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[PS4, XB1, PC] Cyberpunk 2077 Day One $39.95 + Delivery ($0 NSW C&C) @ The Gamesmen


Current deal at The Gamesmen. Only for PS4 and Xbox One, not PC. PC is now discounted.

PC sold out.

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The Gamesmen
The Gamesmen

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    I purchased that from Gamesman on Day 1, and returned it on Day 3.

    • I bought from gamesmen day 1 too and wish I’d done the same :(

      • +1

        imagine if you got the special edition …………

        • +2

          imagine if you got the special edition last-gen xbox…………

  • +7

    Had this game since launch and finally started playing this game the other day.
    Even with patch 1.22 on PS5, it still feels pretty unfinished and buggy, it has crashed on me 3x in 4 hours and I had to reload an old save 1x due to a side quest progression bug.

    Otherwise most other aspects are pretty decent. Probably worth $40, but I wouldn't pay a cent more.

    • I've enjoyed it, on PC though. Other than some funky graphics glitches I haven't really had any bugs and it's never crashed on me in game. It's a pity that the bugs have really let them down on the console versions though.

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    Waiting for it to be under $20 on steam.

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    PC is also at $39.95 now

  • +5

    if you are looking at this game and paying at this price, consider this to complement: https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/toys-and-collectibles/258...

    because obviously you would be a die hard fan

  • +10

    I'm thinking this will eventually end up as $5 coaster.

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    Can’t find the PC version listed - am I blind?

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    this garbage fire is buggier than an ant hill covered in bees.

  • +1

    GOG pc digital version, cheapest i could find, although not a day one edition,

  • Does anyone have the ps4 version? Are the bugs that bad where it's unplayable?

    • Yes, and yes. It's a garbage fire on console

      • We should be grateful it doesn't actually set fire to last-gen consoles!

    • +1

      PS4 version on PS5 is playable fine. Occasional crash after 3-4 hours play but you can jump straight back in.

    • +1

      Based on some reviews and other editorials.

      PS4 base is almost unplayable
      PS4 pro is fine (but still has issues with crashing and bugs)

  • +3

    I've had this since launch and have yet to turn it on. Have been waiting for the free ps5 upgrade to come out before I play this.

    • Same

    • That's the only reason I'd even be considering this - buy it, run it once to "register" myself as an existing player, then clear the space and wait until the next gen verison, then wait for that to be patched into stability.

      OTOH, might be just as prudent to wait for the eventual sale on the fully-patched, all-inclusive "GOTY" collection version with the expansions included - in 2023.
      Or 2025.

  • Pc out of stock. 28 Degrees price protection for the win though.

    • This is what i wanted it for, but can’t get a screenshot

  • +7

    Day One Edition?

    Is that the version with all the bugs that they didn't get to fixing during crunch?

    • +1

      LOL! That is funny, a game that was generally deemed unfit for purpose on release day is boasting its day-one-release as a selling point.

  • When are the next gen upgrades scheduled?

    • Still TBC.

  • +1

    It should be illegal to sell the Xbox version to anyone with anything less than a Xbox One X.

    • Still shit even on the Series X. Played for about an hour before I gave up.

  • +3

    JB Hi-Fi mistakenly sold this for $10 in New Zealand

  • I’m going to wait for the promised NextGen release later this year(?) on my XBSX before I gamble on this.

  • Bought this day one for my ps5, still waiting for it to be good enough to play. At this point I'll just wait for the full next gen version to release hopefully sometime this year. If you're on last gen consoles I'd skip entirely. Never seen a video game developer lose so much good will so fast.

  • i bought this from cashies for 35 dollars.

  • +1

    I'll get it when Amazon has it for under $30. All the people say not to bother but I just want to see Keanu doing his thing.

    Edit: Amazon actually has the XB1 regular version for $39.95

  • Built a new PC for this game, ragrets.. The game is not good but it definitely isn't as terrible as people are saying. It is one of the prettiest games i have seen to date..

    This is still not my worst game purchase. That title goes to Star citizen.

  • $39.00 Day 1 edition - https://www.mwave.com.au/product/cyberpunk-2077-day-one-edit... if you live in Syd

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