QFF - 300k points expired on 1st of May 2021! Please help how I can get them back quickly

Due to current situation and no travel for a while - I hadn't checked my QFF account for more than 18 months. It turns out they expire after 18th months of no point activity. I called Qantas (after a very very very long wait) and they told me they will deposit back all my expired points if I earn minimum of 2500 QFF points from a minimum of two sources of which neither can be family or business rewards transfer.

I need the points within next couple of weeks to book hotels and flights. Can we all do a power rangers brain merge and help me accumulate 2,500 points in less than 2 weeks.

Ideas - downloaded well being app, that gave 200 points after signing up to all the activities. Downloaded BPMe app, that should give some points and satisfy the 2 source solution - is there anything else that I can do.

Please help! Thanks in advance.

Update 1: Nope no Qantas card, that also helped the expiry happen. I closed both Amex Qantas Explorer and my Qantas Bankwest.

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    Woolworths rewards program and switch to qantas points as the reward. 2000 points = 1000 Qantas frequent flyer points

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      Amaysim $30 starter pack generates 600 pts from Wednesday.

      OP needs to buy 7 for 4000+pts or 10 for 6000 pts(unless already have enough points), and then just 1 point from walking APP. I think it just takes a few days to achieve, by this Friday.

      Other options take several months to achieve.

    • Sorry do I already need to have 2000 woolies points and that would convert to 1000 QFF? I dont have a woolies reward account

      • When do I get my Qantas Points if I’m opted in to Convert to Qantas Points?

        Once you have opted in to Convert to Qantas Points, your Everyday Rewards points will be automatically converted into Qantas Points in increments of 2000 Everyday Rewards points i.e. each time your balance hits 2000 Everyday Rewards points.

        You will receive 1000 Qantas Points for every 2000 Everyday Rewards points in your account. Conversion will take place in multiples of 2000 Everyday Rewards points only. Any Everyday Rewards points that are less than 2000 Everyday Rewards points will remain in your account for future enjoyment (e.g. if your balance updates from 1900 to 2050 Everyday Rewards points in a shop, 2000 Everyday Rewards points will convert into 1000 Qantas Points and 50 Everyday Rewards points will remain in your account).

        Qantas Points will be available in your Qantas Frequent Flyer account within 24 hours once your balance hits 2000 Everyday Rewards points.


      • do I already need to have 2000 woolies points and that would convert to 1000 QFF?

        If your redemption option was Qantas points when your Everyday Rewards balance reached 2000 points, it will be converted into 1000 Qantas points (usually on the next day).

        A bit of a moot point though, considering you don’t have an Everyday Rewards account.

        • It can be had in a few mins.

          • @Neoika: That’s good to know. I went off the guidance they typically give you in emails promoting QFF and ER.

            You can tell I never convert my ER points into QFF points!

      • Getting the Everyday Rewards card and setting up the auto QFF points conversion thing will prevent this happening in the future too, or something similar that trickles in points without you noticing would be a good idea to have.

        Woolies have a bunch of points boosters on different products and there could be a whole shop multiplier in these two weeks if you're lucky - I get item booster offers all the time, so you may be surprised how quickly you can hit that 2000ER pts to get 1000QFF pts. Hell, the one in my inbox this morning has 200 bonus pts for a 2kg bag of basmati rice, another 200pts for a bag of croissants, 150pts for fly spray etc.

    • Can you just transfer a few points to QFF from Woolies, or does it take all points?

      Ive got $80 for Christmas etc, but would like to move 2000pts to keep Qantas ticking over. Can I do this?

  • Can you prepay your health insurance or something like that for a year on the Qantas card?

  • a single Qantas credit card.
    Impressed that Qantas would give you the opportunity for so little points.
    In the past it was either tough luck or earn something like 25,000 points in 3 months

    • You gave me a freight, I re-read the email confirmation, its 2,500

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    Qantas have been referred to the ACCC because of this disappearing points scheme.

    • Admittedly they still have 1 up on Krisflyer where the points expire after a set timeframe.

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      Have Qantas done something wrong?

      They have been open and clear about the expiry and the conditions leading to expiry.

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        They haven't really done anything wrong, no.

        Here is a sensationalized article from the daily mail where it mentions the ACCC report on reward schemes, sorry about the source.

        I look at it this way, we have pretty good laws around expiry dates on gift cards or temporary credit cards, I would like to see those laws expanded to include reward schemes.

