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Crucial 4GB (1x 4GB) DDR4 2666MHz SODIMM CL19 $12.08 + $15.95 Delivery @ Megabuy


Cheap memory for an old computer or iMac

Good price even factoring in the $15 shipping fee

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    This company has a terrible reputation for misleading advertising and some of the worst customer service around.

    For anyone who doesn't know about megabuy yet, checkout feedback from their customers before you consider placing an order. A couple of links to get you started.

    ProductReview feedback (Sudden rush of 5 star reviews recently from one post wonders makes me dubious given their history but make of that what you will)

    81 pages of Whirlpool feedback

    If you're after more info on the company, check feedback for the other sites they also run.


    Major issues with this seller.

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      I bought a brand new Dell monitor from them once, and they drop shipped a used (returned because of fault) monitor to me.

      They then hand balled it onto Dell to deal with rather than doing the work themselves.

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        "Hello, ACCC? I'd like to make a complaint."

        • Agree. Put it in writing to the company first then report to Fair Trading

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      Geez, their "reviews" couldn't be more fake if they were stamped with a giant red FAKE image.

      "I was looking for a hard-to-find device."

      Well shit, Megabuy ain't the place for them buddy.

      "It was confusing to start with but it got easier once I knew what we were after. We did have numerous issues but ALL were sorted out with no problems. This is a company that goes above and beyond to help."

      So you went onto a technology site, not knowing why you were there or what you wanted, and somehow the staff figured it all out for you and sold the unknown product to you?

    • Ill let you know how i go, i proceeded and paid with PayPal. I hadnt heard of them either so i guess ill wait and see

      Price of these sticks usually hovers around $25-30

      • They cancelled the order and refunded.

        • Pretty standard for this mob to advertise they've got stock when they don't and accept orders. Only part of this that surprises me is you were refunded so quick without them suggesting you buy a dearer product.

    • thanks for letting us know, you just saved fellow ozbargainers some money, quality post. Will not buy from them

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    If you have an old computer it most likely still has DDR3.

    • Agreed. Not sure what system would take DRR4 that you would consider a 4GB stick. Maybe a 2 slot NUC?

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        Literally just upgraded my mums laptop with an additional 4GB DDR4 stick to make a tidy 8GB, plenty for her uses and made a noticeable difference. Laptop came with one 4GB stick.

        Laptop would be at least five years old (still has a decent enough Core i3).

        • I'm surprised there were two slots, as so many systems only have one these days.
          Agree that processors are progressing slowly these days. Often only 5% improvement between generations in actual performance.

          • @mskeggs: I was pretty surprised too. I was swapping out the criminally slow hard drive, spotted the empty slot, and fished around in my drawer of random RAM and found a matching 4GB stick, identical to the one in the machine!

            With a cheap SSD and now 8GB RAM, it’s a perfectly decent machine running Windows 10 (came with 8).

          • @mskeggs: Except you're forgetting that the i3 used to only have 2 cores. It switched to 4 in the 8th gen in 2017, so that was a 100% (theoretical) improvement right there.

        • If it came with Windows 8 then it's probably a 6th gen i3 as that was the first i3 that supported DDR4. That would have late 2015? Surprised it still came with Windows 8 as 10 had been out for a while already at that point.

          • @Mondorock: Hmmm, maybe it is DDR3 then, I was only looking at the pin outs and a cursory glance at the RAM model number (which was identical to the stick already in the system).

            Was definitely at least 6 years old with a dual-core i3, and it came with either Windows 8 or 8.1.

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      All my computers are DDR3, or soldered in :-(