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Jamo DS4 Wireless, Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers $99 Shipped @ Hificlearance via eBay



*****Just a note for everyone that has bought these, there is a plastic tweeter protector under the speaker grill. Make sure you remove this before using******

Good price for these speakers. Under half the price most others are asking. Not the latest Bluetooth tech but still a good deal.

I have bought a set but haven't used them yet, so cant comment on sound but if they are like other Jamo speakers I have owned they should be decent.

Full specs on Jamo's website;

A review here;

The DS4 wireless bookshelf speakers offer a sleek, contemporary design with an incredible acoustic performance. Wrapped in a white or black stitched leatherette, these speakers accent any home décor.

Contemporary Design
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Easy-to-use controls
Stereo analog input
USB charging port
Room-filling acoustics
These bookshelf speakers utilise Bluetooth® wireless technology for music streaming from your phone, tablet or computer

The DS4 wireless bookshelf speakers feature an easy-to-use control pad for volume, pause/play, fast-forward, rewind, and source selection

Quickly connect your DS4 wireless bookshelf speakers to your TV or computer via stereo analog inputs to bring life to your movies, music and games. A separate USB port acts as a charging station for your electronic devices.

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  • These or a budget soundbar?

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      Budget soundbars sounds like balls.

      • In my experience budget soundbars are pretty bad, Just about any set of decent active speakers will sound much nicer.

    • I find bluetooth lags when watching videos. You can adjust for it in a lot of apps if you're doing a HTPC, but not directly on your TV.

    • Budget soundbar can sit under/in front of your TV/monitor. You may not have the space on the sides.

      I use a super budget soundbar under my computer monitor. Yes, sound is pretty crap, but I'm using it mainly for listening to dialog in youtube etc. I have decent open headphones and a DAC for when I want quality music.

  • Bugger, was hoping these had a USB “PC” input so could connect to my PS5… the Edifier S880 does, but almost triple the price.

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    How would this compare to the Edifier budget powered speakers for sound which are around the same price points.

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      Can;t comment on Edifiers but have had and still have Jamo speakers and have been very happy with them .

      I will hook up the DS4's I bought tomorrow and get back with my thoughts if that helps.

      • Yes please.

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          Will do, will be in the arvo sometime.

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          Apologies for the long winded post.

          I had a chance to give them a listen this morning. Used the headphone out on my phone and from my tv with music and movies. They feel solidly built and have a nice finish. The speaker terminals also accept banana plugs so I attached a set to the supplied speaker cable and hooked them up that way.

          I am not a pro reviewer and obviously sound is a subjective thing so please take my thoughts as they are, my thoughts, lol. Also the speakers are fresh out of the box and not run in. I would expect them to soften more over time. Further, I only used volumes that were reasonably loud down to moderate.

          Sound wise, I find them quite smooth and relatively balanced albeit with an emphasis on mids and highs. Definitely lacking in bass as expected though.

          As for comparisons, I have a pair of Wharfedale Crystal 4.1 speakers in my bedroom and Jamo S801 speaker in my HT system.

          I think they compare fairly favourably considering the price and the fact that tey are not run in . No, they are not as good, but the gap isn't huge as I expected.

          I didn't test any of the higher frequencies but I did do a test tone sweep from 80hz down and this is what I got;

          -3db at 75hz
          -6db at 72hz
          -10db at 65hz
          -25db at 50hz

          I also hooked up a sub and for me it balanced the sound out much better.

          How I did was use a 3.5mm Y splitter from the tv out. I plugged the Aux 3.5 mm in to RCA to the speakers on one side then another from the other side of the splitter to the sub.

          I adjusted the crossover, balanced out the volumes and used the tv to control overall volume.

          I have to say that I am very happy with the purchase and when I sell my other family room setup, these will be going in there along with a small sub.

          Ps; I haven't worked out an easy way to connect a sub while using Bluetooth. Also I didn't try out the bluetooth as I dont use it. I run Plex via a Chromecast Google TV and listen music through that.

          I hope some of this helps.

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            @revheadgl: I was watching a movie as part of my testing, I got sucked into the movie and forgot about critical listening. Guess that says it all.

            This was with the sub hooked up however.

          • @revheadgl: Thank you for reporting back. I'll give it some thoughts.

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    These are actually $89 with code PLUSES10 for + members

    • Can confirm.
      Cracking deal OP!

    • Thanks for adding that, I am not a plus member so It doesn't show for me.

  • Everything is good except there isn’t a remote control for volume. And the input is only analog

  • 3.5” drivers, i think driver size should already give an idea of spacial and sound sound quality … these are smaller than the speakers in the footwell of my car,

    • Amplifier Power Output 18W x 2
      Frequency Response 50Hz-20KHz
      High Frequency Driver 20KHz
      Low Frequency Driver 3.5”,8Ω,20W

      I would be suggesting 3.5" drivers trying to push 50hz is very very optimistic

      also how to hook up a sub???

      • I hooked up a sub to mine this morning. See my post a few above here to see how I did it.

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    I have some old Logitech z623, how do these rank against either or the Edifer’s?

  • Awesome deal OP. I Love Jamo speakers (more so the the older made in Denmark era) but have been waiting for these to come down in price.

    • Cheers, I posted a bit of a mini review above if that helps.