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Buy 1 Month Prepaid Mobile Plan (Unlimited Call/Text/Data) & Get 1 Month Free by Using Referral (Save $35) @ Felix Mobile


Use the Ozbargain referral system to get 1 month free of unlimited 4g, normally $35/month

You’ll both get a free month for every friend that signs up and activates using your code. After you’ve referred 12 friends, the standard $5 referral credit applies.

TPG Telecom Limited (ABN 76 096 304 620) trading as Felix Mobile

Referral Links

Referral: random (310)

1 Month Free or $35 Free Credit each for referrer and referee.

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  • +1

    OP beat me by 10mins.
    Thanks for sharing

  • All good

  • +10

    Hi, it's not actually free first month, looks like it's trying to charge me $35 dollars then give you a $35 in "felix wallet"

    • Yeah looks like I got scammed out of $35 because of OPs poor wording, which has now been updated.

      • Perhaps try contacting their customer service for order cancellation.

        • Nah I knew full well when clicking submit. No dramas.

  • +1

    tried them for a month and must admit it isn't too bad, especially unlimited. warning! definitely extra low speed if you pop it in a dongle ;)
    it's in their condition: does not replace home internet… now you read this how you want

    • +6

      That's odd - I get 20mbs up and down in my sim modem.

    • what sim dongle are you guys using.

    • +5

      Works fine in my Huawei B525: full HD stream on one PC, light browsing on another, no problems.

      • Hi, i also have a Huawei b525 from Optus. Can I ask whether you got your from optus too? If so, do you need to change settings in the modem for it to work with Vodafone? Many thanks.

        • I bought it used, so I don't know whether it was a part of a plan. It's black and there's no Optus branding on it, if it can be of any help.

          I've used it with all three operators and their MVNOs. In your case, it's best to try with a cheap SIM from Kogan or Felix.

    • +1


    • Works fine with my Huawei E3372 and Asus RT-AC86U

    • Just highlighting what this guys was talking about as many seem to just skip terms and conditions such as me sometimes.

      Excerpt of Felix agreement/conditions/faq

      The felix plan is intended to be used with your personal mobile phone. You are permitted to tether other personal devices, such as your laptop or tablet, to your mobile phone by creating a mobile hotspot from your phone via Wi-Fi.

      However the felix plan must not be used to provide tethering to other people's devices (for example the devices of members of your household, colleagues or friends), nor used as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem.

      Off course it works in all types of devices such as modems. However you are in breach of their conditions of use.

  • +2

    Offer requires you to buy one month, then you get the next one free (if you signed up using referral). Title just says it's free, needs fixing.

  • Offer terms
    Offer available to approved felix customers (“eligible customers”) who have signed up to a felix $35/mth Subscription plan (“subscription plan”) and shared your unique code with your friend, who inserts your unique code, signs up to a $35 felix subscription (Eligible Subscription) and activates their felix SIM between 20/05/2021 and 22/06/2021 (“Promotional Period”), will both receive $35 of felix wallet discounts (Discount). Discount will be applied towards your next felix purchase, such as your next Eligible Subscription renewal. You may share your unique code an unlimited number of times although your $35 discount will only apply for a maximum of 12 times, when the 12 referred friends sign up and activate before 22/06/2021. Thereafter, the standard $5 refer a friend discount applies. The unique code must be applied when signing up to an Eligible Subscription; it cannot be applied retrospectively. You can start referring after activation of your felix SIM. New SIM orders limited to one per person during the promotional period. If your referred friend cancels their subscription by enacting the 7 Day Happiness Guarantee, the $35 discount will be removed from your felix wallet. Discount expires when your Eligible Subscription is cancelled. Discount cannot be transferred. Subject to change. Minimum monthly spend and total minimum cost is $35 (Fee). Recurring monthly subscription Fee is charged in advance until you notify that you wish to cancel. Cannot stack with other offers.

  • +2

    Network in title, thanks

  • +2

    Okay, if you want two connections, that you can load balance onto.

    Use something like a Ubiquiti USG or pfSense.

    Then you'd probably get 40mbps/40mbps combined free for a month (after paying $70 for a single month).

  • +2

    Have been using it for couple of months, very happy.

