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Collect 2000/4000 Everyday Rewards Points (Worth $10/ $20) for a $40 Spend @ BIG W


Received from Everyday Rewards, check your emails.

Collect 2000 points (Worth $10) when you spend $40 or more storewide in-store or online at BIG W until Sunday, 6 June.
Plus, enjoy an extra 2000 points when you shop online That’s up to 4000 points in total!
Boost, shop and enjoy until Sunday, 6 June.

Not bad at 25% (or 50%) back in points for the minimum spend.

Promotion runs from 00:01 AEST 27/05/2021 to 23:59 AEST 6/06/2021.

Promotion is available at BIG W in-store and online.

How it works
Spend at least $40^ (qualifying amount) in a single transaction at BIG W in-store or online to collect 2000 points. This offer can be enjoyed once only during the promotional period. To enjoy your offer online at you will need to ensure your registered Everyday Rewards Card number is linked to your online account at checkout; to enjoy your offer in-store, remember to scan your Everyday Rewards Card before completing the transaction. For all online transactions, orders need to be delivered or picked up by 23:59 AEST on 6/06/2021 to qualify for the points.

^Qualifying amount excludes spend on gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, travel cards, tickets, BIG W Photos, BIG W eBay, donations, lay-by fees or, lay-by cancellation fees. You will not collect any points on any of these exclusions.

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  • Up to half price then I guess

  • +3

    I got 1100 points for $55 spend, weird but okay.

    • Same one I got.

    • same here. 1100 + 2000 online booster

  • where i can find this extra 2000 points from online purchase?

    • +1

      Only if targeted - my partner was, I wasnt

  • +1

    … Never usually shop in Big W. Went this morning and spent $40 exactly. Bah humbug! Yes could take it back, refund and buy again… not going to though.

    Don't know if its linked to anything but on the docket was another offer of $10 off when you spend $100 using code 10DOLLARS expiring 9th June 2021.

  • Thanks OP, I received this offer.

  • +2

    dam, I only got 300 points for $30 spend

    • Same. Pathetic.

  • Mine's spend 30 get 3000 points

  • Mines 3400 points for min spend $70

  • +1

    400 points for $40 spend.

    • Yep same, can't be bothered.

  • +1

    :( I got 400 points for 40 spend

  • +1

    1000 for $50

  • 1700 for spend $85+ and I haven't even gone to BigW for at least a year -_-

  • +1

    I got 300 on $30 spend :(

  • 1,400 for $70, might pass lol

  • Nice. Got the 4000 points offer.

  • Sussy baka

  • +1

    300 for $30 - pass!

    Smashed out nearly $300 saved for Christmas already with a relatively low comparitove spend.

    Maybe that's why they don't give me recent offers anymore!

  • I’ve got 3900 points for a $195 spend.

    If this is them trying to tempt me to shop at BigW after a long absence, it ain’t going to work. The 2000/4000 for $40 spend would have done it.

  • +1

    Got the 4,000 points offer (if purchased online, otherwise 2,000 in store) but what to buy? 🤔

  • +2

    Nothing for me, so $40 saved

  • Got the 4k pt offer on $40 online spend👍

  • 2000+300 points for $30

  • I have 4,000 for $100

  • What do I have to do to become a target? 🤷‍♂️

    • +1

      More cards!

    • Maybe change address? My two closest big w stores closed and I got offer. I suspect this is why I get good Coles offers, because there is no Coles in my suburb. And lousy Woolworths offers, because it’s around the corner. I have no proof though

  • Mine is 5x points only 😂

  • Would have been good for PS5 purchase

  • I got 1000 points for $50 + 2000 bonus if I shop online

  • I only got 1000 points for $50 minimum spending

  • 2300 for $115 spend not gonna spend

    • -1

      No wonder they don't send it to me as doing your spend with 10DOLLAR code and 5% off gift card is so easy to find bargains with over 20% off .

  • Do you have to sub to their mailing newsletters for this ?

    • +1


      But when I ordered I saw my email was already registered and my card was linked to the account. So maybe an unused account with card linked is why I was targeted? No idea

    • +2

      I received the offer. I'm not subscribed to their newsletter and have probably made one in store purchase at Big W in the past 12 months.

      • Did you receive it via email or was it on the app on your phone?

        • +2

          I received it via email but it was also on the app

  • Has anyone received the 2nd 2k pts for $40 spend online? The same offer in the APP does not mention the 2nd 2k pts at all.

    • +2

      Based on previous experience the 2000 pts appeared 7 days after the order date YMMV, and also there's no mention in the app.

      • Any experience when they ship? I ordered on the weekend, so hoping they ship before 6th? Terms say delivered by 6th lol

        • +1

          I usually order game/toys through their eBay store and everytime they ship pretty fast.

          But for the bonus 2000 pts it was a pick up order, I collected it after 7 days then the pts was added.

  • I got an offer for 300 points (plus additional 2000 points if online purchase) for $30 spend.
    Submitted an online order for 2 items totalling $30, to be picked up in store. Next day, got an email saying one of the items could not be supplied, so the amount for that item would be refunded. Now total order amount is less than $30.

