Looking for a Decent Dashcam (under $250)

Hi, I'm looking for a dash cam under $250 but the cheaper the better.

I need something that's easy to use and set up, has decent footage. Preferably has an app or something that lets me save footage easily on the phone. I guess I want it more for vids as opposed to needing it in an accident but it'd be nice to have both.

Are dash cams under $100 reliable?


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    In my opinion, for the ~$250 price range the best option would be Viofo Dash Camera.

    Next step up would be Blackvue, but you're looking at $400+.

    • Will look into Viofo, thanks

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    I can't speak for the cheaper models, but if you can up your budget a little, I'd say go for BlackVue.
    I've had one for a couple of years now, and it's pretty much "set and forget". Each time I've wanted to get some footage, I connect via wifi direct and download straight to my phone. It's nice and unobtrusive too and very few people that get in the car even notice it's there.

    • Ahh I don't know if I can justify spending more for a dash cam but Black Vue seems to have a good reputation here

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    street guardian has been good and their customer service / warranty support is exceptional, cheaper option to blackvue. Looking at just under $500 for front and back hardwired with parking mode.

    • Damn.. does it really cost that much to get a decent dash cam

  • I've got a Blackview DR900S-2CH and Viofo A119 PRO, v3 and A129 2K.

    I first got the Blackview then wanted to fit cams into my other cars, save yourself the money and go for a Viofo. There are comparison videos on youtube, you'll see why you dont have to spend almost $1k for a decent dashcam.

    • Viofo is more my budget, will check out youtube, thanks!

      • I've had nothing but problems with a Viofo A119 V3. The original purchase was replaced under warranty when the GPS failed and now the replacement unit is faulty. Firmware updates are a pain and you need to remove the micro SD card to download video. Support from Viofo China is good but local support is crap.

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    Viofo is on your price budget and a good dascham to have 😷

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    I've had this one for two years and have no complaints so far

    • +1 to this. I've had the Blueskysea B1W for nearly 3 years now. One minor niggle that I've been facing. The date keeps resetting to 2015 if you don't start the car for 3-4 days. But once connected to the app, it corrects itself. Not a deal-breaker though. It performs very well for the $90 is paid then.

    • Great! That's a lot cheaper, will check it out

      • There is an updated module BlueSkySea B4K, great value for a real 4K dash cam!

  • I got a Viofo A119 V3 for around $100 from a previous deal, works well for more than a year now.

  • Is wifi a good convenience to have in a dash cam or can you do with out it?

    • Unless your a total shit magnet, you are probably only going to want to see recordings a few times a year. So, for mine, not needed.

  • Get Navman MiVue 760 Ultra, got it at 50% off and the best dash cam I have used thus far. I prefer it more than my blackvue.
    Extremely easy to use also.

    • which store had it at 50% ?

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        Jb hi fi but that was a year ago, now they are having $100 off

  • We've got a Viofo a119 v3 in each car. Picked them up a little over $100 each with the GPS module included. They come with spare mounts, mounting tape, cable guides. Rock solid and best bang for buck for sure.

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