        Right now Qantas are holding points hostage, points that are likely to expire because you can't travel, and when you ring Qantas to get the points back they tell you to download their wellbeing app which harvests your health data straight out of your phone, likely iPhone and apple watch.

        This exact thing happened to me, it's opportunistic and downright scummy which is why the ACCC warned against companies harvesting data in their report on reward schemes.

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      They clearly state the T&Cs of their frequent flyer program. You are lucky they are being lenient with COVID.

      As long as you have activity on your account they do not expire. In other words if you get a qantas credit card they don’t expire.

      Between woolies, credit card points, and BP, I’ve never had points expire.

      • What if I told you, you can put anything in your terms and conditions but that doesn't make it legal?

    • why because they cant create a loyalty program with points that expire after a while of you being inactive?

      • It's not about points expiring, it's about using scummy tactics to get their hands on your health data.

        But while we are at it, "loyalty" programs are a silly name for, let me inflate the price of my product (flights) and give you "points" that can only be redeemed in my store (which also has inflated prices). It's just a convoluted way to exchange money or shopping data for "points" with value, and I believe those points should be governed by the same rules as giftcards, as in their expiry conditions should be reviewed.

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          So if you dont you your giftcard and it expires, you would be able to call up and renew the expiry date? So then may as well not have any gift cards expire then with an infinite expiry date so long as the store that sold you the card is still in business.

    • Yet everyone told me to get over it when I complained about losing 50k ANZ pts after 3 months.

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    Change your power/gas supplier to Red Energy.
    I got 15k points to sign up, and more points every bill.

    $50 gift voucher if you get a referral too.
    Random referral via https://www.ozbargain.com.au/api/referral/150 or PM someone who is a customer (they will need your name and email).

    • Red is my only source of points given I don't need to fly at all.

      Still have yet to figure out the best value use for points!

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    • How do you get the 400 QFF points ?

      Sign up only had name / email. Once I logged in it gave me 400 Quando points, even though I clicked on the 400 QFF point link.

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    bankwest qantas everyday account - dump a heap of money into it, wait, points are deposits a few days after the end of the month.

    • You can also make transactions and get 3 points per transaction - can make a lot of $1 purchases.

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    Bonus points on Qantas wine.. points added pretty quickly.
    RedPlanetPortal surveys.. typically 150 points per 15 minute survey.
    Max out your WoW ER bonus points.. really you should be across this anyway if you collect QFF.
    BP app, should get you some points, plus maybe a bonus in that time period if youre lucky.
    I assume you dont have a QFF earning CC, but obviously that would be a good source.
    Buy points from Qantas (not sure in minimum is 5k or 10k).. because… y'know, they do sell them.
    Shop via Qantas portal.. pretty good points rate in some stores.
    If you need to renew your car/home/pet/health insurance, then Woolies aint bad value, and you might get ER points in time (assuming your converting to QFF that is).
    Qantas Insurance also has bonuses, but ive no idea how quickly they pay.

  • How I earned more than 200,000 Qantas Points despite COVID

    • I dunno why this is "-"'d.

      Seems like a perfectly good summary of ways to earn QAN points during Covid-19.

      I invite you to expand on your "-" vote.

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        wasnt me !

      • In all fairness, aren't WW pts better used than converted?

        Qff pts aren't worth much these days, but you could use WW for shopping.

        2000 pts is 10 bucks
        1000 qff is worth literally nothing at the moment, maybe 5 bucks aka gift cards

        Good info, but currently a bad way to use those pts.

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    power rangers brain merge

    Not watched it, sounds weird.

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      Why do you think they all appear in the 'head' of the super mech together?

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    Easy. Buy some qantas wine that has bonus points. Depending on which wine you choose and how much you want to spend you they will give you either 5k, 10k, 15k bonus qantas points etc on a 6 pack or 12 pack of wine. Points land in your account within a few days (I got mine the following day).

    Search away:

    • Genius.

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    Pretty easy. Buy a mixed dozen from Qantas wines for ~$300 and they give you 10,000 points. The points will arrive quickly.

    For the second one, BP rewards points land in the account a few hours after purchasing fuel. Sign up and fill up your car with 30L and that gives you your second purchase.

    Should only take two hours work to get over 10k points but it will cost you about $350 though this is a small price for 300k points.

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    Vote for your favourite online retailer and you could win 250,000 Qantas Points

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