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30% Off BlackVue 750X Range | Blackvue 750X-2CH $440.30 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Repco


Seems like a decent price for a quality dashcam, not often included in sales.
750X 2CH $440.30
750X 1CH $300.30

BlackVue DR750X Series 48 Hour Sale ends midnight (AEST) Saturday 22 May, 2021 or while stocks last. Excludes trade purchases. Store stock only. No rainchecks.

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  • Title is wrong, should be 30% off, not $30 off.

  • Shows as $473.90 for me (in QLD)

    • Thats odd, just changed from my local store in SA, to cairns, and your right, its still 30% off, but it costs more.

    • Try change your store to some others close by. My nearest is also actually $473.90 but 30km away I can get it for $440.

    • appears to be store based, not state then like i originally thought. strange.

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        Thanks for pointing this out. Ended up buying from HN as they can deliver it to my house and the Repco stores with stock were too far away.

    • Went into the store to pickup and the shelf ticket was $439.

      Spoke to the staff and they said it was an issue with the system as it was suppose to be scanning at $439.

      They ended up crediting the original purchase and then putting it through at $439.

  • Having a stupid question… how much difference in terms of quality and functionality between Blackvue range vs Viofo like A129 pro or A129 plus?

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      It like a ps3 vs ps5. Blackvue best.

      • I think Blackvue is the gold standard but is something like the 129 in 4k mode better than the Blackvue doing 1080p?

        I remember a lot of people saying the difference between the 750 and 900 was negligible so I assume the 750 is better than the 129?

      • ps 2 is fine, this is a toy that you install it and forget and waiting for outcome.

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      When I searched on web the comparison between A129 pro and Blackvue 900 the image quality of A129 pro actually better than 900. I think Blackvue is marketed as premium brand while Viofo more DTE. Just like comparing Calvin Klein to Bonds underwears.

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      A129 Pro vs 900s vs U1000.

      I personally think the U1000 was best in this one.

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    Note that the DR750X PLUS is coming out soon with an improved sensor that has better dynamic range and low light quality:

  • is this good price for the 2CH?

    also does it include hardwire kit? Edit: from the product descriptions, wiring kit is included

    • Yeah, good price. Looking at the past prices (via ozb search), this is the lowest it has been.

    • I don't see where it includes the hardwire kit in the descriptions, it looks like you need to buy it separately for $69?


      Edit: Nevermind, I checked the Blackvue product page and the required cabling appears to be included with no separate hardwire kit needed ("The new X series features built-in power management hardware to keep your car battery healthy, removing the need for an additional hardwiring kit.")

  • Also available to Harvey Norman (posted above in comments) and dashcams aus

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