Qantas Changed Aircraft without Notification?

Booked a flight from Aus to NZ with classic rewards in business.

Initially was an A330 and 7 days before departure has been changed to a Boeing 737-800 which is an inferior product.

Can someone please advise if I am eligible for a refund as they changed flight type without notification?

I have the original booking which has the A330 as the original flight.

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    Under the section:

    Flexible Classic Flight Rewards
    Changes on or before 28 February 2022

    Can someone please advise if I am eligible for a refund as they changed flight type without notification?

    Per the above. You can get a refund for any reason at the moment.


      Thank you

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    a 3hr flight? Disappointing, but not worth fighting it.

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    We had the same thing happen for a Perth - Brisbane flight and cancelled. We were in the cancellation free period. Cancelled and got a full refund with no questions asked.

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    Don't know because they could argue they will still get you from point A to B, just that for operational reasons the original aircraft type is not in service

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    Lol you can cancel anything right now without issue. It’s still covid times.

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    Qantas can probably advise you…..

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    You booked with classic rewards, you can get a full refund. Points + taxes. Easy to cancel online. Amazing flexibility at the moment.

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    As others mentioned, full flexibility with Classic rewards right now.

    As for aircraft swaps, it is disappointing but Qantas T&Cs say it can swap aircraft without notice due to operational reasons. Even though the A330 business is far superior to the 737 business, your business class ticket is for transport from A to B in the specified cabin and does not guarantee aircraft type.

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    Kids, the week-long holiday we've been waiting a year and a half for is cancelled because Qantas decided to put me on a plane for about three hours with a slightly worse screen and seat.

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      Of course for the sake of this joke I assumed a few things.

      But more seriously, as a mild-enjoyer of point-redeemed J and F flights, I get the disappointment, but unless the entire trip was about the flight, what can you ultimately do about it? Just cancel it and find another CR flight.

      Oh sorry, sir. We didn't realise it mattered so much to you to get the A330. We'll swap the plane back just for you

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    First world probleam. Just move on. Luckily he did not mentioned that QF has placed purser to service him instead of promised picture hostess.

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    The usual Waratah train to the City comes at 9:05am, but today it was replaced with the Tangara

    Better not get on the Tangara until another Waratah train comes along… or seek refund 🤔

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    Ha, I booked an Air NZ flight from Perth direct to Auckland specifically because it was a Dreamliner (787) which I particularly like.

    Then their Dreamliner fleet was grounded, and they replaced it with a crappy old plane, obviously borrowed hastily from Singapore Airlines, because the old Singapore Airlines paint job had only half been painted over.

    I complained and got a small refund for the optional extras (food and entertainment)…

    But I guess stuff happens..

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    Has the world really progressed this far down the gutter that people are complaining about the "type" of plane now?

    Maybe OP should change their name to Karen



    you wont cancel, even though you could.

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    Complaining about the plane for a 3 hour flight?

    Plane swapping is so common it's a daily occurrence in some airlines.

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      was thinking the same thing… if this is the biggest issue you have on your trip, be thankful.


    OzTravel now?


    I know this is really petty.. but i completely sympathise.. especially for business class. 737 business is basically slightly better than a front row economy seat on the A330.

    I would be seeking to change flights if there is an available A330 flight. You signed up for a particular experience, you have been given an inferior product.

    You may as well fly economy on a 737, difference isnt big enough to warrant the extra spend.


    Complaint is valid if they replaced the A330 with a canoe…


    Maybe they should replace it with a one of these.

    Then would you be happy?


    Sucks that they changed it. I was a newbie to business class and didn't know about checking which plane was being used when I went to Fiji.

    Had awesome lie flat business on the way there but what felt like 'premium economy' on the way back (and no business class lounge either when departing)

    Unfortunately airline requirements are probably higher than your preference of plane.