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Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old $86.40 + Delivery / CC @ First Choice Liquor


30% off with shop back

10% off with this

$96 -10%- 30%=$60.48

Lowest price ever?

Edit $62.50 in 2019 on ozb, I win! Need to buy another one

As for whether the cashback is ex gst or gst, that's what I have an accountant for!

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First Choice Liquor
First Choice Liquor



    Is it worth paying the extra over the general standard of black/double black at circa $40-45?


      $15 -$20 extra? Absolutely

      Is it worth double the black/dbl? Very subjective

      • +2 votes

        These days I never count on getting cashback anymore after being burnt twice by ShopBack (still pissed off especially about the Uniqlo one) and once with Cashrewards.

        • -1 vote

          i've stopped buying alcohol on cashback 'false promises'. Anything upfront that works like a code, then im in.

    • +2 votes

      Id just buy green label when on sale


    Just wanting advice.

    Not a big fan of very peaty whiskeys. Would you get these or the green?

    Thanks for your inputs in advanced!

    • +1 vote

      Green is more smokey than this as it has talisker mixed in it.


        Ah yeah I might try this then. I've tried talisker, and not my kind of whiskey personally.

        Thanks everyone!

        • +2 votes

          "I've tried talisker,"

          As Samsungnote10 states, the talisker in green doesn't come through as smokey but rather a base note that anchors the salt-air and cedar-wood notes of the blend. It's not the Lapsang souchong in the middle of a bushfire Smiley was into…

    • +1 vote

      Both are pretty low in peat, green has a bit
      I like peat but I barely notice it

      I'm sure every scotch has a certain level fo peat taste even if no actual peat is being used

    • +1 vote

      Very little smoke in this


      Johnny Walker XR21 doesn't have a smoky taste at all. Very smooth. Just the way i like it. A pity its so expensive.
      Green, for me, is still too smoky.
      I wonder where this 18yo fits in?