  • I've used it as mobile hotspot. Drops in and out like a magpie

    • +3

      I guess mileage will vary based on location. I’m with Vodafone and I have great network performance all the time. Been better than my old Optus connection.

    • you need a router with a sim slot function, mobile phone hotspot is trash.

  • could be a good substitute to replace a small nbn plan. does anyone know if they do a credit check or is it just prepaid?

  • +5

    Last month smashed through 480GB. Very happy camper!

    • legend 👏

    • +1

      Did 550 or so on my first month too, "not suitable" as a home internet replacement my arse.

      • You guys use more data than me. I am lucky to break 200gb which is what I get with Vodafone before they slow my connection. Vodafone is faster than NBN at my house. NBN is an expletive joke!

        • +1

          To be fair,

          It was my first month with them,
          I wanted to put them to the test,
          Most of that was just downloading stuff I played for 5 minutes max on Game Pass,
          I was using it as a home internet replacement, I was still hooked up to Telstra but wanted to push the shit out of this company to see if I should cancel Telstra or nah.

    • +1

      Did 660GB, cheer up.

  • +1

    Few months here too, use it as a home internet replacement entirely.

    Happily do an HD stream while downloading a big Xbox game in the background while browsing the interwebs on my laptop, all hotspotted off my phone.

    35 a month down from the 90 telstra wanted for home internet, and I get unlimited calls and texts? Twas a no brainer. Very happy to say the honeymoon period doesn't seem to end.

  • Cancelled my NBN to go with Felix and am a happy camper.

    20/20 speeds and got through 200GB last month without issue, plenty of streaming. Canberra based.

    • How does it perform with 4k Netflix steaming? Hoping I can tether my TV until NBN HFC connection orders are accepted again.

  • you can test them for 7 days and if reception is no good ask for a refund? wonder what would happen if i refer mate a couple of days before my subscription is due to renew and then he cancels within 7 days does that mean ill be blocked and loose my number even though mine would have renewed for free with the $35 referral credit for another month?

  • Wow got the sim next business day (sent via AusPost express post envelope). Popped into a Poco F3 and I know VF coverage is nothing great around this area(2-3 bars inside, 3-4 bars outside). Did a speedtest and got 19 Mbps download and 12 Mbps uploads. 4G+ seems to be enabled . Not sure if VoLTE is working even after disabling carrier checks via USSD codes.

  • Just got mine (ordered on Friday). Watching Kayo now, thanks OP.

  • +1

    I'm keen, how exactly does the "Ozbargain referral system" work?
    Does someone want to refer to me?

    • +2

      you need to add your referral code in account settings and it will be shown to others randomly

  • Thank you to the two people who have used my code. Regards, Hamish.

  • Received Felix Mobile sim today, working at 20/20 flawlessly in my area. I used someone's referral code on here for the $35 account credit.

    Thank you referrer and thank you Felix Mobile.

    • Where you get code cheers.

      • Click on the 'Random' referral at the bottom of the post, copy their code, then use it when you sign up at the Felix mobile website.

  • This is a comment I made on another Ozbargain post…

    I have tested Felix Mobile sim in Huawei B800 and B600 series, TP-Link MR600 and in my mid range Umidigi. Both the Huawei's and the Tplink max out the connection Down, and depending on time of the day, max out the upload.

    My umidigi phone is 10 down and a few up, on average.

    30+ km from Brisbane City.

    If you can't find a cheap or free 4G modem with the necessary Vodafone bands, then pick up the MR600 tp-link unit with external 4G antennas for around $130 delivered on eBay (used, before any discounts you may find for eBay/afterpay etc but you can purchase xcover insurance for some warranty if you like)

    All dependent on your modem chipset and the antenna signal strength. The Tp-link unit will provide the strongest signal IME.

  • How i get referal code

    • Click here to get a referral code.

      free Until the 22nd of June, new Signups will get their first month free

  • Great thank you

  • All done cheers… do they take credit out wallet next month . Or just don’t charge next month …

  • It seems that Felix speeds are better than Kogan. i didn't get 20/20 with Kogan and average was like 15/5. Just switched to Felix and getting 20/20. Awesome! much better than my 25/5 NBN considering the cost & uplink speed.

  • Not seeing the $35 credit in my account anymore… Any one else's disappear too?

    Haven't been with them a full month yet

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