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30% off Mistral 3.5l Air Fryer $34.30 (Was $49) (in Limited Stores Only) @ Woolworths


A great value product, convenient, easy to clean, cheap enough to bash around, at a great price.

Spotted discounted in store and confirmed in online listing.

I particularly like that this is light enough to put away in cupboard between uses, but big enough to roast a batch of veggies for a family.


Edit: I saw in store Mitchelton QLD 4053 (Brookside) but is showing same price online for me https://i.imgur.com/WGS0HJm.png

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    Which store ? The $25 deal last time was only very specific stores

    • It was $25 earlier this week. I got mine for $35 but the timer broke.

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    Got one of these recently @$49 price point, have used it a couple of times, goes well, simply and easy to clean.

    This is just my wife and I thought, might need something bigger if you're wanting to cook larger serves.

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      This is just my wife and I thought, might need something bigger


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      something bigger

      Like an oven!

      • LIke an oven with an inbuilt airfryer!

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    Still $49 online

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      Really? Showing $34.30 to me https://i.imgur.com/WGS0HJm.png

      • This is a store specific or maybe region specific discount. Can we know where?

        • Updated OP. Brisbane

          • @isthisreallife22: Not all Brisbane either :(.
            I saw it at normal price. Then signed in to my rewards logon and then some locations in Brisbane showed the special in stock. Can’t find the larger one though.
            Thanks OP. Tip for others, may need to sign in to see special price.

      • Maybe just qld

        • Not FNQ. $49.

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    Ah, no benchtop space…

    • Same, otherwise I'd definitely grab a second one

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    Or get the 10L digital one for $69.93 (RRP $99)?

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      Does anyone own the 10L one? Would you recommend? We've been looking at upgrading to a larger size for awhile now, currently have a 3.5L

      • Honestly they're all pretty similar. Depends on your needs but all of them have the same sort of design nowadays. When they were first introduced this wasn't true.

      • I'm curious to know this too. We love our Mistral 3.5l. Use it almost every night.

        • Well I just picked one up on my lunch break so will let you know how it goes :)

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        I just bought the 10L one. Can't comment on cooking yet (although by all accounts they're all about the same) but bear in mind the 10L one is a huge egg. Like big. Sci-Fi looking as well. So you need bench space or a big storage space.

        Apart from that it seems great, nice big basket that will suit our family of 5 perfectly. Will be taking it on caravan trips as well (luckily we have a big van).

  • My WA location was showing $49 online for delivery, and the digital one is temporarily unavailable.

    Changed to pick up and tried a few stores and the 10L came up at $69.30. The smaller one remained $49.

  • was $49 yesterday in 4006, so not all Brisbane either

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    These things are so cheap now and great for cooking oily stuff cause its easier to wash

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      Cleaning out a real fryer is a nightmare!

  • bought one about a year. not a fancy one but it does the jobs nicely for the price. Easy to clean. Goog gadget for breakfast in busy working mornings. Probably not for big families due to the capacity. Recommend!

    • What do you put in there for breakfast? Bacon?

      • I pretty much do all my bacon cooking in the air fryer. Crispier than pan!

        • bacon, frozen stuff like party peis, triangles, chips, chicken nuggets,even pizzas.

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        I recently did some woolies croissants with cheese and ham on about mid strength. Worked great but easy to burn

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    Spotted this at $34.30 at Woolworths Belconnen (ACT) last night for anyone looking.

    No special price tag on the shelf at Canberra Airport (ACT) on Wednesday.

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    i do spring rolls, onion rings and chips in this and its way better than oven.

    • Yep this is perfect if we want to cook for our young child before our own dinner. Couple of ikea meatballs, couple of fish fingers or chicken tender, maybe some frozen chips, and then steam some veg in microwave. Easy kids dinner when convenience is required

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    I have this one and I take it in our caravan - so handy at a powered site to cook frozen chips for lunch by the beach for the kids.

  • I have this one and I take it in our caravan - so handy at a powered site to cook frozen chips for lunch by the beach for the kids.

  • Do these need a heat resistant mat on top of the bench?, I recently got a Kogan 12L and manual states to use one.
    This is my first air fryer.

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      I use this https://www.pinterest.com/pin/405535141445109118/ although seems to no longer be listed on kmart.com.au

      • Thanks.

        I did look in K-Mart, Target & Big W, no luck for the size I need (27x23cm), apart from wood chopping boards.
        Looking for something under $15.

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          If you don't mind waiting, you can get a silicon baking mat for about $5 delivered from AliExpress

          • @pyr0maniac: Thanks.

            I'm looking at getting something sooner, but might get a 2nd mat from Ali Express.

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          We got a $5 round wooden board from Kmart.

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      I have this air fryer, never used a mat under it and no issues at all.

  • Does anyone know if there is any replacement for the mesh metal tray for the kmart version? mine has the coatings coming off.

    • Same. Otherwise a great air fryer for the last 2 years.

  • Can any one find any stock for this price in western Sydney? I can't locate Any

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    Deals on this Airfryer just refuse to die isn't it. Got one last time and it's good value for money.

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