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Buy One Get One Free Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD Movies (E.G 4K LOTR Trilogy + Hobbit Trilogy $99) @ JB Hi-Fi


Back again for 2021, spotted as part of the most recent catalogue :)

Live now. Should be available in-store and online.

Cheapest One Free. Trade Not Supplied. Maximum of 2 Copies of the same title in the same transaction. Excludes Pre-Orders, Devices & Blank Media.

As always, enjoy!

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    They better have Shrek 20th Anniversary Edition in soon.

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    • I doubt it unfortunately. If we are getting I would expect July at the earliest.

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    Hmm no GoT 4K boxset.

  • It's live now.

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    Would they price match during this sale? Back to the Future 4k is $20 cheaper on Amazon :/

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      BTTF 4K is now part of the similar B1G1F deal on Amazon now, if that helps.


      The problem is finding something similar in price to match it with. I'd just buy two copies and flip one. Shouldn't be too difficult at $34.

    • Update: Nope

      • I bought two from Amazon. Let me know if you want one. I'm in Melbourne

  • Amazon will copy shortly

    • amazon may not have enough stock, i can see only 1 of LOTR

  • Thanks OP, good thing I waited on both LOTR and Hobbit.

  • Nice.Picked up the Lotr and Hobbit trilogies. Had oodles of vouchers building up from Shopback and Cashback deals. Finally got to use them.

    • How to get the vouchers if you don’t mind telling me? Thanks

      • Just via their voucher stores for each of the cashback sites. They offer discounts and deals every once in a while. Ie. Spend x amount and get x amount in cashback. Both regularly run 2 to 10 dollars cashback for buying vouchers or spending at their supported stores. I tend to just buy vouchers as I know i will eventually use them.

        • you mwan buying giftcards? I.E. vouchers are used to buy a giftcard?

          • @chriskq: I think vouchers = giftcards? I can't see a voucher store in either SB or CR, just the gift card portals?

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              @MorriJ: Yes sorry meant gift cards.

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    I tried to sell some old blurays in Facebook the other day and was shocked about how cheap the price is. Those discs are not worth investing and collecting anymore as streaming is normal nowadays.

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      If your investing in blurays then your doing it wrong. Buy shares in Coles. Everyone needs groceries.

      • If the value does not increase, what's the point for collection? Streaming platform has everything handy.

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          Until it doesn't. Titles come and go on streaming services. There are heaps of titles that aren't on any.

      • Investing in media isn't a bad thing per se. But I don't think Blurays or DVDs are where you'll make your money.

        The real money is in VHS (if you can track down the valuable tapes)


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      On the other hand, dive into your ancient DVD collection, and you might be shocked at how high some of those old discs sell for (if they're scratch free).

      Any Blu Rays currently in print will not hold value, but some that go out of print can actually appreciate. It really depends on the titles. Old school classics, cult films, award winners, older TV series are your best bet.

      So if they are worth nothing now, just keep your Blu Rays, one day when physical media no longer exists they might be collectors items.

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        Mine will all be scratch free. My entire collection is ripped to hard drive so the physical discs never get used except that one time

      • yeah? I've got a heap of NTSC Criterion special edition movies (some sealed).. Halloween with the Lenticular cover, Big Trouble in Little China etc. also sets like Farscape from region 2 as they had commentaries and were generally only 2 episodes per disc and much less compressed than the R4 release.

      • But what you mentioned is not on sale in JB HiFi. Most those Hollywood titles can be purchased much cheaper as seconds.

      • I find that really odd. I know I shouldn't because all kinds of thing that are old have varying degrees of value. But DVD seems like something that should only be 'land fill' status.
        I did purchase a Friday the 13th Box set probably 10 or more years ago. Cost me $19 on eBay and within a few months most places were selling it for $100. Not sure if it's worth anything today.

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    Thanks op, bought LOTR 4k & Hobbit 4k collection for $99

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      Likewise, thanks OP!

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    Shame the documentaries are at least double the normal price.

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    Sweet! Thanks OP. Purchased F&F7, Fate of the Furious, Us and Get Out. That’s my Fast & Furious 4K collection completed.
    I do hope Rambo gets a 4K release soon.

  • Longshot but anyone in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne wanna go halves on Back to the Future 4k? I'm in Nunawading or Knox.

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      $20 cheaper at amazon if you can't find anyone to go halvsies.

      • Thanks - realized that - and still would love to go halves with someone on Amazon :)
        Would get this down to $34.48.
        Still hoping….

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    What’s everyone using to watch 4K movies on? I have a ps5 (disc edition) can I use that to watch them?

    • Yes..

      • Okay thanks. I know it sounded like a stupid question with an obvious answer but just thought I’d ask first.

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      PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, Xbox One S (the white one) all play 4K blu rays.

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    Prices have been jacked up for many movies in my wish list.
    Best value for money would be to buy boxsets.
    Anyone interested in buying the Miyazaki Boxset? 11 movies for $153 would be a steal.

