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30% off PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership Card $55.96 @ Target


Just walking by my local target (Hollywood plaza) SA and spotted these. RRP is $79.95 so 30% off that which gives it a total $55.96. Not too sure if it's Statewide.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    Crying in Victorian :'(

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      Pretty sure jbhifi will offer this discount soon (as part of PlayStations days of play event) and can provide you a code via email.

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      This is the Days of Play Price
      you can buy on your PS4/5 from tomorrow morning

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        I hope so. My sub ran out on Monday. I was waiting for the days of play sale to start

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        Ah good. Just in time to grab the May games.

        June games looking good with SW: Squadrons too

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        What day does this start on PS4/PS5 or EB games? Just checked and they’re still full price.

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    if its at target, might be the sign another sale is coming. Time to add a year or two to the subscription.

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      This will be the price on Days of Play sale from tomorrow on your console, EB Games, Amazon etc

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      Newbie here. So just checking, I could buy a couple of codes and apply them both to my account? (t&cs on JB's page states "This code does not expire")

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        Yes, codes stack up.

        • No past 36 months I don't think.

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    Yeah look guys I tried to add the photo to the description but it's not letting me.

    • If you could link me to the image, I can manually add it to the deal post.

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        Pmed 😁

        • Updated the deal post.

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      It's cause you havent linked the item directly. If you link the item directly, it will take the thumbnail from that link.

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    pity in Victoria. will you be able to buy one for me?

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      I think others said days of plays start tomorrow, if it doesn't pm me tomorrow and I'll get you sorted

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    Saw steam vouchers there too and got excited :(

  • I want the Xbox one! But I'll take this one too.

    • Same.. waiting for jb by 3 get 3 free deal.
      Should happen pretty soon I think.

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    Switch to US Playstation. PS Plus is easily had for $35 - $45.

    • +2

      Is there any limitation if I do?
      I am guessing I lose all the ps plus games.
      What about online play, can I still play with Aus players?

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        • You won't be able to access your current PS+ games as it would require an active subscription on the account linked to those games
        • Will still be able to play with Aus players using games purchased here in Aus
    • But how do you get US PSN credit to buy stuff?

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        You have to buy PSN cards on places like Amazon and eBay at inflated prices, counter intuitive if you need to buy dlc

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    Targeted offer

    • +3

      i see what you did there

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    How do people not know this is the discount we receive every year for the PlayStation Days of Play.

    • I've got every Sony console back to PS1 and this is the first I've heard of Days of Play. If I've seen it previously, I've assumed it was a one of sale thing, not an annual event.

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        Really? It's literally an annual event splashed everywhere including the PS store on your console.

        • -1

          I don't remember what I had for breakfast and here you think I'll remember an event that happened 12 months ago?

          That's what ozbargain.com.au is for. 😀

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          And like I said, if I've seen it before I've assumed it was a one off sale thing. I don't keep track of PS sales, because I have a life.

          You keep doing the ACK-SHU-ALLY thing though, I'm sure the shocked outrage is doing you good

          • @GrueHunter: Do you remember your birthday? Also an annual event.

            Awesome life you got going there.

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    Dammit, I had auto renew on and it renewed yesterday ;(

    • Crushing bro

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      Contact support they should refund the amount to your Playstation wallet

    • Thanks for your email about your PlayStation Plus membership.

      When you bought PlayStation Plus (or started your trial), the product description clearly explained that you were buying an ongoing subscription for which you would be billed automatically at the frequency you had chosen.

      Our cancellation policy provides a 14 day “cooling-off period” on the initial purchase from the start of your subscription, which allows you to evaluate the service and to cancel and obtain a refund within this period. However, the cooling off period does not apply to subsequent recurring payments. After the first 14 days, you can cancel your subscription at any time so that your subscription will expire at the end of the then current month, which will stop future payments, but you will not receive a refund for payments already made. We also send you an email reminding you that your next payment is due before each subsequent payment is taken.

      Nonetheless, I can see that your next membership payment has only just been taken, so I’ve cancelled it and refunded the charge back to your payment method as a gesture of goodwill.

      Don’t forget that you can manage your account for PlayStation Network, including periodic billing, by clicking on the Account Management link at the bottom of this email.

  • Do these stack like XBox Live? I've still got about 6 months left on my PS Plus sub, would I be better off buying a card now (to redeem in November when my current sub expires) or on the PS5 tomorrow?

    • +1

      Yeah they do. I think it used to be 3yrs max but not sure what the limit is now.

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    The Ps plus is still $80 on playstation app? When is is suppose to come down in price?

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      tomorrow based on the comments above

      • +1

        Sweet holding on for tomorrow

    • I am willing to know as well, in Vic and just had my PS5 yesterday just before the lockdown

  • Damn. Mine just auto renewed yesterday. In VIC anyway and Days of Play doesn’t seem to be working.

