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Optus Sport Subscription: 12 Months $99, 3 Months $29.99 @ Optus


Been waiting for this for a while, Optus Sport have dropped their 12 month subscription down to $99 and also offer a 3 month subscription for $29.99.

Great for those without an Optus plan and are watching the final Premier League games, Champions League, Europa or Euro 2020 next month (spoiler, Wales are going to win) haha!

Hope it helps some people out.

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    When does this expire?

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      Offer ends July 12 according to the ads they've been running on highlight videos.

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    Optus sport is fantastic if you're a fan of the world game. However the one massive draw back is they are still broadcasting in 720p unless you have a fetch box (or whatever the optus streaming box is called) to get 1080p.

  • Is RePlay available on Optus Sports if I do not watch the live one?

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      yes. They have full match and mini match options. Some games will have mega mini match. Goal highlights as well

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        Best part about Optus Sport. You can always catch up with mini matches (25 mins or so) without knowing the score.

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          Mini matches are an absolute game changer

  • 99 bucks or make more targeted friends with benefits…

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    Take note there may be no UEFA champion league broadcast for the next 3 season

    • Why is that? Who is buying the broadcasting rights?

      • The current rights deal ends after the CL final next week. While nothing has been confirmed yet, there’s speculation that Stan Sport could pick up the rights since they were (reportedly) the next highest bidder after Sports Flick

    • Has there been any update since sports flick passed on their bid? Can’t find anything

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      Good thing I support Arsenal then!

  • And the Big 4 League (Eng, Esp, Ita, Ger) seasons are almost done.

  • good timing!
    PL is ending and we already know this year champion and the regulated teams
    Champions League final is coming

    • For those looking at 3 months there's the euro and copa America on in June, so plenty of football

  • Up to you but here on OzB people 'sell' access to their subs in the classifieds for $5 per month/$60 per year

  • We have Optus sports free on our our mobile plan but never used. not even once.

  • I found a way to get optus sport for free.

    I found this by accident when cancelling my plan with small remaining unpaid balance.

    Then I found that Optus kept renewing my sport plan from month to month, while also sending bill reminder.

    I think it must be because optus sport thinks my account is still active.

    • Wouldn't you get a fine for late payment sort of thing?

      • Apparently no

        • How small is the remaining amount if you don’t mind sharing?

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    Uncertain if this Long Running deal is still running ($5 per month add-on if you have Optus prepaid) but might work out cheaper.

  • Offer ends July 12 according to the ads they've been running on highlight videos.

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    Its worth checking if you registered with Optus sport if you were a customer back in the day. I still have free access and havent been with them for over 10 year

  • I'd just like to know how to cancel my Optus plan without having to speak on the phone…

    • +1

      through app chat.

  • Anyone have issues subscribing? Error 40 is appearing when trying to use credit card. Optus team are useless in solving it… just transferring me from team to team… almost like they aren’t interested in ppl subscribing…..

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