    Btw, I know they're all available on Netflix, and I do have Netflix.
    I just don't care. So spare me the lame comment of "who still buys physical media these days" please.
    Got an itchy ass every time.

  • Can I know any good UHD players to look for playing these. I am thinking to watch some movies in this way

    • See here.

    • +1

      Oppo 203 or 205 if you can find them

      • If you can find the oppo 203 you can get a chip that you plug into the motherboard to make it region free as well which is great because not all Blu Ray movies are available here

        E.G The princess bride i had to order from amazon US as we only have the dvd version for sale

        • The Princess Bride has been released on Blu-ray in Australia, it's just out of print now, but can be picked up second hand (I saw a copy in cash converters for $6 recently). There is also a 4K disc version of The Princess Bride available from Germany, I imported it about 6 months ago.

        • That great to know that but for 4K, they're all region free as far as I know.

  • Does anyone in SE QLD want to go halves with me on the Infinity Saga 4k box set? I can get a 5% off e-gift card - it’ll work out to be around $237 each.

    Not bad at around $10.30 per movie… let me know!

    I’m on the northern end of the Gold Coast

    • Sent you a private message.

  • Anyone in or around Hills Region in Sydney (Castle Hill or Baulkham Hills , Cherrybrook surrounds) wanna go halves on Hobbit 4K triology $89/2 = $44.5

  • If anyone near munno para south australia want''s to go halves with back to the future 4K P.M let me know as I can't find anything else to go with it

  • I am getting tempted for LOTR and Hobbit, but two issues,
    1- I don't have a Bluray player, thought I won't need it with streaming services but appears quality wise it's very different
    2- Can a Bluray be copied to a Hard drive and played via Bluray player with DV, Atmos still available, it is 9 Disc for LOTR so you have to change Disc 3 times I guess for each movie

    • +1

      1 - yes it is, but it's not as big of a deal for everyone. really depends on how invested you are.
      2 - yes but not overly easily. You could buy it, then 'get a mate' to send you a remux of the movies.
      Win win.

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    Didn’t realise how many people still use discs to watch stuff until I saw this post

    • +2

      I would say mostly are collectors…Lotr and hobbit released many years ago.

      You will still see them again here when 8k disc of lotr and hobbit version releases in the future.

    • I mostly stream. But for my favourite movies, I buy on iTunes or 4K discs.

  • +1

    Good deal but its hard trying to find another item to pair with a one you want to buy. As well as a local store that has all both in stock.

  • Is there a way to add two of the same title to cart? It says maximum of 2 copies of the same title but I can only get one in cart

  • I got a call from JBHIFi this morning.

    " Hi, your LOTR is not available for collection" JBHIfi

    " What?, why? " Me

    " The LOTR is missing or could be stolen" JBHIfi

    Lol unlucky me, but the cool rep will source another one for me to be pick up next week.

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      If it's not the 20th anniversary edition(Or whatever it is called if it's not yet released), don't even bother. Supposedly fixes a lot of things the older limited editions had.

      • +1
        • Thanks….never knew UHD100 until now as i thought 66gb was the limit lol not anymore.

        • Oh! So it has released - looks like they only redid it for the 2160p release but not the 1080p release as well? You'll also need a monitor that supports Dolby Vision HDR to properly see those corrections. And JB HiFi seems to have the 2020 release, presumably this copy that this reviewer is talking about. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/lord-of-the-rings-trilogy...

          So it's just colour and black/white corrections in scenes? Nothing else? I swear I remember someone say something about him fixing up some scenes that had errors or inconsistency in them or something on top of the colour corrections?

  • Anyone would like to have the Akira 4k or Back to the Future trilogy 4k?

    Akira 4k - $37.49 each @JB Hi Fi

    Back to the Future trilogy 4k - $34.48 each @Amazon AU

    • +1

      Maybe include location.

    • +1

      Around Parramatta in Sydney

      • I'll take this, message me on my classifieds add wanted back to the future 4k trilogy - parra..

  • Anybody on Sydney North side want to go halves on the Doctor Who: Classic Season 8 Blu-ray set that has just been released early in time to take advantage of the B1G1F sale.

  • Anyone wanting to go in on the back to the future 4k set? $34.50 each

    Northern suburbs Adelaide.

  • Justice League and Dawn of Justice new editions are live now too. Buy 1 get 1 free.

  • Any one wanting to go in on the Jurassic 4k set through Amazon $53 each.

    Munno para area

  • Anyone in Melbourne want Back to the Future trilogy 4K (BTTF 4K)?

    I ordered 2 from amazon. $35 each.

    PM me if interested. Cheers

  • Anyone in PERTH wanna get Back to the Future trilogy 4K?

    • Pmed.

    • Edit: I live south of the river :)

  • Pre-orders don't include transfers or orders, do they?