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Chromecast with Google TV $74.22 + 2000 Qantas Points (or $0 + 12,040 Points) + $8 (or 1200 Pts) Delivery @ Qantas Rewards Store


Qantas store is having 30% off on selected Google product.
This might be useful for those who have no use for QFF points.
Discounted price is $74.22 + 2000 points (Regular price is $99 at Google Store).

Delivery is 1,200 points or $8

Sale ending on 30/06/2021 while stock lasts.

Nest hub 2nd gen is also available for $112.10 + 2000pts

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  • I dunno if this is a good price but it’s a bloody good device once you dump all the crap off it.

  • Can anybody comment how they have found the Google Nest Hub 2nd gen? Currently have a chromecast, nest audio and nest mini, so wondering if it would be able to control these well and act as a home hub

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      It can control all home devices and It's quite nice, theres still just something rather unsettling about having a camera constantly watching the room, you can access the camera outside of home and it has its uses but although theres a physical switch to turn it off, that switch also disables the microphone, so you'd need to operate it all by hand from the display. Great devices but it has its caveats if you are big on privacy.

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        No camera on the Nest Hub, only on the 'Max'.

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          my bad, didn't know there was a second gen I thought they referred to the max.

  • I have mi box 3, and firefox OS smart tv. Will i still benefit of having chromecast with google tv? Any suggestions/opinion? Still can't justify buying one. I also do not hv paid subscriptions for streaming services.

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      If you don’t know why you need it, then you don’t need it. You don’t need to go looking for reasons to waste money.

      • +3

        Probably the best advice someone has given on Ozbargain. Legit I look for reasons to spend lol

        • Its been engrained into us to just buy.

      • You are legend mate !!

      • @PainToad yeah good advice mate thanks,..
        just thought that CWGTV will have more apps access and 4K resolution. I should have used the word "get" instead of "buy" haha, I could get it for free using QFF Points. Anyway, wouldn't get it. Ta

    • Better off with the MiBox 3 if you have it set up via a USB ethernet adaptor in my opinion.

      Saying that, I found this from Google which may help someone; https://store.google.com/au/product/chromecast_ethernet_adap...

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    Pretty average price … goes on sale for $90 all the time.

    • +2

      Was thinking the same. 2,000 points is worth $20ish so you're really paying $94

      • on the same token, 12,040/2000*20 = ~120.. EWWW

        • The $8 delivery fee to Melbourne is ewww too

      • Depends on how you spend it.

        Equating to GC's its only about $6 - $12 worth.

  • If you have Points Club, it's 2000pts plus $73.44

  • Honestly, well worth it to have this, but seems like a waste of 2k points.

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    Bought one of these a while ago. I’m not sure if I have a dud or anything but the WiFi is awful on it. I got it for 4K functionality so I already had a HD Apple TV next to it and the Apple TV has never dropped Wifi and the Google TV always dropped Connection. Looked into it and saw a lot of similar complaints in the Google forums.

    Ended up getting one of the new 4K Apple TV’s. Bit pricier but definitely worth it.

    • +1

      It was a common issue that only just got fixed in the late update - Higher channeled 5ghz WiFi couldn't be seen.

      • Oh really? That's good to know. Will set it up on another TV and see if it's better. Thanks for letting me know.

  • +1

    The two pack of TPlink plugs is a pretty good deal

  • This or Atv ?

    • ATV.

      That said, they are really different. Go buy an ATV from Apple and if you don't like it return it within 14 days.

  • Didn’t like this as prefer to just cast from my phone. I found when asking google home to play something on the tv it had issues. I ended up installing it at the non tech savvy mother in laws place and going back to the chromecast ultra.

    I see the home hub max is also 30% off was looking at it on the jb deal but for 42480 points this might be better.

  • +3

    $82 + 2000 pts delivered doesn’t sounds like a great deal, will be way better if the price has included delivery

  • I got one of these linked here from the USA and it came with 6 months "Netflix credit" which never worked, that wasn't ideal at all.

    • sell the credit? or use a vpn to connect to the states and apply the credit to yr account.

      • It seems like it's somehow tied to the serial or something? We didn't get a code or anything.

    • Looks like an expensive mistake. They have that offer here in Aus. Looking at buying it myself.

      • My wife netflix account is American to boot (!!!) and it still didn't work.

  • Just a heads up, they seem to take their time "processing" the order.
    I ordered one on 21 May, my account still only shows "processing"
    Estimated delivery 3 June - so around 2 weeks

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      I think Qantas basically orders from other retail stores. I made an order on the Qantas store recently and it was fulfilled by Apple and JB Hi-Fi.

  • Currently waiting for replacement for this. I am told by google support someof these has issues with software update. After 25 + emails, 5+ phone calls from Google, finally they said it is faulty and known issue. Please be aware. Worked fine but will not update and when reboot you will get a dead andriod.

    • Same here. Waiting for replacement. It couldn't update. 03/2021 batch. I spent 2 hours on online chat with google support. I was asked to test update via second mobile phone 4G hotspot connection, but no luck. Then they sent Toll pickup to return to HongKong.

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    Pro tip, Go to JB and ask for their best deal on these. I got one for $50

  • received mine today 03/2021 batch

    • +1

      Did system update work for you?

      • Yes it ran as soon as I connected to wifi - before I added my account.

        • Cool thanks.

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