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Samsung Galaxy A21s Unlocked $146 (Normally $349) Delivered @ Officeworks


Samsung Galaxy A21s for $146 - Normally $349.

Everywhere else is $299.

Surely a price error but better than half price for a decent phone!

I just went in store and they would honor the online pricing.

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      I talked to their click and collect team, Just now officeworks sent me a confirmation, unit price 146, total 292 for 2 phones. I'll receive those tomorrow from local store. Paypal has not updated amount chaged yet.

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      I am Sc%$#


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    Collected. Doncaster officeworks.

    • Will someone price match this if you provide the slip :D

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        Here is my receipt/tax invoice. I ordered from Officeworks website 10.43am. Delivered 1.30pm.

        • Can you please confirm this version has 6gb ram?

          • @whey4000: Yeah, the info sheet on their in store display had 3gb. I was asking about it when the price changed on the website, so I just pretend I never asked it and pointed to they had the 146 price on display. :)

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            @whey4000: Model no. is SM-A217F

        • @myotherac Crazy how quickly orders can be delivered these days!

          • @thefinalproblems: Haven't ordered from Officeworks for a while. I used to order stationery from them. Was free same day delivery if >$55 for business account. Was a bit surprised it costs $4 but personal account.

            • @Jeremy Dewitte: $4 to have it delivered in a couple of hours is crazy! Mine got delivered this morning at 8am for free. Never had delivery from Officeworks before, but I have to say I'm impressed so far!

          • @thefinalproblems: Lockdown in Victoria I guess why…

    • Do you use click and collect service ?

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    Just picked up 2 phone. Invoice said , Unit Price 146, total 292. Will open boxes once I'll get my $302 refund in Paypal. I think, I got enough proof now to get a refund through paypal if Officeworks don't refund.

  • Can anyone recommend transparent covers for these phones?

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    Thank you so much OP my dad was able to pop in and secure two of them at the discounted price of $292 even though it was scanning at $297 each:)

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    Picked up mine no issues.

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    It's back to 146$ now. I just ordered. Estimated pickup is Saturday, 29th May

  • Managed to order mine this morning and just picked it up. Perfect timing - hubbys bday today! Thanks Op!

  • Cheers. Just ordered one via the link in this post @ 15:18 C:

  • I just ordered.

    Why PayPal payment is $297 though checkout clearly shows $146.

    • It seems there is a issue with officeworks paypal process that need to be fixed by Officeworks IT Team. I had same issue this morning. Just call 1300633423 or email [email protected] with both screenshoot. one for checkout price other what paypal charged.

      I am yet to hear from them but in the meantime I pickedup the phones (2) and invoice clearly showing unit price $146. I hope officeworks return our money or we can claim refund through PayPal showing invoice.

      • My phone is ready to be picked and the invoice clearly shows $146.

        Hope don't have to run around for refund.

        • Just opened the click and collect order and it was apparently returned order. The seal was borken and tape was over it.

          FFS why staff can't it and proceeded to pack it instead. Staff can't do anything refunded $146.

          I still will have to chase them separately for $151 extra they charged on PayPal.

          They totally messed up!

  • Just ordered one for $149 and received the order confirmation within a couple of minutes.
    It shows ready for collection now. Thanks OP.

    • its showing up as $297 now :(

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    Ordered with afterpay. Got order number for C&C. Now waiting for pickup email. Afterpay only charged me $146.

  • Ordered for cc. Received pick up email. Thanks OP

  • So any guess who will price match per receipt hahaha.. I don't think anyone will consider it changed online?

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    Was able to price match at jbhifi in Eastland Vic , luckily the ringood Officeworks was showing as in-stock in stores. The rest showed low stock

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    It shows up as 297 in cart, do I press on and will it charge the 146 if I use credit card?

    Edit: Never mind, back to 297 on the page.

  • I think the flip flopping price between 146 and 297 is that they are trying to clear out the 3GB ram/32GB storage version, but they kept applying to the 6GB/128GB version.

    At OW today, the display section A21S specifically stated 3GB/32GB on the price ticket/spec sheet. But on the website the only one they had was the 6GB/128GB version.

    Now that I got my hands on one, and another on backorder at Amazon. I am not sure what I am going to do with it.

    The single core performance seems to be worse than the good ol A20 that I currently have as the night stand clock/device. Its getting a bit sluggish. But everything else is the same or better.

    • I also have the Amazon one on back order. Is this one the 6gb/128gb storage version?

      • I haven't opened it yet, since I haven't really decided what I am doing with it. But can't really tell from the box itself, it just says 128GB version and the generic SM-A217F model number. If you google the barcode 8806092001824, it does point to the 6GB/128GB though.

        • Cheers please update us when it arrives

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            @whey4000: The one that I am referring to is the OW version that I picked up in person. No idea if or when the Amazon one will arrive, might even cancel it.

  • Hello I ordered mine an hour ago and just got a sms its ready for collection Gillies Plains SA

  • Showing as unavailable online now (@ $297 too).

  • Back up to full price

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    Mmmyeah, time to mark this deal 'Expired' … it was a great deal while it lasted!

  • Good phone for the price. But if $349 I rather spend but more on A32.

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    I ordered one around 4:30 Pm Adelaide Time and 10 minutes later received a message from Office works Prospect, Its ready to pick up.

    Yes it is 6gb RAM

  • Anyone got their refund back where they paid $297 instead of $146?

    • Curious as to what happened in your situation. Any updates?

      • Yes I rang customer service and they organise the refund manually

  • Did anyone notice you could sell this phone to the mobile recyclers in box and make money from this deal provided you haven't opened the box?