  • Anyone know when this will end ?

    • Scratch that it says it in the picture …

      • +1

        It says it also in the deal

        Expiry 9 Jun 12 days left

        • +1

          This means Victorians might be able to visit a physical Target store and buy this ;-)

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    Even as a casual gamer this is worth it for this price. I got it for 60 earlier in the year and only play couple times a week. There are so many good games that you wouldn't normally buy and easily get your 5 dollar a month worth.

  • anyone (other states) checked their local stores?

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      I just checked in Eastgardens NSW, and it was still scanning at the full price. Didn't bother going up to a register…

      • thanks, was just thinking of heading out during lunch to check.

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    Just went to my local Target (Mt Ommaney, QLD) to try and get this deal. Still scanned at full price. I asked staff if they knew anything and they said they'd be starting the deal on June 1st, maybe OP's Target started early.

    Unfortunately still not on sale on playstation online either..

    • Maybe try and pricematch at EB games?

  • Has anyone bought one from a NSW target?

    • Just did in chatswoood

      • +1

        I tried at Paramatta, it scanned at full price. Can you plz upload the receipt ?

  • Bought from Indooroopilly (QLD) target, scanned at full price but they honoured the deal after showing the photo

  • Just to confirm, no one in NSW has seen this yet?

    Hoping I can squeeze in this months free games!

  • Can someone please post an actual Target invoice? TIA

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    Went to Indooroopilly Target where it worked for zer0deals above but they wouldn't honour before the day of the actual sale (1/6). Said it would be a one-off thing..

    • I will check it 2moro @ Buranda. Thanks 😊

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    Bought two from West Lakes (SA) $55.96 each

  • Darnit just got a 1 month subscription for 11.95. Can I get a refund for that?

    Also can you continue to play these games off line if you don't have subscription after downloading them?

    • Once your subscription ends you can no longer play the games from PS Plus. Think of it like renting them. If you later resume your PS Plus subscription, you can play the previously obtained games from the earlier subscription period (as well as new PS Plus games as they are released).

  • +5

    Invoice if anyone wants to price match 🙂


    • many thanks

  • +8

    If anyone needs a card and can't manage to get 30% off let me know and pm me and I'll do a run for tomorrow.

    • Thanks for buying this for me, tran_p! You are legend!

  • Its at Target bullkcreek WA, scans at full price but shelf label says 30% off so staff ned to do manual price override.

  • Got mine yesterday at Target Innaloo W.A

    Scanned at full price then the manager overide the full price adding 30% discount.

    Got rolled though, got home to enter the code and it says it's invalid.

    Reckon at the checkout after it scanned at full price the manager must have cancelled and re-entered the sale manually without scanning the PS+ subscription card.

    Paying them a visit today!

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    Can confirm the same in Chatswood Westfield in Sydney, with sign saying 30% at the stand. Scanned at full price at checkout, but staff happy to update it.

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    Hi hweita, could you upload your receipt. I tried 2 stores in Sydney, both stores refused to price match. Both store manager said different states have different promotions.

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    I can confirm, the 30% discount was in chatswood nsw. The gift cards were in front of the customer service with the 30% off sign. They also had gift cards at the counters but there were no signs at all. All were checked with the full price and they adjusted the price manually.

    At first, I tried at burwood, but they said, their shop doesn't have the promotion and I should go to chatswood.

  • Bullcreek Target in WA had the 30% discount ticket displayed just in front of the customer service desk. There was no discount ticket on the gift card rack at the front of the store. Scanned at full price so they had to price override it. Activated fine on my PS account.

  • Managed to get it at Target Innaloo WA.

  • Anyone from WA able to upload their receipt for price matching? It would be greatly appreciated!

  • Thanks hweita

  • Confirm 30% sale at Glendale. Small sign saying 30% off 12mth subscription. Checkout scanned full price and tried to charge full price until i said no 30% off then they had to walk to check the sign and then ring manager to confirm as well but finally manually done and all good.

  • Got mine at chatswood but the checkout staff's math is not the best nor the calculator skill. It was $56 instead of $55.965 or $55.7. Can't be bothered to complain though.

  • +1

    Just tried at target helensvale, 25% and manager would not accept adjusting it to 30%

    • Did they have the 30% of sign everyone talking about?

  • FWIW, just got this at Target Eastgardens. Had one sign up for 30%, and the Days of Playstation sign for $59.95. Scanned at the higher price, but when I showed them the 30% off sign, they adjusted the price.

  • No luck in Garden City Mt Gravatt QLD. No signs up and when asked, denied any further discount then 59.95.

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