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adidas: 25% Upsized Cashback (Capped at $35 Per Member) @ Cashrewards


Greetings everyone, spotted another awesome increase on the Adidas page from CR as part of their birthday celebrations. They're offering 25% cashback at Adidas starting at 9am AEST which is even bigger than their current 15% increased cashback.

This can be stacked with the current Extra 30% off the Adidas Outlet using "CASHREWARDS30".

Seems like some excellent deals to be had with the stacking.

Offer Terms:

  • During the 15 hour promo, 25% cashback for Adidas is capped at $35 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 9am to 11:59pm AEST 25/05/2021.

  • Use of coupons or offers not specifically listed on Cashrewards may invalidate cashback.

  • Sales for this store report ex-GST. Cashback is calculated based on the reported amount.

  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

As always, enjoy :)

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • +4

    All the popular sizes on outlet have been cleaned out from last week.

    • Any idea how fast adidas takes to restock?

  • Can’t be stacked because the coupon expires at 0859?

    • The current 15% cashback offer expires at 8:59am, the coupon expires 28/5, it’ll be updated when the offer is live.

  • +1

    Damn, I already bought at midnight.

    • +2

      Same, I thought 15% was the upsize cashback :(

      • +1

        Same, the OP of the other deal made an edit so assumed that was the upsized. Shattered

        • +2

          Re-order? Free returns for the first order (can't be cancelled even if it hasn't been shipped yet)

          • @edman: Yup, did just that. Tried my luck at cancelling but the live chat said it was already in the warehouse ready for pickup. Worth the $18 extra in cashback

            • @No Child Support: I just did the same. They are trying to cancel my first order, but I don't hold out hope.

            • +1

              @No Child Support: Dang, seems like I better get to ordering a second pair and be prepared to do a free return on my first order also!

              No idea why they did the 15% first, then the 25%. They should have known there were gonna be people who'd get caught up in this mess =/.

  • +6

    50% stacked with 30% off stacked with 25% CR capped at $35? WOW!

    Just got 3 pairs of All Black Duramo SL as work shoes for $138.60 - $35 CR. I could probably claim tax deduction for work shoes as well. This will end up $70 for 3 pairs. Buy half pair and get 2.5 pairs free? WTF!?

    • +1

      Damn, might as well give your those shoes for free

    • +1

      did the same thanks

  • +4

    Some good prices but man I still have shoes in boxes, no more for me for a while.

  • Any have their orders tracked?

    • +1

      Yes, tracked and stacked with the CASHREWARDS30 code

      • Just got it now. Thanks for the confirmation.

  • With the cashrewards, it just says I clicked on the site, no purchase? I'm guesing it takes a couple of days for the system to approve?

    • you'll get an email saying it has tracked.. mine took about 30 minutes

    • +1

      Made my purchase @9 and still waiting for mine to track

  • Mine tracked should have spent more than one pair to get the full 35 bucks back lol, got enough shoes now

  • +1

    Bought 2x NMD1 GTX, averages to $100 each

  • Unfortunately I can't find any shoes that come in 4E, unless I'm searching incorrectly..

  • +1

    Damn just got an email to about a pair of shoes in my order is no longer available so now I have to cancel the whole order or risk cashback being rejected. Well it happened before with footlocker and they rejected the cash claim.

  • Which one of you a hats bought the last FA jersey

    • I got the last black one. Blue one still available but not my size.

      • You are my ozb nemesis

  • +4

    Anybody after a pair of clean, simple, casual and comfortable shoes should check these out


    I bought a previous version for about $60 a couple of years back and I still wear it. I think they look great whether in shorts or pants and their Cloudfoam shoes are super comfortable. Worn these bad boys on overseas trips and never had issues with sore feet. For $35ish (after discount/CB) it's a hella good bargain. I would buy again if I wasn't saving for a pair of Allbirds

    • They've piqued my interest before - hows the PU upper vs a genuine leather? I assume thats why they're cheaper than stan smiths?

      • +1

        Never owned a pair of Stan Smiths so I can't compare the comfort and durability. My pair has started to wear down with the seams between the sole and the upper material coming apart a little bit on one shoe. That said, this shoe has been my primary casual shoe I pretty much wear on most occasions since April 2019 so wear and tear is expected.

        I have a friend who has owned a pair of Stan Smiths for like 4ish years and it's gotten old, dirty but pretty much intact, so that's one case of these that have lasted. I just can't directly compare comfort either which is a big thing for me but having owned a couple pairs of Cloudfloam soles, I'd buy them again.

        The other thing is I don't think Stan Smiths are genuine leather anymore. Happy to be corrected but from what I've seen, they all use recycled material now.

        • thanks mate! I've ordered a pair, cant say no at ~$35!

          • @WillisAU: I like them so much, I just ordered another pair as well! I debated getting the Stan Smith (and paying a premium) but when I looked more into the materials it was a pretty clear decision.

            Stan Smith ($140): This product is made with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials.

            Advantage ($66): Showing off a clean look, these tennis-inspired shoes have a smooth leather upper. Polyurethane-coated leather upper

            As much as I wanted my first pair of Allbirds, it came down $150 vs $35

    • +1

      Thanks, stacked with the $5 bonus

  • o i really hope my order i made at 9am gets tracked. pls dont let me down cashrewards. i hope paypal payment doesnt reset it or something.

  • +2

    Didn't need anything. Got another pair of ultraboosts. Thanks!

    • Which model of UltraBoost?

  • Wasnt buying yesterday better when you stack clickfrenzy with cashrewards30 for double %30 off? Instead of 30% and 25% cashback

    • +2

      Nah, the cashback was less.

      • nevermind, didnt realise that the cashrewards30 code came after the clickfrenzy code

        weird i swear i remember stacking them for 51% off on my cart, must have been a bug becasue i didnt refresh the browser or something

  • +1

    So, literally 68% off from original price… Got some stuff

  • +3

    Does it take a while for the transaction to appear in my CR account? I see the click history but no transaction after I made purchase.

  • Anyone had their order shipped as yet?

  • +1

    Just got my order cancelled. Very disappointed with Adidas with the fact that their warehouse don't fulfill the orders based on time of when orders placed. I placed the order early and there was plenty of stock, and still plenty of stock over an hour after I placed it. Yet mine got cancelled and Adidas customer service confirm that the warehouse don't fulfill based on people who order first.

    • Concerning. Shipping info for my order has been sent to auspost, item yet to be posted.

      • If shipping order have been sent to austpost I believe that should be okay. I placed another order a few days after the one they cancelled, and got shipping notification from Austpost yesterday and this order only had one in stock. The order they cancelled had more than 10 in stock when I placed as it did not show low stock. So really annoyed that Adidas had given to other people who placed their order after I did and cancelled mine when I only had that one item in my order as well so should have been processed quickly.

        As compensation they just gave a 30% coupon which you can't even use on sale items.

  • Although Adidas website customer support were useless, saying that they don't have the means to cancel so please return the item once received blah blah blah,

    Adidas Facebook support actually managed to cancel my unwanted order that got caught up in the 15% cashback.

    Received my shoes today that has the 25% cashback and am very happy 😎.

  • "its coming today" according to auspost

  • I just received my shoes today and one of them has a small noticeable patch on the fabric. What are my options here without losing the shoes and the cashback? I called Adidas and they said they can only offer refunds, no swaps or exchanges.

    • yep, you pretty much miss out if you have to return :( bit rough in the case of damaged goods

      Unfortunately, we are unable to exchange products. If you wish to exchange a product, you will need to return your purchase for refund and place a new order."

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