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Anne Pro 2 60% RGB Mechanical Keyboard Gateron Red $91.67 Delivered @ Newegg


15 hours deal on the Anne pro keyboards from Newegg.

Alternative White colour + Red Switches

Sale only on red switches

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    I have this keyboard with Kailh Box Reds. It is amazing.

    For those of you who are worried about not having arrow keys,

    Once you get used to using Fn + WASD for your arrows, you will never feel like you are missing out.

    It actually lets you type faster (IMO) as both your hands, stay in the same typing position. You don't have to move you right hand away to reach the traditional arrow keys.

    Super handy when touch typing, especially for software developers :)

    • I have this keyboard with box whites. I'd agree with everything above. There's also the tap function for arrows with ctrl, FN, menu and shift.

      At the beginning of the pandemic, I bought this and a K6. This ended up being on my desk more often.

      I've got HyperX pudding keycaps on it which makes it perfect for fans of RGB.

    • +1

      You don't have to move you right hand away to reach the traditional arrow keys

      You get to move the right hand for the fn key instead? :)

      Even as a vim user I find the arrow keys quicker and more convenient than switching mode and using hjkl for arrows.

      • I'm the same. Have this keyboard and love it for gaming, but I'm in the market for a TKL for work just for the arrow keys, del, insert, home, etc.

        • -1

          I got a tecware phantom L for under sixty bucks, it's pretty good for the price.

  • Just bought the Kemove snowfox. I wonder if I should have waited and got this.

    • +1

      Buy this and compare 😈

    • Me too! Just got a white one from banggood sales a week ago. But it's hotswappable and bluetooth 5.0 - I reckon its an upgrade of this one. Though heard stories about shitty software. But we will see.

      • What was the price for Kemove on this sale?

        • +1

          Something like 107 or something

          • @Fergy1987: Thanks!

            • @jellical: Don't forget 5% cashrewards cashback. And had a 5 dollars bonus deal from TA cashrewards during then as well.

              I stacked them and got the price down to 97 plus another 3 dollars off as new user.

              Only downside is that its shipping from china so going to take like a month to get here…

    • snowfox is hotswappable tho

  • Shipping from HK, how long will take?

    • +1

      A month give or take. It says 5-17 business days, but with COVID, I doubt it. Just replying with what other reviewers have said.

  • what are better kahil box reds or silent pinks?

  • This or Razer keyboard OP??!!

  • I have a broken keycap letter for an Armageddon keyboard. The micro switch is fine. The keycap under that slots onto the microswitch has broken off. Armageddon don't respond to my emails. Anyone know where I can get replacement semi transparent keycaps. It's a blue microswitch keyboard.


  • I have lost the function of 'touch type' the arrow keys. Anybody know what i need to do?

  • received mine today (Melbourne)

  • Mine arrived yesterday. I absolutely love it.