[Price Error] Downlight Plug Base Socket Bulk Pack 100 Eco Pack $1.29 (RRP $2.99) + Delivery @ The Lighting Outlet via My Deal

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These eco packed plug bases are perfect for sparkies on the big jobs that need to be knocked over quick and clean.

Product Features:

240V 50Hz
Material: PC
Complete with fast fixing screws
10A current rating
Recommended cable: 1.0mm to 2.5mm
Product is earthed
Box quantity of 100 (strictly box quantities order only)
1 year replacement warranty

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  • +3

    RRP $2.99 YOU SAVE $1.70 (57%)

    Good luck on getting a 100 for $1.29

    • +4

      Just bought 1

      Let's see if 1 piece or whole box turns up

      The purchase clearly says 100 pieces.

      • Box quantity of 100 (strictly box quantities order only)

        So you need to order quantities in 100 lots

        • +2

          Ordered 1 box of 100 for $10+ delivered😀
          Order shows it is for 1 x 100 pack

          • @Rather be Travelling: Exactly!

            It does say "was $125.99" which seems a box's worth.

            I do expect a refund email in the morning, but maybe the warehouse people really don't care and I'll get a nice surprise…

  • +1

    Would have made a wonderful Mothers day present!!

    • +6

      guaranteed to make her face light up when she'd open it

  • I've just ordered two boxes…

    • You ordered 2x sockets. You need to order 98 more

      Box quantity of 100 (strictly box quantities order only)

      • What an absolutely deceptive method of advertising

      • +2

        Website page only lets you order up to 20, so it must be per box as advertised

        • +1

          Or its a pricing error and they mean the prices are

          WAS $125.99
          RRP $299

          • @spaceflight: As yes, the classic "I'm charging you $3.01 MORE than the previous price" sales tactic.

            Likely a price error, yeah, but your numbers don't make any more sense.

  • They are selling them by the box as I understood it.
    If I don't get the 2 boxes I ordered they will be taking them back

  • +3

    It's a box of 100 going on the description and original price. I guess they burned down a house or two and are about to be recalled….

  • Yeah I mean it says "WAS $125.99" so that makes me think the listing is definitely for 100 units, but the $1.29 MUST be a price error, right??

  • I will be very worried to use them………………

    • Why?

      • Because they are 1.29c each

        • Maybe they over ordered and just need to get rid of them. My manager did that with the brown paper bags you use for mushrooms in the fruit and veg section. We had 2 pallets worth and he threw half out and we kept that pallet for a few years slowly working them down. We ran out and the (new) manager didn’t order any. Worked there for 5 years and had 5 new managers in that time.

  • I can confirm its per box containing 100 pieces. The wording just means you can't say you only want half a box and therefore pay half of $1.29

  • Ordered a few boxes, hopefully they arrive..

  • +1

    RIP to 'The Lighting Outlet' staff in the morning.

  • +2

    I need 2, but I'll just go grab 2 from Bunnings I guess.

    • +3

      Don't down vote! This guy is a hero!

      I'll reserve 50 pieces for $0.64. Thanks cableguy.

  • Worth a shot

  • Showing the same product on their website. I'd definitely return it if only 2 pieces rock up.

    Took some screenshots too.

  • The Lighting Outlet allows you to add 100 units to your cart, which comes to $129 with the RRP at $299.

    My money is on the mydeal website has a default limit of 20 units.

    I’ll get my pitchfork ready but I’m pretty certain none of these orders will fulfill. I’m saying that, I put in an order for the lols.

  • purchased, thanks

  • quick connect FTW.!!!!
    rarely use these, although they are cheap as.!

  • Almost certainly RRP error and discounted price.

    They will cancel. Good luck to those that order and actually want them though.

  • should be a price error.

  • oos

  • Order has been canceled

    • yep. Filthy, i had plans for those!

  • Order refunded, can't win em all

  • order refunded

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