    Does anyone know what happens to the bonus points in situations like this?
    I have not picked up the item yet. I was thinking that the bonus points would be lost, but currently my woolworths rewards app is showing the transaction as a $30 spend, with 32 points credited so far.

    • Got the same issues with you… want to know if I can get the bonus points or not

    • +1

      Contact Rewards for advice.

      In the past, bonus points were added if order met threshold, but items were out of stock. Not sure about now.
      They usually can't correct it until after Bonus Points should have been added.

      Bonus Points aren't added for 7 days.
      Order needs to be picked up by Sunday night to receive the 2000 Bonus Points.

      Could cancel order & place new order.

      Safest way is to add something extra to return, in case of out of stock issue. BigW has easy returns policy. Just return at time of order collection.

      • 2k pts added before pickup for me. The 2nd 2k pts has not appeared. It is different to Woolies online shopping.

        • Yes, have had Bonus Points added before collection in the past with BigW.

          But can take up to 7 days (after promotion) as stated in email.
          Your points earned may take up to 7 days from the end of the promotional period to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card.
          So any correction has to wait until then.

          Got 2 4 x 4k offers (just found more!), so might as well use them for half price buys. Just boring everyday stuff like laundry liquid etc - which seems to be always in stock.

          • @Rather be Travelling: I have 3 offers and all accounts have $40+ rewards dollars on them. Redeem the rewards with some small spend and earn expected $20 rewards back. It seems a no brainer winner. I bought the $45.50 | 6pk | Brita filters mainly, effectively $4.25 each after all discounts.

            • @Neoika: Lucky you - only $10 credits on my accounts. Hardly shopped at Woolies this year. Paid with free egift cards from a promotion. So free with credit back.

              Did 2 shops last night. Waiting for pickup emails. Found another 2 offers now. Don't think I need any more from BigW.

              • @Rather be Travelling: Lindt and Darrell Lea(expired on Thursday) are on sale too. I topupped on one order to $50 with 2 Lindt bars, redeemed $50, not one cent spend.

                • @Neoika: 2 x $40 left to order at half price…
                  Walked through BigW store other day to see. Left uninspired.

                  Haven't eaten chocolates this year! (But just had a hot choc.) Added a few Lindt to cart yesterday, until I found more boring items to buy.

                • @Neoika: Picked up my 2 $40 orders & checked out what to order next. Pick up 2 $40 orders tomorrow.

            • @Neoika: Do you created 3 accounts with Big W? My partner got the same offer but he doesn't have a Big W account. I'm thinking if I can just change the rewards card number under my Big W account and still get bonus points? Thanks

              • @MiNaW: 2 accounts. Did it like you.

              • @MiNaW: Just Rewards accounts - have a few for family. Handy for points offers at Woolies & BigW. That way - shop with best offer.

                I rarely shop at BigW, but did scan a few Rewards cards there recently. Only some received this & lesser BigW offers.

                Only have 1 account for orders with BigW - Rewards number on that account didn't receive this offer.

      • +2

        I just chat with Rewards and they confirmed I will still get the bonus points even with some items refunded.

        • That's great to know!
          Bonus Points on lower spend is better.
          My orders from last night are waiting for collection - no out of stock.

        • Thanks. I finally got my bonus points today, after I had a online chat with their helpdesk. (Points did not get automatically credited, for some reason).

  • Placed an order today. Just realised I forgot to boost the offer in my account before ordering.

    Amateur hour, time to go to the OzBargain naughty corner :(

    • Order again & cancel / return first order.

      • Tbh I almost cannot be bothered. Just won't collect the order I've done and eventually it will get refunded

  • I Checked the rewards app we had a 400 point boost fot a $40 spend. Unless they forgot a 0. Would they really offer me a $2 bonus offer?

    • Your points earned may take up to 7 days from the end of the promotional period to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card. - from offer email

  • I recently signed up with Big W a week ago and only linked my Everyday Rewards today, just received a email stating " Boost now to collect 10x points
    On every shop in-store or online at Woolworths from Monday, 7 June until Sunday, 13 June".

    A new promo?, no spend amount mentioned thou.

    • +1

      I've received this a couple of times, just can't be bothered. You get 1000 points (worth $5) for $100 spend. Not good enough.

  • +4

    2k extra pts for online shopping posted today.

    • +1

      4 cards with 2k bonus points added!

      Had used an initial 1k in another purchase, but returned in store. Was given total amount back onto CC👍

      • I also confirm it again that rewards redemption does not affect bonus pts, which is a payment with Woolies group stores.

        • Correct. Points are simply a form of payment.

          However, refunds are meant to be made in the same way as made. So points spent on a purchase should be refunded to the Rewards account.

          But as that is more work for staff…
          In my case $10 Rewards (2k points, incorrectly wrote 1k above) earnt in this Deal & spent on another purchase after this Deal, were refunded as $10 cash (on CC).
          A nice way to recoup our money spent.

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