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[PC] Epic - FC 5+FC New Dawn Dlx Ed. $15.19/AC Origins Gold Ed. $14.68/AC Odyssey Gold $22.48 (prices w $15 coupon) - Epic Store


Swimming 1000 lanes at the local pool but really wanted to quickly make this post! 😊😊

Great prices for these games. All time lowest prices for the gold edititions of AC Origins and Odyssey, and the Far Cry pack.

Remember, the free $15 off coupon applies only for games costing $22.99 or more and Epic will keep giving you a new one so you can buy as many games as you like.
You get the coupon by simply getting this week's free game: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/624525
It will be automatically added to your account and is automatically applied at checkout.

Assassins Creed Odyssey Gold Edition: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/assassins-creed-odys...

Assassins Creed Origins Gold Edition: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/assassins-creed-orig...


Associated deal: Unlimited Free $15 Coupon to Spend on Purchases over $22.99 + over 300 Games on Sale @ Epic Games

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    Odyssey Gold is definitely worth the $23 I reckon. Really great looking game with a ton of ways to play it with a long storyline as well. My only gripe was how there are micro transactions to help you level your gear/level up as it was pretty tedious leveling up if you just wanted to do the main story and not side quests.

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    Swimming 1000 lanes at the local pool

    Seems a little selfish

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      One lane, 500 times back and forth! But either way, gotta go big. ;-)

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    For anyone interested, it is cheaper to buy FC5 Gold Edition using the $15 coupon, then buy FC New Dawn deluxe edition and use the other $15 coupon you get. Ends up being about $22 if you're interested in getting the DLC for FC5.

    • I don't see the Gold Edition on their site? Searching for Far Cry 5 only brings up the base game? I also don't see the bundle either?

  • Already bought the deluxe Odyssey for $13, but Farcry looks tempting 😅

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      I didn't like Far Cry 5 but thought New Dawn was OK. But now I have a new PC (after about 11 years) so I want to try everything on it - $15 is pretty good for both games.

      Then again - what will the mystery game be for next week. Knowing my luck it will be Far Cry 5!

      • Yeah I think I'm more interested in New Dawn tbh. My first Far Cry games was Primal though, so maybe I'm not a good judge. Then played 4 but found it kind of boring in comparison, guess I just like weird settings.

        • I have been a die hard supporter of Far Cry since day 1. Still remember buying the first one and just playing it for months and months. But the games have got more and more arcade shooter and less strategy as each new title comes out. I still love 1 & 2 because the enemies are more interesting in the way they attack. But I still own all of them (1,2,3,4 on PC & 5+ND on Xbox SX)

        • Do you have the DLC for Far Cry 5? It takes you to Mars and to a land of zombies. It's pretty out there.

          Cannot recommend Far Cry Blood Dragon strongly enough either, the writing in it is probably the best of any Far Cry campaign and the soundtrack is gold. Has been given away for free countless times in the past so hopefully you have it?

          • @Agret: Blood Dragon was great fun. Never tried Zombies, Mars or Vietnam but they got pretty poor reviews at the time.

      • @Noobist45: If that is the case you will get a refund. That was the case in the past.

    • That's okay, I blame Ubisoft for confusing game titles. You should still be able to use the code on the season pass (hopefully it works for dlc?)


      Gives you all the DLC and the remasters of Assassin's Creed III & Liberation.

      I did the same thing as you, bought the deluxe edition & then the season pass as the gold edition doesn't come with the deluxe pack dlc.

  • How come searching for "Far Cry" on their site, or in the app, doesn't bring up this bundle? Also, how do you obtain the DLCs? The Epic store doesn't seem to sell them?