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Joseph Joseph Helix Potato Ricer $12.47 (Was $49.95) + Shipping ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Pretty popular last time it was posted at $23, currently at its lowest price ever at $12.47

  • Unique twisting action makes ricing easier
  • Perfect for creating smooth mashed potato and vegetable purées
  • Durable stainless steel and nylon construction
  • Easy clean 2 piece design; Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +18

    Finally, it's been so tiring making mash with my Joseph Joseph garlic press.

  • What makes this better than a standard masher where you mash it into the saucepan you boiled them in?

    • +3

      Ease of use, speed, durability. I bought one for my grandmother as she was struggling to mash the old fashion way. They require really little strength to mash

    • Isn't this for making gnocchi and stuff. Not mash potato

      • +8

        This is for ricing potatoes.

        With riced potatoes, you can add fat and dairy to make mashed potato.

        With riced potatoes, you can add egg and flour to make gnocchi.

    • +2

      A ricer will give you smooth mashed potatoes without over agitating so you won't end up with a glue-like consistency.

      • Drum sieve is the best though.

    • +4

      This is better than mashing as it allows you to avoid overworking the potato as you mash it. In a similar fashion to how to gluten is developed when you knead wheat flour, more starch is released when you work/knead potatoes.

      You can reduce overworking with the traditional mashing method if you use enough fat though.

      The more tender mashed potato produced from the ricing method is perfect for applications such as making gnocchi or other doughs.

      • Just a few seconds in the hand blender we good

    • I personally find it no better than a standard manual masher. YMMV

  • This masher is awesome!

    • +4

      Username biased

  • -3

    no thanks, not suitable for family of 4.

    • Um… how so?

      • +1

        She's a tough Mum. Wants a 4 pack. Do your bit or no mash potatoes for you

    • no thanks, not suitable for family of 4.

      It's about half of its previous price so you can buy 2. :)

  • +5

    Garlic press also on special

  • Cheers OP, bought the garlic one

  • This is very good and big

  • For real - spotted this back in stock today and bought for $23 (has already shipped)

    Wonder if Amazon will credit the diff?

    • +2

      yeah they will. Just ask.

    • Just buy another and return the shipped one :)

      • Just buy another and return the shipped one :)

        Better not do that too often!

        • That’s they told me to do it lol

    • No they won't! You have to order a new one and return this one. Unfortunately that's what they asked to do in the past.

      • Yeah you're right - just tried my luck and this is what they said

        'We consistently offer competitive prices on everything we carry.
        However, the prices on our website are subject to change.
        We don't honour price match.
        If you would like.
        You can return the item once you received it and you can purchase the cheaper item.'

  • +7

    Thanks OP - great price.

    Also 70%+ off on
    Square Colander @ $7.47
    Helix Garlic Press @ $8.47

    Edit - and…
    Flip-up Adjustable Draining Board @ $14.99

    • Square colander just makes sense for saving space. If only the other colours were discounted too.

  • +3

    Must resist eurge for more kitchen gadgets

    • +1

      More kitchen gadgets/appliances is the sign of a well-lived life.

      • A very good thermometer is crucial to avoid disappointing guests if you’re an average cook.

  • Anyone else having trouble adding to cart?

    • +1

      Yes, it went out of stock, then it says in stock but wont add to cart.

    • Ya, same.

  • Same

  • I may be too slow to the party…
    Edit: same

  • +2

    This is a great masher. No lumps like your typical in-pot masher, it's super easy to turn compared with the press down design thanks to the higher torque and is easy to clean/store as it break into two parts. I bought it about a year back and can highly recommend it.

  • +2
  • This went out of stock as I was trying to get a price difference from amazon. I decided to return the one I paid $23 out of principle. I hate knowing that a bunch of people got the same item for almost 50% less than me. Makes my ozbargainer blood boil.

    • Don't give yourself a you-know-what…

      If it makes you feel any better, plenty of people paid double what you did, too!

  • anyone did a screen shot for the $12.47 price?
    I was talking to Amazon customer service, and they said they can refund the difference if we can provide a screen shot for that price.

  • not $12, but $23 on ebay (0 delivery with ebay plus)

  • +4

    Thanks OP, managed to snag one before sold out. Been wanting one for a while and my Prime trial is running out soon.

    • +2

      Extend the Prime - you know you want to…

  • +1

    Man I missed this 😭

  • +1

    Used it today, works great. Fast, efficient. I even managed to rice the skins through for extra nutrients. Took a bit of force, but worked fine haha.

    Once I didn’t have a ricer and used a metal sieve. That was a nightmare.

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