Zuru Max Bricks Build More 759 Piece $19 @ Big W


Do you want to BUILD MORE? Then take it to the MAX with ZURU MAX Build More - the premium toy construction blocks that rock!

Get 759 high quality building bricks to create to the MAX! Available in various bulk packs and fully compatible with major building brick brands. With MAX you'll get the same great block play that kids love like bulk brick packs, bulk figure packs and much more. ZURU MAX Build More doesn't break the bank like other brands do. So, don't spend more - build more with MAX! Run out of ideas? No problem, this set includes a MAX ideas booklet to inspire creativity. Got no where to store all these amazing bricks? We got you covered, as your MAX bricks come in a handy MAX storage box with locking lid for easy picking up and putting away. ZURU MAX Build More is the newest creation from ZURU, who have cracked the click formula for complete compatibility with other brick brands at a fraction of the price. Let your little builder experience new ways to build, create and design with the newest brick that gives them more and saves you money..

Product Features:

Build what you want with 759 MAX Brick pieces!
Get MAX quality at MAX savings! BuildToTheMAX!
Fully compatible with major building brick brands.
MAX ideas booklet included with unique designs
Various colours, sizes and shapes in a handy MAX storage box.

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    If it is maximum quality then these will be as good as lego branded blocks.


      The QC is never as good.

      This brand didn't really take off so I doubt it's any different to all the other off brands.

      Plus the colours don't match, they are shades off (not sure if for legal reasons), so you can't actually supplement these in to Lego if you're looking for consistency or to bulk up "red bricks" for example. Won't work.


        While all that maybe true, these are still better quality then other knockoff Lego brands I have bought before.

        If these are just gifts for little kids then they probably wont care either.

        I personally bought a few packs to use with the $19 Lego table I got from Kmart so that the kids wouldn't actually lose all my real Lego pieces.


          Sure thing, definitely a bargain, didn't mean otherwise.


        Lego aren't very good at matching colors well either lol


    I've got the 3 boxes for the grandchildren … outstanding value … ie, 759 pieces at 2.5 cents per piece !!!


    Bought a set to see how good these are compared to lego.

    In general lego is better designed (better tolerances when it comes to small parts)
    This has thinner material walls compared to lego (Lego feels like better built)

    Does it worth $19 ? - Yes definitely, if you are building once off stuff (i.e. a GPU bracket for 30x GPUs 😂)

    Not good as a gift item.