. Just purchased 10 215s. Please take my OzB badge I forgot to use the code at checkout. 😞

    • +2

      I’ll refund you the 11% in the morning :)

      • +1

        Thanks! If it costs you less to just add an extra tag please do that. Sorry I wasn’t thinking and preemptively Apple paid.

  • Am a relativ newbie to this so wonder about the difference in NFC tags beyond memory capacity: eg do some come with better antennas?

    I ask because a a previous batch I purchased elsewhere is hit n miss when iPhone12 should easily recognise a tag id to trigger automation.

    Are there quality / model differences?

    • Hi there,

      As far as I’m aware, capacity is the only difference between the tags I have.

      Hope this helps!

  • I have a few questions. Sorry if any of them are silly, I just haven't used blank NFC tags before.

    The descriptions for NTAG213 and NTAG216 indicate that they're rewritable, is the NTAG215 rewritable as well? Because it doesn't say.

    Is there anything special about NTAG215 that makes you recommend it for animal crossing amiibos or is it just because it has enough memory for that purpose?

    How fragile are they? Do they have to be stuck on a flat surface or can they be bent somewhat? And if they can be bent, to what degree? E.g. folded in half, 90 degree angle, around a cylinder the width of a pencil, around a cylinder the width of a whiteboard marker, etc. Can you stick them on metal surfaces?

    And are there any other differences between the 3 types of tags you offer apart from memory? E.g. compatibility, functionality, usability, etc. If I'm unsure what I want to use it for, would it be best to get NTAG216 because of the bigger memory?


    • I think the " EEPROM" means it's programable (read/write)

    • Hi there,

      Sorry I'll have to update the website, yes NTAG215 is rewritable as well.

      I'm not across all the details, but NTAG215 are the only tags which work with Amiibo's. I don't think it is just about memory, as NTAG216 has more memory but if you load the Amiibo data onto them, they don't work.

      They can be bent in pretty much any way, I haven't tested them folded in half but I suspect that may not be ideal. The larger the area for a reader to touch them the better. You can stick them on metal surfaces.

      As for the differences between them, as far as I'm aware it's the memory size. They can all do the same thing, but with different storage capacities.

      Hope this helps!

  • +1

    Purchased some to have a play with, thanks.

  • How long are Australia Post taking with letters these days?

    • Depends where you are, I’m in Brisbane so if you are too it should only be a couple of days. I say 3-7 business days to cover off everywhere.

      To be honest it’s quite hit and miss, though they arrive within that timeframe most of the time.

      • +1

        Came today thanks!

  • Hi.. I am new to this… Will this work with my s10 to unlock itself when I tap it in the car… Additionally is there a limit on the number of reads we can do with a phone making it unusable after a while?

    Plz excuse my ignorance.

    • Hi there,

      The Samsung S10 has NFC functionality from what I can tell, so you will be able to use these tags with the S10. As for the functionality you are after, I'm not 100% certain, I would suggest researching that a bit.

      I imagine there is some limit on the number of reads, but it would have to be in the tens of thousands I would imagine.


      • Thanks for your reply.. . I suppose then it's a matter of how much storage I need
        … higher storage means more data to store on the tag…. Are you still having the 11% off?

        • I have reenabled the coupon so you can use it :)

          • +1

            @bradenpd: Thanks a lot mate.. Will have a play around with the tags

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