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Asahi 500ml Case of 24 $62.10 ($63 in NSW) + Delivery / C&C @ First Choice Liquor


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Managed to pick up cheapest case of asahi I've had in a while so thought I'd share with the community.
I know people have their issues with shopback, but I've had no issues claiming cashback so far.
Case of the imported Asahi 500ml cans comes down to just under $45 using the frenzy code and shopback cashback.
Hope someone makes use of it. Enjoy!

Mod Note: Price may vary in other states due to container deposit scheme.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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  • Seller in title?

    • Done thanks, sorry, too quick hitting submit

  • DANG - these guys never have the cans - so bought some other crappy beer…noooooo!!!!

  • It is so Cold to have Beer 🤪

  • +3

    Price paid to store is $63, and then Cashback months later.

  • +7

    Really good stuff. For anyone whose not a big drinker, this is perhaps the best beer to keep on hand.

    -It's got a very neutral, dry flavor. No sharpness or bitterness that regular beer drinkers often term as 'character'
    -It's well known around the world as a quality beer.
    -It comes in standard size. 500ml @ 5% equals 2 standard drinks, which is around the perfect target for getting slightly tipsy. Source
    -At $45 for a 24pk, it's very very well priced. If you compared it to the standard 375ml can or 330ml glass bottle, you'd have to pay $30 or less for the slab to get the same value.

    • +2

      I really wish 2 drinks got me tipsy, drinking would be much cheaper and more fun!

      • +9

        The trick is not to have any food or water for a couple of days before drinking alcohol. Then 2 drinks should be more than enough to get a nice little buzz.

        • +1

          And imagine how much you can save by no eating for a couple days too.. Ozbargain at its best again!

  • Good price, used the cashback already tho!

  • Shopback cashback expires after a year.

    • +1

      Since when? I've had it up for years. Only if you don't use your account for 12 months.

      • +2

        since they sent me an email saying that my cashback is gone and they wont give it back

  • Awesome - thanks OP. Was time for me to restock these bad boys!

  • OOS QLD… apparently

    • No just ordered from Helensvale QLD.

    • Ordered one for a pick from Waterford Qld

  • +1

    Best I ever paid was $45 per slab from Aldi about 4 years ago :)

  • $70 in NSW

  • FYI the 330mL bottles are now brewed in Australia. I had one the other night…
    And looks like it's sold out in VIC. I get the following message when I try to add it for click and collect: "Removed product Asahi Super Dry Cans 500mL in VIC as it is no longer in stock."


  • Thanks Op

  • discount was $7 but delivery was $7 lmaoo oh well

  • Missed it by that much Max .. 😒 .. !!

  • Bought these a few week ago with similar deal with cash back. Excellent beer, Japanese brewed Asahi is so much better. (as it is with German brewed Becks etc…)

  • Don't seem to be getting this price in VIC. $66 - $6.60 (FRENZY) = $59.40 and ShopBack says 1% ($0.59) for beer, so total would be $58.81. Am I missing something?
    If these are $45 for a slab then I want to stock up.

    • Deal appears to have expired. It was working last night and I got confirmation the shopback was being tracked this morning ($18). So comes down to $41.40

    • +2

      Use the cashrewards 20% today

      • Does that work with the frenzy code as well?

        • +1

          Yes it worked. But ATM NSW stores have no stock of Asahi.

          • @Wolfmother: 'No stock in QLD' apparently but changed stores and went through so we'll see.

            Cashback tracked as 12.55 = $50.18 all up. Not sure how people got $45.

      • I used cashrewards first time ever and got $12.55. How long does it take for them to approve the withdrawal?
        They put 100 days, but it seems too long for me.

  • The taxman is taking too much

  • Picked up mine this afternoon, Oct 2021 expiry. Enough time to finish them off.

    • 19.01.22 :)
      I'm sure Oct is fine too

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