Aussie Broadband or Superloop? Also any recommendations for a router?

Hi all,
Looking to connect to a NBN plan (likely 25/10 speed) in South East Melbourne and tossing up between Aussie Broadband and Superloop (which is slightly cheaper). Any recommendations on which way to go?

Connection is HFC, any recommendations for a good router will also be appreciated. Router will be in the study which is near the centre of the house.

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Aussie Broadband
Aussie Broadband


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    I've done Superloop for the past 19 months, and can't fault their availability or speeds; they are rock solid from their Asquith (NSW) pop. They don't seem to really do any compelling deals, but then I guess you get what you pay for. I have numerous friends and family on Aussie, and the experiences seem quite mixed, whereas everyone I know who use Superloop are all +ve.

    Definitely Superloop for me.

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    Based on your speed, you do not need a fancy router - go on eBay and you may get some cheap Telstra Smart router for a cheap price.
    Like this one

    Currently on Superloop and HFC and they are great. There will be speed drop but they are well above the evening speed (250Mbps download) at my end (I am on free upgraded 1000/50 plan).

    Like others said Superloop has some delays on call centre but they are okay to deal with.

    PS: I am using UBNT Dream Machine Pro with nanoHD WAP but I think it will be an overkill for your speed tier.

    Reservoir, VIC Off-peak speedtest over HFC
    Reservoir, VIC Peak speedtest over HFC

    I think HFC bus congestion might be the major factor of speed drops, I might be wrong.
    Reservoir CVC
    Current plan: Speed Upgrade to 1000/50

  • Telstra Smart router for a cheap price. Like this one (

    Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 is usually $20-25 on Facebook Marketplace, half the price of the one you linked to.

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      You are comparing pick up seller with a shipped item. In fact you don't need to buy from Marketplace at all.
      Like this I usually ignore those selles.

      I normally do prefer shipping as it's safer and less hassle.

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    Experienced lengthy dropouts with Superloop. When we tried to contact their helpdesk we encountered long waits on the phone. Emails were also unanswered. Switched to Aussie and have had none of the previous issues we had when we were with Superloop. Take a look at the product reviews and do your homework. For us it wasn't worth saving a few bucks and having to endure poor customer service and dropouts.

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      Agree. Superloop’s support is no where near ABB but otherwise network performance is about the same.

    • I was with superloop
      u get better respond from them from their fb n social media
      I have experience like 3 unplanned equipment fault within the 1st month.. causing me to be unable to wfh during covid..
      was stable after that…

    • Agree - same dropout experience with Superloop - i moved out immediately !

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    There are delays when contacting Superloop for support - once you finally speak to someone, they're quite good. ABB don't have the support delays.

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      They used to! Sometimes I'd call and they'd have 1hr+ wait times, especially when Covid lockdown kicked in last year.

      I did hear they were hiring a large amount of staff and happy to hear they have resolved the issue.

      • Ironically enough, I have to call Superloop now as my FTTN connection is experiencing dropouts. It had done this a couple of months ago but I was placed on a stability profile and has been good until now.

        I was "currently caller number 17 waiting to speak to a representative" then about ten seconds later I was "currently caller number 18…" 🤨

        I could try the call back feature but going to wait it out… on hold for 5 mins already with no movement in the queue. It seems like it's still pretty bad.

        EDIT: I was on hold for 45 mins before speaking to someone.

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    I was with ABB for 6 months and have been with Superloop for 18 months. No issues with either.

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    I've had both. Both brilliant. Superloop is a fair bit cheaper so I'm still currently with them.

    Don't forget to use the referral link on OzBargain! The $20 discount per month is still valid and you'll also give some lucky member 10% off their bill for 6 months

    • Where's the $20 discount noted?

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        I meant the 6 month discount for new users. Just realised it isn't a flat rate though. It's $10 on the 50/20 and 100/40 and $15 on 100/20. Sorry for confusion, still a great deal which I recommend.

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    I switched from AussieBB to Superloop and never looked back. Superloop even upgraded me from the 100/50 to 250/40 connection for free.

    Both are good, my issues with AussieBB were to do with their billing systems not able to fix a fault which kept suspending my account each month. I'd then have to call and be on hold for 30mins to manually process the payment. They couldn't provide a fix for this inconvenience so I swapped. So IMO it comes down to personal preference in the end!

  • I've just moved to Superloop, nbn50/20 plan and it strikes me as a budget ISP with an excellent network. I've found my area has plenty of CVC (capacity) and there are zero slowdowns during peak and local and overseas sites all perform better then I expected. I think Support is good if you are patient, emails are answered in good time. I can't fault them to be honest. Great ISP. Highly recommend.

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