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[Kogan First] Fortis WalkingPad Foldable Smart Treadmill T2 Pro $519 + Delivery @ Kogan


Seems that there are 3 different rebadges of this exact same "Kingsmith WalkingPad" product - Fortis, Xiaomi and Lifespan.

They all have the exact same specs and marketing and even use the exact same app.

My wife keeps pestering me to lose weight, but I'm too committed to my gaming to go the gym at night.

So I'll just bung this hamster wheel thingo under my standing desk and get some steps in while gaming.

Might be a bit too disorienting to use it while playing FPS or Driving games, but for Strategy games esp. turn-based ones like Civ VI, XCOM 2, etc, it should be a goer.

Note weight limit is 110kg. I'm actually slightly over that weight right now (112kg), but the whole point of getting it is to drop the extra kgs, so hopefully I'll be able to get under the limit after a week or two of dieting and getting in 10,000 steps per day.

Previous price in the last OzBargain deal was $679.15, and that seems to have been for a slightly different model (R1 Pro vs T2 Pro), but not sure what is the difference if any.

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    Fortis sold by Kogan = low quality crap. Don't do it.

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      It would be exactly the same quality as the Xiaomi one from this deal, presumably:
      If it is low quality crap, I'll let you know.

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        That's dude, I'd be interested hear. I'm moving into a smaller apartment and been curious about these kind of models.

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        I was tempted when this was $429 but wasn't sure about quality… would love to hear your feedback.

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    I got a pair of dumbbell from Kogan Fortis, really poor quality I must say.

    • Pretty sure its a rebadge of Kingsmith

      • Hey Gamer Dad Reviews, any update on how the treadmill is going ? Would love your feedback and sharing if possible. Thanks!

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    I paid near full price for the Kingsmith version, almost double. This one looks identical. Its quite compact but the surface area is decent and its sturdy for the price. Only draw back is the 10km limit but anything faster would be too big for small spaces like apartments.

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    I have the kingsmith model. Been using it everyday since last December. Easy to use but the machine now is quite noisy. It’s form factor is one of the main reasons I got it and it does it’s job well.

    • Noisier now than when you got it?

  • I've been wanting one for a long time, thanks door paying op.
    Reviews of kingsmith/Xiaomi walkingpad is that the treadmill trends to go off centre and starts to tear.
    What has people's experience been with warranty on Kogan?

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    Any feedback about this one?

  • Hey Gamer Dad Reviews, any update on how the treadmill is going ? Would love your feedback and sharing if possible. Thanks!

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